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This phone is so close to being great. It's Camera is great, if you go in and switch it over to 48MP. By default it trys to shoot in 16MP. However when using the camera at it's best, it hangs and slowly takes pictures. It's maddening. Video has weird audio, regularly picks up the breathing and noises from the shooter of the video instead of the subject. No wireless charging is a huge miss, especially since it's batter doesn't perform all that well. With light use you'll need to charge at some point during the day. It does have fast charging though so that does help.

At the end of the day it's a midrange phone whose biggest selling point is it's camera. But the hardware is too slow to actually support the camera so they gimped it to make it usable. So you either have to choose between picture quality that's 3-4 years out of date (slightly better than because it does shoot in 48 MP and then downgrade it to 16MP apparently) and use it like a normal camera or shoot in 48MP mode, but make sure that your subject isn't moving around.

  • Aazir

Plavan, 26 Jan 2021U r right bro.. and this particular model already sold more... moreExactly!

Aazir, 14 Jan 2021I dont know why some people are passing false statements ab... moreU r right bro.. and this particular model already sold more than a million units.. so that says all..

Best camera in this price range.. much better than all those motorolas and galaxy mseries... Battery back up i get around 19 hrs more than enough fr me.. no lag system ui.. already completed 1 year .. waiting for nokia 8.3 india launch or nokia 7.3 ..

  • Rane

Good cameras, photo quality is fine also in low light. Phone is responsive and everything runs smoothly.

  • Anonymous

Anu, 17 Jan 2021I bought my Nokia 7.2 i think 6 months ago. At the beginnin... moreI have faced the same issue with flashlight!
Right after I use Moment Camera App, the flashlight won't work. I've assigned the Google Assistant button long press to flashlight. Although the notification appears, the LED on the back won't turn on. Also, gcam and default camera crash right after opening.
I need to reset the phone in order for these issues to resolve.
no big deal, but it happens.

  • Anu

I bought my Nokia 7.2 i think 6 months ago. At the beginning I faced to lots of issues. such as torch didn't work , sound imbalance and apps closing. However after a month a new google update came. then those problems were gone. now so far the phone is working fine. ( thank to the god ! ). Camera is good but the sad point is the flash light is a garbage 🤣 what the heck ? nothing is clear when you take a photo using flash light at night. what a shame nokia. previously I had a Huawei P 9 mobile. I know this Nokia 7.2 is at a low price than the Huawei P 9... comparing to that this phone is a waste of money even this is a low budget phone. To me only plus side is the smooth gaming experience in Nokia 7.2 and that's all 😂 at least camera and games run fine. so guys think. it's on your time I will definitely go for Huawei or some other brand. No Nokia for my life time ever again ! do you want to buy a phone that change it's qualities according to every Google update ? no right ? to me it's a no no.

  • Anonymous

been using this phone for months now.
interface is a bit slow and jumpy, although i haven't installed any games nor useless stuff.
battery is nice, lasts for about 2 days of moderate use.

  • Carol

another Carol, 12 Jan 2021Daily schedule of a typical Carol: 1- Gets up in the mor... moreSome might call it 911, hospital emergency.

  • LAW321

non fanatic Carol, 12 Jan 2021The frame just cracked spontaneously around the headphone j... moreHave you ever used this phone man? I saw a lot of negative comments of this phone which restricted me from buying this phone but then after buying i don't regret and am shocked by so many negative comments, but for mo reason. Its a great phone even though it has an old processor and does not support fast charging.

  • Carol

Anonymous, 10 Jan 2021I bet u never used one before talking trash abt every other... moreThe only comment section i use is Nokia's. So excuse me for having no respect for your disposibles in a NOKIA comment section. Crazy ain't it? People here talking about Nokia and not about disposibles, something gotta be wrong! I mean... here is that person that does not agree with you. I bet their is also another person in apple comment sections, or Samsung or google, where you go and troll your way through with the help of your disposibles, right?
Of course i never bought one. I respect my self, my privacy, my pocket and european Innovators.

  • Bran

Aazir, 14 Jan 2021I dont know why some people are passing false statements ab... moreif Zeiss was good, there would've been a zeiss-branded phone in DXOmark's top scores.
Nokia 7.2 scores a mere 85 in DXO ratings.
Zeiss branding doesn't guarantee good image quality.
It's just a gimmick to sell more.

  • Aazir

I dont know why some people are passing false statements about this phone. But let me tell you guys that this phone looks and feels premium, obviously if you use it like animals it will lead it to crack... The software of the phone never hangs its Sooo smooth. I use SD CARD as well and there is no issue in that as well. I also play games on this device and never found it to be laggy or any other issue... The sound quality is great and it feels like a original sound from an original source... Either the people here are Nokia haters or either they never used Nokia 7.2 that is why they are complaining with false statements... Recently I saw an opinion of a person saying this phone's camera is equal to 2MP.. Like seriously? This phone has great cameras on front and back... Rear camera is not even comparable to any other cheap phone's camera.. Its quality is just awesome... Same apply for front as well.. Its ZEISS OPTICS, people who are passing negative comments should at least keep this in their mind that how stupid they are considered.. ZEISS OPTICS Lens is used in DSLR and u guys are calling it cheap? Enough of lies..

  • another Carol

Daily schedule of a typical Carol:

1- Gets up in the morning...
2- Opens all Nokia phones...
3- Browses the comments...
4- Trolls negative ones...
and, repeat...

I mean, there are actually ATP molecules being wasted daily for this...
Also CO2 emissions... Please respect nature and don't troll negative comments...

  • non fanatic Carol

The frame just cracked spontaneously around the headphone jack. I thought that composite thing Nokia advertised is tough and durable.
This is a phone that just looks nice. interior parts are probably made of cheap low-grade materials.

  • a Realistic Carol

Audio quality on this phone is awful. When you play music with low volume (or in the more quiet parts of music) there is some sort of gating effect. Really weird.
Also voice recording quality is pretty bad too. I'm not sure Nokia is working on it but after upgrading to Android 10, all voice messages (whatsapp and instagram) are wheezy and hissy.
I installed GCam (cause you know, default camera sucks at rendering fine detail / color accuracy). Stock cam is advertised with OZO audio recording, but video sounds are gargly and weird.

  • Anonymous

Carol, 05 Jan 2021It is also half as good, rather not even close to a 15%.I bet u never used one before talking trash abt every other non nokia phone in this forum on every page

  • Mugo

I have this phone...but the selfie camera I think it's about 2mp or less......very poor on this

  • Carol

Tech favorite, 02 Jan 2021If u really want stock android. Get mi A3 its half the pric... moreIt is also half as good, rather not even close to a 15%.

  • Anonymous

Updated to 10 without any issue even performs better its already supee fast in daily use the the best android one ......the battery gave me from 9 to 10 hours screen on time if i didn't play games and charges 70 percent in one hour.