Nokia 7.1

Nokia 7.1

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  • nobatery

only 3060 batery ?? is a joke...

  • Anonymous

Again that Sp636 with adreno 509 serioulsy ?? Why when the Nokia 6.1 has already this and the 7.1 plus from March got the SP660 ?? I would go for a Xperia XA3

  • Ganesh

we can use two sim card and one external memory card at same time....
pls make that facility in this mobile like samsung

  • Anonymous

Damir, 03 Oct 2018This is Nokia 6.1 plus with better cameraexactly

  • Anonymous

selfie camera:YES

Damir, 03 Oct 2018This is Nokia 6.1 plus with better cameraDamn you Nokia! You should have launched this phone first before launching the garbage lens phone. I'd have loved to use Zeiss lens on my Nokia phone. Between, your 6.1 plus camera hardware is not bad but your camera software is! On same phone when I use google camera, it clicks far superior photos!

  • Anonymous


I'd still go to 7+ it has better CPU, more RAM, better secondary camera, bigger battery and no notch!

  • Anonymous

Why Nokia (HMD Global) are not thinking about providing a big battery. If not they will lose yhe market share and will be doomed.

  • Damir

This is Nokia 6.1 plus with better camera