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Nokia 7710

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  • as

hi guys!i bought the 7710 a week ago for 25000 far,i'm satisfied with it's performance.Can anyone pls tell me how to use the partial display mode for saving battery?

  • uzman

hey seems kinda cool about the phone anyways hope ur liking and enjoying your phones anyway can someone give me the exact price in US$ or the price in malaysia...and how is the proformance and stuff thanks guys luv oz

  • Zeeshan

Hi all i bought this set today its awsome so fault at all 101% more better then p910i i used that one 2 beleive me other ppl r just ........if u hav anyy quetin iin u minde fell free to mail or chat with mee bbye

  • Kaushal

This piece might seem good to others but Sony P910i is much better than this 1.

  • RuudLee

can any1 provide me with the exact launch of the Nokia 7710 in Singapore ?


nice phone but lacks something see it below

1.) 256k

2.) lacks of cursor in browser as they have gave in 9500

3.) lacks of shape & weight too
4.) nice new os series 90
but lacks of some features like voice writted message etc ..... as in o2 xda ii mini,i-mate,hp etc...........overal
it seems like nokia had done practise a lot so they got
7.5>>>>rating as by me & nokia g.m

  • Mengele

Seems like a great PDA but can I use a 1gb MMC card with it?

  • swishman

i want to know is this phone get in uae or yet
please tell me and how much is it
thanls toooooooooooooooo much

  • DARU

i have just baught this phone 7710 its been 2 days and i find the phone is excellent it is a good phonje for internet anf multimedia rest is like a regular phone....

this is my best buy!

  • madman

go here for info!!!­­

  • madman

*** read the review - this will decide if you really want to buy this.. it depends on your patience and taste...

  • Muffin

hey, i'm hoping to buy this phone, but after reading all these comments, i'm having doubts. how come the voting is high and the commenting is bad? huh? if somebody who's already using a phone, please let me know about it, honestly is it worth buying cuz if I buy this phone i won't be able to buy another for about 5 more yr.s 2 come. so please mail me about this. Thanx!!!

  • Digital_Praetorian

Instead of having some special Notepad soft, N7710 has just sketch functionality in Images with drawing capabilities....
Or U can use SU-1B (if U already have it, like me :-)))

  • ek

I am considering to buy 7710 and use it as a PDA phone, can someone advise me 1)is making call and using PIM functions easy and convenience? 2)is surfing internet through bluetooth possible since it has no WIFI? 3)any problem when sync with Outlook on PC and reading MS Word doc ? Thanks.........

  • stev

can someone tell me where i can find 7710 theme,game,..etc! send me mail to

  • a

does it have a notepad for us to sketch it like any ohter PDA?

  • mii

in finland (nokias homecountry) 7710 is from 600 to 780. So, in other words, a little bit more in USD but not much. cheers from finland:)

  • Amit

I am thinking of buying 7710 but really confused after reading all the negative comments.. Can anyone who is actually using this phone give us the correct feedback especially on the following points : 1. Is it difficult to handle or operate ? 2. Is it Slow? 3. performance of diff features like camera etc..
Any other usefull info


  • Zeeshan

hi all pll!! i m buying 7710 within 2 days i just wana know that its os is ok or not i mean is their any faulty in the os or not if not so then it is da best fone i v ever seeen

  • jaskiran

For those, who want to watch mpeg, avi, mov and TV, therez a good news. Yes, it is possible to watch all the above formats on 7710, through 3-part s/w. And TV on 7710 is under testing stage in Finland. I read that it will b somthin like interactive-TV.

Can any1 tell me abt keypad or screenlocking on 7710, will any key get pressed if one uses it w/o earphone? i.e. jus like normal cell-phone?