Nokia 7.1

Nokia 7.1

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  • Ashu Rawat

network issue very bad

  • Anonymous

I have this phone for almost a year and i have not encounter any problems yet

  • Srik

Please dont buy this phone.I bought this mobile in June 2019.It worked fine until one year with some hiccups like occasional freezing etc. In Aug 2020 its network had issues and I would not receive any calls due to bad network.I tried to check with the Sim provider and they said it is the issue with the phone and not sim card.Then comes next-the charger slot issue.I had to change the charger slot and by November 2020 the phone no more works and it is dead.Waste phone.No wonder companies like Nokia failed.I would advise to go for Samsung phones or other brands.

  • Kldp

Anonymous, 28 Dec 2020This is the worst phone I have used. I crashes, hangs and j... moreSame problem here, and phone has network issue also

  • Anonymous

This is the worst phone I have used. I crashes, hangs and just stops working then reboots. Very frustrating

  • Aisha

Anyone suggest me which is good mobile nokia 7.1 or nokia 6.1 plus..which mobile have best battery and minimal heating problem

  • Honestio Trueman

The best damn phone there is out there, solid build fast, Smallish in a world where they now phablet-ting the phones.
Has a simple outlook that hides the beast inside, I love simplicity and fitting in and this does so well without selling me out.
Not a fan of the terabyte memory on phones and massive rams, seems to appeal to a certain type that most new Eastern companies easily prey upon.
FYI I have only used 19gb on mine.
Oh and I just got me another one before they completely disappear.

  • Anonymous

Worst f*cking smart phone i've ever had, also restarts itself, crashes and now it wont charge. do not buy!

  • Siva

Anonymous, 02 Dec 2020I'm the fan of nokia, but I think it worst now only fo... moreYes ur comments r sure same problem for me too

  • Siva

Dont buy nokia phones no service in warranty period. Very poor response service ppls also behaving worst. In warranty period they not having spares for mobile.

  • Anonymous

100% it has network issues..

  • Anonymous

I'm the fan of nokia, but I think it worst now only for name sake I bought nokia7.1 but I felt bad of why I bought this phone my 19,990 is waste. Please don't buy this phone it's very worst when compare to all phone. Battery problem network issue very poor not able to call a single person or not to see any page it's not the sim card problem if we insert any sim card it won't work at all. I suggest don't buy this phone waste of money.

  • KjS

Display, software,camera quality are good features of this phone.. Worst part is it's charging port issue. If you compare with features with issues,it's worst phone ever.

  • Manfred

Using it almost 2 years, not a good phone. The camera is very good for the price tag, but otherwise shitty phone.

  • MdRipon

All the best using 1 year 7.1

  • MdRipon

Best phone Nokia 7.1 I used 1year❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Anonymous

I am buy nokia 7.1 2019 april after 14 month phone is dead motherbord problum my 63 kwd is waste 😠😠😠😠

  • MR Omlette

Ok being an avid Nokia fan this may be biased
I've had this fone for comming up for 2 years now ,and I cannot fault it .
I'm not really a fan of up to the minute gizmos and super fast loading of apps ,in the real world of every day use as a fone for work and personal use this phone does excatley what I want it to do .
No mess
No fuss
Just dose as it's supposed to.
The only thing is that I'm going to find it damm hard to find a replacement.
Isn't that what a phone you love is supposed to make you wonder?
The best phone I've had .simple !

  • Rex

Baz 76, 23 Sep 2020Hello XUV, if your message was intended to be a reply to m... moreUnderstood.

  • Baz 76

Rex, 13 Sep 2020Actually I meant that the 64 GB variant is at least larger ... moreHello XUV,
if your message was intended to be a reply to me, please note that over here in France, it was only available with 3/32 configuration in store.
Maybe, the 4/64 was available through some internet purchase I could honestly not consider, as I had just crashed a ZUK Z2 and needed a quick replacement.
I was very pleased to buy this Nokia phone, and glad the brand was back in business (I am no a nokia-boy, tho) and appreciate Nokia chose Android One, which for me is a good choice for long-time support (the phone is well-build, so I hope it will last at least 3 years)