Nokia 7250i

Nokia 7250i

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  • olsaf
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  • 30 May 2022

The only mobile operator in 2022 to still support 2G is T-Mobile it will sunset it by end of the year. Same with 3G. Many older phones that don't have 4G are becoming little slick collectible bricks in 2022.

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    • Anonymous
    • 6XS
    • 15 Jan 2020

    RetroTek 142857, 31 Jul 2019I have this phone too. The only way to send photos is via ... moreIr port

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      • Anonymous
      • swm
      • 02 Jan 2020

      Had his phone for 16 years...

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        • Jay Bee
        • AJv
        • 17 Nov 2019

        I have some pics on my PC taken on this phone circa 2005. IIRC the phone came with a CD ROM and proprietary cable to connect it to a PC.

          Jameden, 03 Mar 2019How do you get the photos taken from a Nokia 7250i? I've tr... moreI have this phone too.
          The only way to send photos is via MMS or email. I haven't tried it yet.
          If it's impossible to send them this way then it's impossible in general to transfer files from this phone.

            How do you get the photos taken from a Nokia 7250i? I've tried infrared, and the infrared on this phone does not support file transferring. I've tried a Pop-Port to USB cable and the accessory simply was not recognized. I tried sending via MMS, it was saved to an outbox but could never be sent! Help me, someone?

              Sadly you can't use the infrared for file transfer :/

              The infrared in this phone is pretty useless in my opinion. You can't do much with it anyway. I need to transfer stuff from this phone but I can't.

                It was one of the really good phones of it's time

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                  • AnonD-689151
                  • Fcm
                  • 02 Aug 2017

                  Bought mine about July 2005.
                  Still works as savior-option when or where all other smart and dumbphones fail.
                  Original battery still holds charge for about a week on standby.
                  Bought a second battery about 3 years after new, but original still works better!
                  Proudly bears the name of the once-was best cell-phone manufacturer.
                  Commited a terrible mistake, selling itself to Microsoft.

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                    • AnonD-666506
                    • sXd
                    • 03 May 2017

                    Bought one of these brand new in 2004 for £85 and 13 years later still have it. Battery is the original from new and still holds charge for around 5 days with phone left on 24/7. I've used it all over Europe and it's got me out of trouble more than a few times. Phone is solid built and i've dropped it many times and it's not even cracked (try that with a pricey smartphone!). Other plus points are they're mega cheap to's a PHONE fgs!! Also, NOBODY will ever want to try and steal it from you!! The only downside is i now find the buttons too small and numbers/letters difficult to read.

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                      • Sarwar
                      • 3C9
                      • 22 Nov 2016

                      It was my first mobile bought 2003 unfortunately lost after 2yrs. It came with Triple pop game.

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                        • Ylunes
                        • rsN
                        • 30 Sep 2015

                        Beautiful and class mobile phone

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                          • Anonymous
                          • gIW
                          • 16 Sep 2015

                          Very nice mobile phone, in spite the fact that it's old. The only issue is that the battery cannot last for even a day, at least mine has that issue.

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                            • sunittunwal
                            • uwc
                            • 15 Jun 2015

                            it was my first Mobile Phone. such a lovely Phone.

                            use period - November 2004 to june 2010

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                              • francisG
                              • 7XX
                              • 22 Mar 2015

                              mo, 24 Apr 2012I was cleaning up my house and I found my old (Nokia) phone... moreThat is my problem too! I have a Data Cable DKU-5 but when I connect it, it says 'Accessory Not Supported"
                              The infrared and Multimedia Message are hopeless!
                              I want to recover all those pictures!

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                                • AnonD-359902
                                • 0F9
                                • 04 Feb 2015

                                this one is a bit nicer than my N97,and 6230i,because it has a dots on the 5 key,1.7 " screen,curved keys and gprs connection not available error
                                i am using my phones with crap old sims,because i havent got working sims

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                                  • Anumala Ramarao
                                  • utN
                                  • 14 Jul 2014

                                  Wonderful Device - using it since 2003 - still working exceptionally excellent.

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                                    • raja
                                    • ut6
                                    • 09 Sep 2013

                                    the best phone i used ever.

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • vGx
                                      • 13 Nov 2012

                                      very good.very tough.

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                                        • Old Timer
                                        • LaU
                                        • 12 Nov 2012

                                        This is a phone that is 9 years old and like digital cameras technology has advanced but like a digital camera it still does the job it was designed for and can be used if you are not a latest gadget freak i have got one for work as well as my Samsung genio and as a sense of patina