Nokia 7210

Nokia 7210

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  • Chaz

If Any Of U Live In England I Have Found A Great Deal On This Fone Sim Free Go To Ur Local Argos And Go To The Mobile Phone Section, There It is Under T-Mobile For Under 300 Best Deal i Found!!!!!

  • Gina

It's good but it's big

  • Isaac Ahmed

The phone is very Sexy and slick

  • roy

dear sir,
which i want to the nokia software in the every phone. please kindly send in the our e-mail box.

  • vishal

i really want to buy this phone, can i know when and where? please kindly reply me as soon as u can.
thanking you

vishal KAPASI

  • Jeff

Tell me how can I get this Phone!

  • Sue Bentley

Please advise when this phone and also 6610 will be available to purchase?

  • x-Men

V. good mobile but it doesen't have bluetooth

  • John John

Another nokia with slow slow software - how long does it take to update a display after pressing a key....???

  • fgerterrg


  • Gemz T

How much is this phone? It looks amazing!

  • secret squirrel

the 7210 has no bluetooth. There is no handsfree built in. The phone will be available around october november for general release in Europe. Expect to pay around 150-200 on contract.

  • The D Man

This is a cool phone but 400 is daylight robbery?

  • Nokia 7210 =/

Where is Bluetooth?.
No good phones!!. =(
Sony Ericsson T68i-model is now good!. =)

  • Coki

kalo biru...jadi keliatan keren kan ;)


i am a dealer and really want this phone. when will it be released. 0415 102 777 thanks

  • a eliades

anybody knows if there is handsfree built inside

  • Anonymous

what do you guys think about this phone???

  • prompong hiruntanaki


  • chartchai

i like it