Nokia 7610 Supernova

Nokia 7610 Supernova

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this phone is cool... i have aroun 5 or 6 of it... bcz i got them from dad.... oh this phone is not so durable bcz i dashed one on the floor an it broke into two... by the way i have other phone supernova... and that nova went water... an water damage screen an the screen not on... i on an on but no on.... i press button but no light... it is dark lik cave.. i hate this

  • Anonymous

do u think this phone is better than the supernova 7310..? is this phone bulky and heavy...??? im thinking of buying it but unsure.. i love the colour lilac!!! :o)

  • czarina

can it last long? i mean is it durable.. it's connected with a ribbon right?? isn't it easy to damage??

  • czarina

hahaha.. and i just bought it yesterday.. mine is color lilac..:)

  • czarina

weeeee.. i've got this phone.. it's really stylish.. i loke it so much.. and it's a lot cheaper than the N series too..:)

  • weisin

does this phone have dictionary?

  • cannot say

I like it very much but what is 2G

  • bluebeast

RooneyzFan!!, 26 Oct 2008Hellow just few questions...i want to get this phon... morei think this is a gud buy if ur lukin for a good lukin phne with all the features..the video recording n camera are good,the sound is clear,theme colouriser is an option only in this phne till nw(correct me if i am wrong) i really like this feature,change ur theme to match ur colours.. really nice feature..

  • bluebeast

Anonymous, 27 Oct 2008nokia 7610 supernova: no brightness adjustment n ths ... morethere is no brightness adjustment but the screen is really with other phones in the same price n this really stands out..

  • bluebeast

NISHANT, 27 Oct 2008does the battery life is good enough or bad or worstbattery life is good not worst or excellnt


does the battery life is good enough or bad or worst

  • Anonymous

does the colour of the keypad drop off? it seems like it will drop off ,

  • Anonymous

nokia 7610 supernova:

no brightness adjustment

n ths makes the display luk too dull

  • RooneyzFan!!

Hellow just few questions...i want to get this phone sooo bad nd soo close.i want to knw how gd all the features are. cuz i think the price is just gd.I want ur opinion on this phone.Im young i dnt work yet so i want a phone whoz price is similar to this or less. thnx!

  • abercrombie

im just upset with its brightness..

no brightness adjustment..

  • sachi

wow i ready like this cellphone.

  • bluebeast

the phone is really good fashionable piece, its not jus for quality is good in daylight.external sound is very good -clear,battery seems ok to me as i am a multimedia user taking pictures n listening to songs all day..overall 9/10 for this phone

  • bluebeast

lola, 22 Oct 2008can anyone tell me -if the buttons o the cover are real but... morethey r real buttons dnt worry

  • vijay chandren

The battery is poor.. not for heavy users.else carry spare battery.. but a very good phone..

  • venkat

Is it only for Females????????????????????????