Nokia 7650

Nokia 7650

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  • joseph

it seems to be a very good mobile as we know from nokia, but i think its not that danger to ericsson t68 , cuz of the t68 has many featuers that 7650 doesnt have, like the tri-band and ems and on the other hand the 7650 has featuers that t68 doesnt have, so each phone is targeting on different market and different ppl. not to forget that this phone has only 3 more featuers which we can say its something new, which is the web-cam , the resolution is better , and the operating system is new . other things are normal and everything it has u can find it in the t68 and more , and a big disadvantage for this phone is the size and the weight. i think those 2 mobiles r the same rate , its just about the ppl and which one they will like to buy , cuz i dont think this phone cant kill t68 as many ppl r thinking.

  • Aymeric

This definitely looks like a promising phone. However there are definitely two disadvantages worth mentioning. The first one is the weight of the phone. At 154g it is almost twice the weight of my t39m. Secondly, it is only a dual-band phone which will make various businessmen reluctant to buy the phone, as for example both the T39m and the T68 have tri-band capabilities. The digital camera and the flipping keyboard is quite an ingenious idea though. Just curious to see what the price will be!

  • Myrna

HP baru, berminat???

  • Joćo

My friends, this is not a phone. This is much more a PDA. Just look at the size weight.and I think it is strange that Nokia is presenting now products that will, in the best of chances, be available in June.T68 sure scare them. Good for them.

  • Rina

kalau mau beli Hand Phone yang ini aja sekalian

  • omer

I am interested in the free sample so plz provide me with 1.well make it two

  • Anonymous

6 new phones from NOKIA!!!­c/upcoming_models

  • Ivan


  • misho

It just coudn't be heavier!!! With this weight, I'd better have a brick...!! Otherwise, not a bad idea. Nokia needs a phone like this.