Nokia 7600

Nokia 7600

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  • right

I have a nokia 7600 y05

  • right

I have a nokia 7600 y05

  • AnonD-267846

AnonD-261232, 07 May 2014Outstanding still use mine sometimes as a replacement handset ne... moreReally weird and rubbish phone (thumbsdown)

  • Anonymous

nice phone

  • AnonD-261232

Outstanding still use mine sometimes as a replacement handset never faulted never failed unique very customizable handles well for 7 years old runs Facebook no problems runs opera mini and is very fast fully 3g just no memory card but camera is even decent I have 2 and can't fault them still turns head just love them so stylish and unique and several on eBay grab a piece of history while you can these sometimes command silly money

  • Ron Henly

Im going to kill who use this phone! ahaha

  • Anonymous

good look

I want to lodge my utter disgust at Elop's backstabbing and Microsoft's shameless takeover of Nokia. Our favorite brand will no longer exist.

Microsoft, Ballmer and Elop should be cursed.

  • Jay

Still have it till now on my drawer. as my backup cellphone shall my current one out of service. The only minus is its battery, where suddenly she can just shut off due to running out of juice. Cant find anyone who sell them though

Miss this kind of design. Really stood out.
Still remember people stare as this gem.

The built is also magnificent. Falling off thousand times, running over by my Corolla (yes, when I was parking).

Till now, she's still alive

  • Nogie

i want to buy this nokia 7600 now because it is unique to others mobile

  • Deepak

AnonD-129890, 28 Mar 2013I want buy nokia 7600Nokia 7600 hand set looking is very sexy, comfortable and good looking. But presently it is not available in stock.

  • AnonD-129890

I want buy nokia 7600

  • Anonymous

I have one

  • pruth

wery sexy ..

  • ghorpade

superb look iwant this handset

  • Anonymous

jeck, 09 Jan 2013i want this nokia 7600 no mam no one can buy it

  • jeck

i want this nokia 7600

  • Ajay antony

i want this nokia 7600

  • AnonD-91119

The shape is sorta cool. If someone put a touchscreen and android on that i'd buy it

  • babu

this is the most sensonal device which i have seen ever time...