Nokia 7900 Crystal Prism

Nokia 7900 Crystal Prism

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  • Jessica Black

Wow, I love this one even more than the 7900 Prism. I loved that one for it's purple keys, but this purple exteriour is absolutely gorgeous!
I do hope that these keys don't get scratched easily... The 7900 Prism does... hope they made these keys out of glass instead of plastic..

  • Dinky

WOW - I WANT ONE!!! This is a gorgeous looking phone, definately one for the girls tho :-)

  • Wee man

This Phone is like my new Audi A4, It is cool, rings people, it is black, altho my audi is not black, the wheels are though. I like my audi, It was not freee, I had to buy it with money, big big moneys,

  • Anonymous

I think it looks awful..NOKİA can produce nice and design phones if he wants..Why this phone is soo horrible???

  • siva

why nokia always producing this useless phone.
this is ugly phone ever made.

  • talm

i love the look of this phone and for that reason i would buy looks awesome!!!!

  • TALM

i love the look of this phone!!! it looks awesome!!!1

  • Calkin

Man This phone is sweat but i was just wondering when this phone comeing out and if there is a color black.

  • s y jamal

attractive model good looking,

  • Anonymous

If your gonna ask me this phone SUCKS and the color is NOT pleasing to the eyes balck and violet such a ugly color and NO! added extra features!!! this phone sucks!!! and this phone are suited for women only!

  • Stephy

most of d women r in technology field today!!

  • dfk

lol i agree wif u.lots of women today r oso in technology field.

  • pf

Unique phone

  • karthik

wht abt new OLED display?????????

  • Anonymous

Well practically speaking I can afford this phone but it is not that worth to buy!!! No offend I'm just telling the truth because this phone has only basic features and No extra added features buiult inside and the design looks like my remote control for my Wide large screen television!

  • Zak

Hello Every

99% of the people who use this site are men. Men have a fascination with technology that women just don't understand.

For example, I'm really interested in the Samsung G810, and she loves this phone. She doesn't care how much memory it has or how nice the camera is, she just loves the fact that you can change the color of the keypad.

So if your a dude, don't hate on the phone because Nokia isn't targeting you anyways lol

Anyways, anyone know when this comes out?

  • eric herrera

damn.... is that the batman phone?

  • anne

yes, i agree with the one who said that this phone is quite ugly, because the physical appearance is poor. and for me the previous nokia phones are more beautiful than this.

  • nurul syuhada

pretty cauze it is purple

  • mteule

This phone is terribly terrible! Looks shady! not a chick magnet.Don't buy. By the 5310 instead its loaded with mob goodies.