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Nokia 7710

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  • Krantz

i really like the 7710 shape and model. but i want to buy it but i was stopped and confused by the review that everyone posted. many people said that it is not a good phone. please anyone help me.

  • T J (badshah)

This phone is jus gr8.It has all you need and is far better than the SE P910.It has got an MP3 PLAYER(COOL!!!),FM RADIO AND THE BEST OF ALL 90mb built in!!!!!!!!!! with a 1mp camera with memory space recording

  • Ahmed Shaheen

i am using this phone for now 3 weeks for trying ,, well its ok except if u need to make an emergency u will have to park somewhere to make that aunless u have a voice dailing...
really its irritatng to use the hand recognicion in a small place not like the sonyericsson.

  • Red*TaR

this phone doesnt have Wifi??
how to view the HTML webpage free on this phone? (except the bluetooth method)
any1 plz!?

  • Warren

Trying to decide between s/e p910 and nokia 7710. Main concern is big screen and ability to make text large as I have low vision. Especially want large text in browser, sms and e-mail. Any user comments. Also, can battery last through full length movie like my se p800?

  • peter pan

Just here from the new, this phone can use mobile TV, can anyone out there help me to prove this will work no matter where i got, or does it have to get support from network provider. because it seem very nice that i can watch TV, but is it on internet type, or real TV.
Many thanks

  • Chetan Badami

Go for Imate Jam, if u want a well matured OS, but if u want a real big screen mobile, go for 7710.
Both have almost same set of features.

  • RaFF

i`m planning to buy Nokia 7710, but the thing is all of the users were complainting about the operating system gets hang.
can anyone help me whether buy Nokia 7710 or i-mate JAM.
thank you .

  • sukhman

it is very nice and has all needed features


never like this 7710. i really regret buying.
always buy a phone to talk rather than u admire touch screen!think 1 to 1000 times before u buy!

  • Proud_Iranian

Since this is a relatively new Series, it will have ALOT of bugs... just like the first S60, just like the first SymbianOS 7.0 and the 6630 (SymbianOS 8.0a)....

But it will be resolved with future firmware updates... but the problem with this phone is that its design is quite big (but come on its more of PDA than a phone)... and most probably when ur talking on the phone, ur cheek will press afew buttons on the touch screen... either shutting the call or something of that sort! ;)

But nokia has to take the s60 series to the next level, by introducing higher resolutions, by making the pixel smaller in size. And giving the phones a better/sleekier look, with longer battery life and lighter weight!

  • madman

6680?? well if you want to use a TINY screen (176 x 208) and no touchscreen!! what are you doing here??

the advantage of the 7710 is reading office files and PDA functionality..
The only other option you have is to wait for another company to produce a 640x320 (not windows!) touchscreen phone...


I live in india and i've used it for 2 months and those of you who have bought it/are thinking of buying it STOP . Wait for the NOKIA 6680 , it's really a SEXY phone and will be priced around Rs 27000 (INDIAN) and launched in the second week of MAY (maybe) and for 7710 "IT HANGS A LOT" you cant use that phone for more than a WEEK ! really

  • Sameer Chavan

Now here is are serious review from a designer. First the weak points - (1)Nokia has come out with yet another weird shape where you dont know whether its a phone or a toy. (2) you cannot find how to hold it. I was struglling to know wich side is top. It takes a while to understand how to hold it. The shape do not convery any clues to hold it. (3) the buttons to answer and reject a call are very flat and not accessible easily. You need to take efforts to locate them first and make sure you have pressed it correctly. (4) The leather case provided free is very bulky as its hard leather. They could have used a soft thin leather. Again here when you open the leather case most of the time you will find you are holding the phone upside down. So rotate it. You hardly hear from leather case as sound of ear piece is very low. And you canot control the volume as the phone is inside it. Also, because of the leather case dont have a small window to show who is caling you cannot see the screen. (6) The software hangs many times and you will experience a restart all of a sudden while working. (7) The screen lock buttons are confusing and you will always press wrong buttons. They should have kept bottom two butts for locking and not some button in between. (8) In calendar events reminder there is no option to open it. It only has snooze and delete. (9)Making a call from this phone is an exercise. You need to open the dialer touch screen by using a stick. I dont know why Nokia designers have not provided a hard button to invoke this dialer. Its the basic need to make a call. (10) It lacks infra red, which most of the laptops have and they have not given it.(11) many times while opening a movie file you will get messagen that there is not enough memory to open. The solution is turn off and on. Now some GOOD POINTS - (1) this is a great phone for people who want mp3 player, office pda & phone combined. (2) it has a very bright screen compared to P910. (3) the speaker phone is loud and music player sound quality is good. (4)It can open MS office files and you will enjoy beig a small manager.(5) There are improvements in interface design for showing messages, call, and other stuffs. (6) the camera is good but perhaps there could have been a flash and 4X zoom. (7) battery life is also good. (8) I think is a best bargen for featers and price if you are a business- manager and love MP3, camera, PDA in one. Get this one.

  • achilles

I bought this fone 3 days ago, and it totally rocks. the mp3 player is awesome, display is excellent, just a little lag.

  • Sundeep Dawale

For anyone who is confused between buying a N7710 and N6630. Let me tell you the 7710 is definetly better - Why am i saying this ......... That's because i returned the n6630 in just 5 day's of using it. I had recieved it as an upgrade from vodafone. The 6630 hangs up a lot, if you keep an alarm on it and you expect it to wake you up - forget it!!!!. I got up before the alarm time and I heard a beep that i have never heard in a nokia phone before and it beeped just once.

  • DicDic

i just bougth a nokia 7710. it's a really cool phone. i really like it. it has almost everyth that i wanted. but there one problem is it doenst have much application to install.

  • cristi

it is hideous i tell ya....hideous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Adhie

7710 is a cool phone...!!!!.... past few weeks I owe this phone...n I tell you that's a great phone so far...!! great for entertainment and backup your office files such as Excel,doc...n i don't mind bout keyboard button...!!!

  • mynt

I just recently purchased the nokia 7710. so far, it's pretty cool. the image quality from the camera is very good, definitely better than my previous P900. one complaint so far is the speed, the processor is slow. turning on the fone and transition between applications takes a bit of time. Sometimes it freezes up. as for convenience, the lack of keypad makes it difficult for me to dial a phone number while driving because i need to use the touch screen. other than that, i totally enjoy the features such as fm radio, camera, mp3 player. im just a student so i dont require much features.