Nokia 7250i

Nokia 7250i

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  • Anonymous

no bluetotth?

  • thamzeer

Is there in built handsfeer ?

  • Asif

I don't know what the world says about this cell.
But i would make clear to all that this cellphone is the best cellphone in the market.
The one who buys this Cellphone is lucky.

  • how will i download

i need to know how games are downloaded because my phone lacks the java games

  • Syed Hammad ahmad

i was searching for ideal one , and it's exactly the one .
have -- GPRS
-- Stereo FM radio
-- xHTML browser
-- and everythink what i want
i give 5 out of 5 in everythink

  • Squall Armand Lionhe

anyone here in the Philippines, may I know how much does it cost?! pls invite me in friendster!! pls!

  • Ahsan

hello i m ahsan i would like to say if u have made a new mobile than y havent u put a clear lense.its pic quality is very very poor.its a good mobile its coiours are good.bbbbbbbuuuuuuuutttttttttttt pic is very very very very very very very very very very very very very very bad

  • D. Sanchez

Hey babes! This phone is so sexy with it's slim curves, and sexy lines. its a great phone, and dildo. i shove it up my pussy 24/7. it is great!!!

  • kingsley boakye

Please may I know the price for sim free Nokia 7250i

  • hanibal

Ilike 7250i so much.He is a best phone.

  • nole

It's great phone !!!

  • Joe Allen

I have one of these nokia's at the moment, and i have to say the picture quality is absoulutly useless.

  • PlE@$!nG

Yo to all!! I just have questions for y'all.....
I've read all the opinions in Nokia 6820, 7250i and 3200. I'm just about to buy a cellphone in replacement to my 3310 but I can't decide w/c is the best one. Someone said 6820 is good bec. of "qwerty" keypad, but is bad because of the poor pictures from camera shots. 7650i is good bec. of some features but is expensive. 3200 has great features also but looks (and I quote)"bad". Would you tell me which is the greatest in these 3 models? And also, please tell me which of the 3 has the greatest camera shots.
Thanks to y'all!!!

  • Abu bakar

hello guys i am 10 years old my big brother have this phone and i hate this fone 7250i is very very bad mobile ... i have 3510i i think 3510i is better than 7250i ...even 3310 is better than this...i hate my big brother's phone i wanna break his phone but i like 3200 instead of this my second brother have 3200 .... 3200 is much better than 7250i....ABUBAKAR

  • hybrid

7250i is a great phone

  • danushka

this phone is good

  • abs

hey i bout my 7250i for $600 coz i was sik of panasonics da 7250i isa tight wit lots of features but its nice for da 1 wit extra change in dere pockets like me id try it first and den buy it dere really nice look around you can get em for under $500 id give it 8.5 out of 10

  • vladica

it is ok!!i like nokia!!

  • Morter !

ppl don't mind plz, who are in love with N7250i. it is not advisable for anyone to buy this expensive phone in the presence of N3200.
N3200 has more & better features than this one with a compromise on body (cover's) material and brightness of display. however the pixel quality is same in both models. the display brightness is also same on the computer. N7250i's IR is a dummy IR which can only exchange calender notes and contacts details with the computer or any other IR compatible phone whereas N3200 supports ringtones and images too. i send dozen of pictures and a few recordings to my computer daily via IR.
one problem in this is that the recordings are saved in AMR format which is unable on my computer to read. can anyone advise me how can i listen to the amr files?

  • Jo

Can somebody Help me?!? I just got this phone but I don't know how to send a picture from my phone to another via Infrared... Can I actually do that with my Nokia 7250i??