Nokia 7.1

Nokia 7.1

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  • Shail5577

Srik, 03 Jan 2021Please dont buy this phone.I bought this mobile in June 201... moreVery third class phone , hang issue then after 1 year charging port issue, now the phone is dead and not repairable, within 14 months, worst phone ever

  • Anonymous

Using for 3 years. No charging port issue, no display freezing issues and no network issues. Still works like brand new and does not feel like a cheap device.

  • Vals

I have this one for one year and half,not any problem with phone.Very good Nokia

jyothi, 15 May 2021not even two years completed purchasing this it d... moreAugust this year mine is going to complete one year old. I have never upgraded to a new android version. I still remain in android 8.1.0 oreo. I have not experience any problem. I like the phone do much😘

  • Two Years

Using this phone for almost two and a half years now.
Felt like giving an honest review:
1. The phone is sturdy as f. The 'reviewers' when buying it said the glass back might shatter. Not true. No need for a phone case.
2. Still a very fast, even though I use it at least 5 hours a day.
3. Great screen. Although, after two years a small yellow spot appeared. Otherwise, superb.
4. Generally very good bang for the buck. I've read a lot of reviews here having issues with the charging port, mine had none what so ever.

5. Terrible selfie camera. Absolute worst. The pixels and colors are ok, but the lens is distorting the pictures too much. I literally cannot use it how ugly the photos are. Face looks like in a House of Mirrors. Front camera is much better, but also not up to my expectations.
6. The yellow dot on the screen. But that was after two years of usage and I don't mind it that much.

All in all, good phone, was a nice bang for the buck. Will probably consider upgrading to another Nokia

  • jyothi

Anonymous, 27 Apr 2021this is very very bad phone due to charging port issue. in ... morenot even two years completed purchasing this it doesn't even gets charged because of its charging port issues.wasted my money.bad experience buying this even gets switched off in the begining.

  • Sadhan

The worst phone i have ever seen in my life. I have repaired it so many times yet it have not repaired i have paid 20k for this phone and more than that i paid for repairing i dont use phone much still it is not getting ready .dont ever buy nokia. Company itself worst

  • Anonymous

this is very very bad phone due to charging port issue. in future i am not suggesting for Nakia
very very very bad experience

  • Anonymous

Thiru, 08 Feb 2021I am using this phone from 2017. Saving new contact is alwa... more2017 ? I thought it was a 2018 phone

  • Anonymous

A few other sites mention that the battery on this phone is a lithium-ion polymer (Li-Po) battery. I took out a test to see if it was actually a Lipo and it was. Maximum voltage on a Lipo is 4.4v while in a normal li-ion it is at 4.2. I request an amendment here. Why you ask? Because sometimes this is a factor that decides whether or not this is a good phone because battery type can decide weight, capacity, charging speed, power output and most importantly the phone's longevity.

  • Anonymous

Siva, 14 Dec 2020Dont buy nokia phones no service in warranty period. Very p... moreHad two issues for which I sent the phone back to service.
First, the upgrade to android 10 that bricked the phone, second the charge plug that hanged loose.
Both times, free DHL and phone back to me after repair, in less than one week.
I'd love extend its operating life by installing lineage is, now.

This phone is basically a Nokia 6.1 plus rebranded for the US market and some other markets

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Feb 2021Don't buy this shitty phone, very useless, wasted my m... moreCharging port issue started with 3 months of usage, reboot issue, lock unlock button is extremely glitchy, accidental emergency calls...repaired the charging port more than 5 times since the time I have bought. Cant go for mew phone as I dont have that much of money to spend as of now.

Worst phone of my life

  • Anonymous

Don't buy this shitty phone, very useless, wasted my money, I should have went for an iPhone instead of this. Bought it in 2019 and within few months, it's charging port started to mess up, after repairing it, it's network started to have issue, and it reboot itself at least 3times in a day. Always freezing and always take time before it reboot after trying to restart it. I have to dump the stupid thing in a trash can

  • Thiru

I am using this phone from 2017. Saving new contact is always struggle. Call log issue (recent call list does not show full history, so I am missing some calls and new numbers If I do not notice it).

  • Anonymous

Really nice phone in the 4GB/64GB version. I am using it this since it's day of release. Daily business (phone, web, little office & mails...). Reasonable size. Good camera. Few downsides: FM radio would have been great and the self activating network services after a reboot since upgrade to Android 10 is annyoing, but overall good performance. I am just not sure at all on how to replace it at the end of its 3 year update support by end of this year... all newer phone are just getting larger.

  • Ashu Rawat

network issue very bad

  • Anonymous

I have this phone for almost a year and i have not encounter any problems yet

  • Srik

Please dont buy this phone.I bought this mobile in June 2019.It worked fine until one year with some hiccups like occasional freezing etc. In Aug 2020 its network had issues and I would not receive any calls due to bad network.I tried to check with the Sim provider and they said it is the issue with the phone and not sim card.Then comes next-the charger slot issue.I had to change the charger slot and by November 2020 the phone no more works and it is dead.Waste phone.No wonder companies like Nokia failed.I would advise to go for Samsung phones or other brands.

  • Kldp

Anonymous, 28 Dec 2020This is the worst phone I have used. I crashes, hangs and j... moreSame problem here, and phone has network issue also