Nokia 7250i

Nokia 7250i

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  • francisg
  • t7W
  • 12 Oct 2012

Good phone! BUT Very expensive way back 2004! It's a prize of a smartphone today.

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    • harcha
    • gCR
    • 08 Jun 2012

    mo, 24 Apr 2012I was cleaning up my house and I found my old (Nokia) phone... moresend it via infrared to some other old phone which has bluetooth

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      • mo
      • mSf
      • 24 Apr 2012

      I was cleaning up my house and I found my old (Nokia) phone. I still has a lot picture which a have taken in 2003/4. I want to send these photo's to my computer but i have no idea how to do this. Internet does not seem to work and it has no blue tooth. I tried to sent it via SMS but did not succeed.

      Can some one help?

      mo. E-mail:

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        • Vishal
        • 7jV
        • 12 Apr 2012

        I am using this handset from last 8yrs and still going on. I had purchased this handset on my 22nd Birthday in 2004 for Rs. 17000. What a handset this is . even lot my group friend ask me why but I straight shut their mouth.

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          • ysp
          • XMF
          • 28 Feb 2012

          n7250i is a nice phone.i love it.

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            • nithin
            • ut3
            • 27 Jan 2012

            i want this model can any one get me one

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              • Y2K
              • Kx$
              • 14 Jan 2012

              Nick, 08 Dec 2011Hi guys. Im from the Philippines. Any of you know where I c... moreI know a person in Malaysia who sells this phone for only RM80 (which is around 20+ US Dollars I think). but if you're a foreigner, then I guess it'll be more expensive with the shipping cost and all.. its a used one though.. but perfect condition.

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                • Meow
                • t7$
                • 21 Dec 2011

                This was my first colored and camera phone. When I see this pic, it really brings back memories of being a kid and a 2nd Grader. :)

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                  • Nick
                  • P@d
                  • 08 Dec 2011

                  Hi guys. Im from the Philippines. Any of you know where I can get this phone? As to a girl, this phone is the one that got away... I had the money before but was blinded by buying another stuff which I couldn't remember what it was. All the more, I hope someone can help me get a brandnew one. Or if second hand, as long as it's really flawless, please tell me... I really want this phone. ;)

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                    • AnonD-27691
                    • 38h
                    • 25 Oct 2011

                    hey,i'm using this cell phone for over a half year.. it's very sturdy and has a good battery life.i get reception in places where other phones have trouble holding on to a small signal.the only gripe i have with this phone is that i can't hear people loud enough and sometimes they don't hear me as well..but then again i bought this phone second hand,because it was my dream to buy one when it first came out in 2003..i know i'm much too late with my dream of buying this phone,but after many years i finally caught up with it.and i will use it until it gets broken.i also have a nokia 5110 from when i was in high school (1998) and a ericsson t68m,i had much more phones over the year,but somehow i always sell them and buy a newer model :-) greetings from belgium

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                      • star
                      • UGj
                      • 01 Oct 2011

                      sameere, 16 Sep 2011believe it or not I'm using my nokia 7250i for last 7 years... moreyup...mine also still working perfectly...except the battery life is getting bad.

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                        • Ilango
                        • P$0
                        • 17 Sep 2011

                        7250i is such a rugged phone. Purchased on 13th Dec 2003, shifted to 2 other phones in between and reverted back to 7250i now. It has been serving me since 7 years. Changed nothing except the batteries. And of course very recently after lot of hunting I found a new casing with which I brought back its new looks. I like it so much

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                          • sameere
                          • Xjf
                          • 16 Sep 2011

                          believe it or not I'm using my nokia 7250i for last 7 years as my 1st phone ever. still good performances.

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                            • kpj
                            • tA3
                            • 01 Aug 2011

                            Fantastic phone that nokia have ever produced.I let my phone to be stolen.

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                              • susitha
                              • iwp
                              • 29 Jul 2011

                              this is my first phone i love this phone soooo much.
                              i lost this phone my grand fathers funeral. i love so much

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                                • noknok
                                • LaN
                                • 08 Jun 2011

                                Hi PLEASE help me get another NOKIA 7250i. I LOVE this phone.It is amazing.What an ICON Design!!The one I have little clip is broke,so,its keep switching off.Also I struggle to get BATTERIES for it. I live in LONDON. HELP HELP Please?????somebody?HOW MUCH? to get a new one???? from me, noknok

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                                  • AnonD-4567
                                  • b%L
                                  • 15 May 2011

                                  This was my first cell phone and I loved it. I felt very bad when it got stolen. I'e lots of memories with this one. And I think this is one of the good looking phones Nokia ever made.

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                                    • nirmal
                                    • utt
                                    • 17 Feb 2011

                                    this phone is too grt
                                    i'm using it for the 7 years
                                    many time it threw into roads whn i ws running
                                    bt still no problem
                                    once it fall into a bucket of water
                                    after cleaning it it continued to working
                                    i'm looking to buy new phone
                                    bt i'l never sell it give it anyone
                                    tht much i love ths phone

                                      • B
                                      • BOLUX SWAGER
                                      • mtv
                                      • 28 Jan 2011

                                      HA Nigerian this phone is the best of all among the other phone. i have been using this phone for past 7 (seven) years even i am using it till now i love this phone if you see it buy itttttttttt

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • mX1
                                        • 08 Jan 2011

                                        I found this phone floating in a downstream down the side of the road in a rainstorm. retrieved it, unlocked it, it lasted me 5 years. it still works now and had pride of place in my man-drawer!