Nokia 7.1

Nokia 7.1

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  • Emeka

moh2020, 14 Mar 2020I hear static noise with every voice note I send or receive... moreSame thing with mine
I use earphone for voice note

  • Rex

Nokia 7.1 Software update - Android 10 (V4.15C) is now available, although it may take some time to reach everywhere.

  • Addy

Bought Nokia 7.1 Plus 6 months back and the charging port has stopped working. This model along with Nokia 6.1 have specific charging port issue.

  • Zup

Hey guys I need recommendation. Planning to buy a phone for my niece. I'm thinking of this phone or a lenovo Z5s, which one is better in terms of battery and reliabilty? Thanks.

  • Anonymous

SCALEE, 05 May 2020I bought one late last year from Australia, and it was work... moreMine has now done this a few times. I leave for a short while and then hold the power button down an it restarts after A few minutes.

Anonymous, 18 May 2020Charging port is major concern. It has stopped working. Re... moreI previously heard this phone never had charging port issue. I was wrong. Currently I own the Nokia 7 Plus & Nokia 6.1 and handle the charging ports with care. No issues reported thus far.

  • Anonymous

Charging port is major concern. It has stopped working. Regret buying it. Wasted my 20000 Rs.

  • KSB1978

I had this phone for about 15 months and it's been a good entry/mid price phone.
I don't really game on the phone or anything, but use the mail a lot and watch a few videos through the day, and I haven't had the battery run out in a day yet.
The Android 10 update went fine without a hitch.
Nokia provides regular security updates, and the version of android Nokia uses is much more stable than many others I've used, maybe with the exception of Sony.

  • Gav

Wifi issues, My mother has same phone and all other phones work fine in our house.

Dont buy
Very bad battery life also


I bought one late last year from Australia, and it was working fine but 3 weeks ago it just went off and cannot be revived even though I bought a new charger thinking it was the charger. I am now rethinking my loyalty to Nokia.

  • Rex

Nokia 7.1 April 2020 security patch update is now available, although it may take some time to reach everywhere.

  • Anonymous

Praiz , 27 Apr 2020Sincerely I regret buying it, enjoyed it for a while but af... more+ 1 from me, worst camera ever, sorry Nokia, bye Nokia

  • Praiz

llama, 29 Mar 2020This is the worst phone ever, please don't buy it for your ... moreSincerely I regret buying it, enjoyed it for a while but after some months of usage it started giving me problems, the phone lags when the memory is filled up, the headphone jack has reading issues a lot your headphones tend to work for a while then stops you have to unplug and plug again its very annoying when listening to music or watching contents, the charging port is another problem of the phone its build quality is terrible and flawed a lot of people are complained about it, phone has been in use for barely 10 months I can't wait to get rid of it....Nokia phones are aesthetically beautiful but are not reliable and not of good build quality😭😭😭😭.

  • Kingprl

Tayo, 23 Apr 2020Same with mine. I have changed it like 6 times and it’s sti... moreCharging port stopped working also, the phone is good but this issue makes one hate the phone. This problem would have been manageable if the phone had wireless charging.

  • Speedy

Have owned the 7.1 for nine months now and have not had a single issue. The upgrade to Android 10 went smoothly also. Have owned several Nokia phones over the years and have always had good luck with them. Wish Nokia would bring back a phone with screen size of the old Lumia 1520. Sure miss the extra display size.

  • Anonymous

Freezes and suddenly reboots.
WhatsApp voice messages are accompanied by background noises.
Don't buy even the cheap price

  • Tayo

K, 23 Apr 2020Charging port is not working wortsSame with mine. I have changed it like 6 times and it’s still not working. It works and stop in a week or two

  • K

Anonymous, 27 Mar 2020I had it for 6 months already struggling with charging portCharging port is not working worts

  • Balint

I have been using this phone for a year and no problem with it. Everything works fine.

  • sonny

DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE. Worked great until android 10 update less than 1 year after purchase. Had to send it in for repair. Phone came back working but with Android 9. Apparently, this android one phone means only one version of android with no updates possible. See many, many user forums describing these issues. Never again NOKIA