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  • Anonymous

Nothing wrong with this phone, fast enough, easy to use, none of the issues reported on here, actually very suspicious of the comments.

  • KJ Singh

Worst phone ever I used.. Actually I have faced same issue as above mentioned.. I have to replace its charging port in every 3rd month.. this is 2nd year with this phone. I have lost faith in Nokia...

  • Anonymous

I read comments in this site of Samsung, Nokia, Tcl, Motorola, LG, Alcatel and others smartphones and I found at least 95% of negative reviews, I don't understand why.
We could agree in that Android and Google stuff is the worst, heavy an closed OS, data stealers as a copy of the creator of this practices iPhone, and is an octopus too, that leave us with no chance of choice besides it's system run in background hundred of process that make any hardware insufficient.
But by reading the reviews no one phone can get over of this and none is acceptable. Thats is I can't figure out.

  • Anonymous

Great phone, sweet camera, very portable sleeky and very handy. I love the Noka 7.1. The only problem is that once in a while it hangs. I have been using this phone since 2019 and am still using it. Till date Thumbs up Nokia

  • Anonymous

Worst mobile I have ever used. The charging port stops working unexpectedely. Only camera is good that too because of Zeiss. Very slow phone. My 5 years old Lenovo K6 Note is faster than this 2 years old Nokia 7.1. I do not recommend Nokia to anyone, I have lost faith in Nokia. My mother's Nokia 8.1 also has the same problem. I wish I could have gone with Samsung or Redmi. Battery is the worst and need to charge the mobile twice in a day.

  • Anonymous

Have it since q3 2019. I have not experienced any of the issues described in every comment here. The only thing that worth mentioning is the performance, which shows, since the processor isn't top tier or at least close to it. Photos are great even for 2021.

  • Anonymous

Don't waste your money.It's better not to have a phone. Call of duty game hangs like hell. Charging port always stops working etc. This phone brings nothing but frustration.

  • mikin

My phone stopped working after 2 years of use. Shame on you.

  • Anonymous

Josh Stickz, 31 Jul 2021almost the same as the nokia 6.1 plus, same chipset, same d... moreIt's actually meant for the USA and maybe Europe. I know the 6.1 Plus was for the rest of the world. In case you didn't realize how much recycling HMD has done with regard to design of some of their devices. The thing you'd be missing out is the HDR10 "Pure Display", which looks fantastic and has great brightness, and the ZEISS branded cameras. ZEISS and HMD did work together to get the algorithms just right for this phone. I thoight the pics came out excellent from the cameras. I think they're a little crisper, brighter, and more pop of color (with help from HDR) which be a hallmark of ZEISS cameras.

almost the same as the nokia 6.1 plus, same chipset, same design, at least make the two more different from each other!! Who is going to waste money for this if already using the 6.1 plus? :/

  • Anonymous

I actually had an overall good experience with my 7.1 device. Beside the charging port kept needing replacing, it took great photos and video, the screen is excellent, performance wasnt terrible but I did keep getting lag or freezing at times at the oddest moments. Unfortunately, my phone turned off when it was booting up to be used for the day and hasn't been on since (is it the battery?) and had to switch to a new device. Since the USA carriers are terrible (specifically AT&T/Cricket Wireless only whitelisting certain devices to turn on VoLTE/HD Voice), I had to find another phone compatible. If HMD can make the same phone (screen size/dimensions) with stronger CPU chip, larger storage/battery, Pureview ZEISS camera for front and back cams ( add in rear telephoto/periscope camera), and fixing the charging port making it smaller so the plug actually fits snug like it is supposed to do, I think HMD would have a successful product.

  • Anonymous

LaVerdad, 25 Jun 2021Worst phone I have ever owned. First things first, this ... moreThis^ unfortunately all of this is true. I wont write something long, but just adding my two cents to the pile and what others have said before me is true, this phone is nothing short of terrible

  • Anonymous

LaVerdad, 25 Jun 2021Worst phone I have ever owned. First things first, this ... moreI could not have said it better myself.

  • Nightmare

First and LAST nokia (HMD) I buy. When I got it and updated to 10 it immediately had problems. Primarily the PiP function causes crashing, and the camera app is also unusable due to constant crashing.
Keep in mind I bought this phone in November 2020. Now, not even a year later in July 2021, the speaker has died.
Buying this phone, frankly, I felt like I got scammed.

  • LaVerdad

Worst phone I have ever owned.

First things first, this is advertised as having 32 ( or64 depending on version) storage. however it is almost entirely taken up by untouchable system files. I have always used android phones because iphones are poorly made, poorly performing overpriced pieces of plastic spyware garbage. However, for some reason on the nokia 7.1 the OS takes up more space than a full windows pc OS does. After the most recent update over 29gb of my phones 32 are taken up by system files. If you want to take any pictures or install any apps whatsoever this phone is absolutely useless. it is a storage device for an OS nothing more.

It is also the worst performing phone I have ever had, never before have I had a phone that is as unresponsive, laggy and slow as this. Not to mention the freezes, when this freezes ( as it does very often) you are left without a phone, holding power button doesnt do anything, holding the power button and the volume up button ( supposed to be the hard reset combination) does nothing. You can still hear it ring or vibrate but the screen is compeltely black and the phone is unresponsive, your only choice is to wait until the batter dies, which will take a long time since like I said the screen is dead so the only drain on the battery is when the phone rings, you need to wait for the batter to die and then wait for it to recharge enough for you to turn it back on.

I grew up around mobiles, when I was a young teen I had my first ever phone which was a motorla and a brick of a thing that had an antenna. I am not someone who replaces my phone every year, I take care of mine and they last me a long time, as of writing this I have had 5 phones in my lifetime and 3 of them have been nokia because the brand has served me well. but my experience with the 7.1 is so bad that I will never use another nokia phone again and I would advise anyone reading this to also avoid them. Good luck

  • LordYoda

This is actually a total $hit phone. It was fine till it was on Android 9 but once they updated it to Android 10 it did not just go downhill. It crashed into a void deeper than mariana trench. The vibration died, the battery started to drain more often, the voice breaks during call, there is a continuous static in speakers and worst of all, Nokia did nothing to fix the issues, no official roll back to Android 9 or an option to upgrade it to Android 11. Going through the reviews I see that I aint the only person who is facing issues with the charging port. The charging port is made out of even the worst chinese rip offs. I got the port replaced THRICE! It has again managed to stop working. The battery swelled after a year and trust me on this, I have never ever gone above 85% charge for my phone. To sum it all up, go for Samsung M series in this range, Nokia is a dying company.


Shail5577, 14 Jun 2021Very third class phone , hang issue then after 1 year charg... morenever buy nokia phones...
same issue i faced...3m after buying software crashed...1y later battry issue so i paid 1400 rupees for new battry then 6m lated charging pot issue.....and now mother board died...

  • Dave

Had this phone for a couple of years now. No issues. Kept in a case. Still works and looks as new!!

  • Shail5577

Srik, 03 Jan 2021Please dont buy this phone.I bought this mobile in June 201... moreVery third class phone , hang issue then after 1 year charging port issue, now the phone is dead and not repairable, within 14 months, worst phone ever

  • Anonymous

Using for 3 years. No charging port issue, no display freezing issues and no network issues. Still works like brand new and does not feel like a cheap device.