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Nokia 7600

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  • m@i

listen daisy and all other people who judge this phone if you believe thet this phone is so bad tell us the reasons you can't just say 'This phone looks weird.I don't like the design.Can you imagine holding such a phone day and night?it doesn't even look like a phone.I think it will not work in the market.' because this is irelivent all we want to know is about its performance and from what i have seen this phone is quite impressive

  • Arin

very very very good I have it

  • A

I think the phone stands out from the crowd. You get used to the keypad and it has some good features. The downpoints mainly fall with the network provider rather than the phone. ie 3 in the UK give minimum GPRS option - but there are ways round this use bookmarks to the other 3 pages if not on main index! see link below:­16a94be17f76dbac54d112fd8306f&threadid=3024

  • thierry

good function
but the design....
not suitable 4 keypad

  • harsha panduwawala

very good.

  • bobby

n 7600 is so good

  • Anonymous

Recently had a scary experience with this pile of shit on 3 network sounds like the Mutts Nuts (altough looks like a lady boys phone as is set up to text all day) not really conventional as a phone to talk on. canceled contract after 4 days. Another Fucking lemon from the finnish fuckwits, leave well alone as after many a mispent moments getting previous Nokias fixed are now leaving well alone and sticking with the big playas at Samsung who are leading the market on manufacturing a well built and designed phone (and lets be fair about it, it's for making a phone call). Nokia build shit phones to be thrown away well before expiry of contract. Sort it out and concentrate on phones not fucking plastic panels to change shit phone appearances

  • Anonymous

q, who ever said that u have to buy it u fag, if u dont lyk it then fine, but dont asume that everyone finks lyk u.

  • clive

yaaaak ugly

this phon looks smal here

but when you see it ((real)) you will say


  • Anonymous

how the hell u ge used to the keys

  • arin

very very nice i love it i have its great

  • petr@

i think that this mobile phone is gr8. my nokia 7600 is blue and it is beautiful, practic, interesting. my opinion i that nokia 7600 is for creative man who like being infront of others.
tschus1 viele danke

  • Anonymous

Ugly, ugly, ugly...

  • daRude

Seems to be a very fast phone far better than the NGAGE, but it seems to lack the productivity of the 3650 i had, theres nowhere where you can send your pictures via bluetooth, it seems the bluetooth was only added for HEadsets only, which is a real shame, and also the look and feel of the menu is totally different and annoying the icons look like something off of well Acorn or Amiga, no wait they had better Icons still... There was supposed to be a memmory slot i read, for extended memmory, but i cant find one, if anyone knows where it is, please mail me. Thanks -Adam

PS, Nokia did fix the whole picture in contacts issue, where on the N3650 and 7650 if you added a picture of someone after you added them to your contact list (and not when you crated the contact) the picture wouldent show, well thats fixed on the 7600. I would advise people to wait for the 7700 if they wanted a new phone :)


It appears that nokia have continued with the

  • sharan

i want to buy this mobile.who can i contact???please mail me back

  • q

great design, fantastic layout, wonderfully ergonomic controls, yeah right!, if nokia are gonna change the face of the phone at least ask the public first, if someone came upto me and said how would you like new mobile phones to look i wouldn't say "take a piece of a ford mondeo dashboard or an ashtry and stuff a sim card in it" i hate it when people try to change things so extremely that you have no choice but to accept it. Good guts but rubbish design. There it is kids

  • Derrick

Been using this phone for around 2 week now. I love the look of it and the fact that it's different. Phone is packed with features. There are only a few flaws that I can pick out, one being the keypad, if your the type of person who plays heaps of games on your phone then this isn't for you due to layout of keypad, but when it coems to sms'ing it only takes a matter of time before getitng used to. One more thing that stood out as another flaw with this phone is the loud speaker volume, I beleive this is due to the back cover which only has 3 small holes to allow sound to pass through, when the back cover is off you can really notice the difference. But all said I think this phone has more good points then flaws. Definately a phone for those who dare to be different.

  • Anonymous

Put some more chese on the top, please. I like my pizza with a lot of chese! With the money that you spend on this one you should consider Chea 168 or A90!

  • monica

my nokia 7600 cannot be installed in the computer by using the usb port. they found the sofware but cannot get to install. what can i do.