Nokia 7600

Nokia 7600

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  • M

Anonymous, 21 Jan 2020Nice phoneVery nice

  • wow

Such a gem amongst classic brick-shaped phones of that time. I love it.

  • Anonymous

Nice phone

  • AnonD-907885

Bought it for £38 (originally £45, seller accepted my offer). Should arrive next week. My dad told me that he had it but then my brother vomited on it (around 15-16 years ago). This phone was announced 13 days after my birth, the 3200 was announced on my date of birth.
Condition - Good
Network - Unlocked (originally on 3).

Getting a great deal as it's usually £60 to £100.

  • Muhammad lAtif

Arya, 12 Jun 2018I want this phoneI want this mobile

  • Arya

I want this phone

  • nobo dycares

diarrhea, 24 Dec 2015Probably the weirdest (and ugliest) cell phone ever made so far :)and so what ??? is a good phone is not our damn problem that you don't like it !!!

  • SwAqAs

This was my 1st ever phone back in was love..

  • Osman Gani

I want to buy this phone Nokia 7600. Nice design

  • Praful

I m interested in this mobile

  • hihayoha

Hi.. how u doin bebs?see u at the weekend.

  • Joshua

Ron Henly, 11 Apr 2014Im going to kill who use this phone! ahahaRon Henley. Are you from Philippines right? Hhahahaha. I'm loonie

  • Baroz

AnonD-267846, 12 Nov 2014Really weird and rubbish phone (thumbsdown)I heve nokia 7600

  • cutie_ann

yoyo, 04 Nov 2009very bad phone,better not to buy me!!!and why we should trust you????

  • AnonD-359902

a really cool phone that takes 96p videos

  • Waqas

My first ever phone gifted by my uncle....

  • diarrhea

Probably the weirdest (and ugliest) cell phone ever made so far :)

  • sandeep

i want nokia7600 i want it i like that mobile

  • santhosh

right, 04 May 2015I have a nokia 7600 y05 I need nokia 7600

  • Nadir

Kaly, it is in working condition? Nokia 7600