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  • kg

Same garbage.
Nothing comes close to my Nokia Lumia 1020. I hate android and apple platforms. Every year same trash and I hate the top notch! Who came up with such a stupid idea and is brainwashing the masses. I'm currently using Nokia 8 and Lumia 1020 ( yes I know well the problems- but I my Lumia 1020 windows love 95% compare to 25 % of Nokia 8 Android) and you DO NOT believe how many times I want to get the hammer and hammer it, and enjoy the moment. I have used Nokia since 1995 almost all their phone line.
Until the new "Nokia" beats (with amazing features, design and new platform -not android) my Nokia Lumia 1020 Windows- I'm going to stick with it even for 10-15 years. Microsoft leaders brains are burnt to ashes let windows phone in this condition. -Yes I love them and I hate them for their complete stupidity. Did you see their new products; they have new headphones instead of new windows phone. One word- PATHETIC! I'm out.

  • Yasir

Front look is so ugly. Why they have this chin? Specs are good, build quality is good, back look is also good but the front look is...........

Krasi, 04 Oct 2018It's awful. Why did they sign off to that? The 6.1 plus is ... moreActually, 7.1 has almost identical specs with 6.1 except in the camera terms and display capability. 7.1 has Zeiss optics with 12 MP, f/1.8, 1.28µm, Dual Pixel PDAF for main rear camera that support to 2160p@30fps, and 8 MP, f/2.0, 24mm for selfie. But secondary rear camera has the same spec with 6.1. 6.1 has a better selfie camera (16 MP, f/2.0, 1/3.1", 1.0µm), 16 MP, f/2.0, 1.0µm, PDAF for main rear camera which can only takes video in 1080p@30fps. Eventhough 7.1 display is only LCD panel (same with 6.1) but it can boasts HDR10 support. With those different specs, 6.1 has a lower price about 100 EUR compare to 7.1. Regardless the phone dimension you mentioned before :)

> No dedicated memory card slot

> No OIS for rear camera

> No sAMOLED display

HMD has spoilt the name of Nokia.

  • GrumpyOldPizza

Let's not forget that for the US there is only the Nokia 6.1 right now. And the 7.1 is a good step up ....

So for us the 7.1 is really a faster 6.1 with a better camera ....

  • Anonymous

Yonef, 03 Oct 2018I don't understand. This one is with same characteristics ... moreNokia 6.1 (or X6) is the beefed up Nokia 6.1, HMD will introduce Nokia 7.1 with upgraded internals like Nokia 5.1 to X5 or 6.1 to X6...

  • Anonymous

alyfree, 04 Oct 2018what's number of nano meter...?Snapdragon 636, 14nm SoC

what's number of nano meter...?

  • Krasi

cracky, 04 Oct 2018So no ones gonna talk about that ugly chin?It's awful. Why did they sign off to that? The 6.1 plus is virtually the same but with a smaller chin. If Nokia is trying to make a comeback, this didn't help them.

  • cracky

So no ones gonna talk about that ugly chin?

Guys. Nokia 7.1 is the successor of Nokia 7, not the 7 plus so we can still say this is an upgrade in specs.

Battery 3060!!!
Memory 64GB 4 GM RAM !!!!
USB 2.0 !!!!!!
this phone not for 2018
Nokia what happen for you ??

  • Dion

Looks like a 6.1 plus with better camera.

I don't understand.
This one is with same characteristics as Nokia X6, but it has larger chin, plus the phone is uglier, has worse camera setup than X6, and it cost 100 Euro more than X6.
WTH is Nokia strategy here?

nobatery, 03 Oct 2018only 3060 batery ?? is a joke... is not official spec!!!we will see tomorrow;)

Lord Of Chin.

  • nobatery

only 3060 batery ?? is a joke...

  • Anonymous

Again that Sp636 with adreno 509 serioulsy ?? Why when the Nokia 6.1 has already this and the 7.1 plus from March got the SP660 ?? I would go for a Xperia XA3

  • Ganesh

we can use two sim card and one external memory card at same time....
pls make that facility in this mobile like samsung

  • Anonymous

Damir, 03 Oct 2018This is Nokia 6.1 plus with better cameraexactly