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  • E

This is my first Nokia phone, previously had Sony x compact which had really served me well for over 3 years. I just wanted a new phone and with all the Chinese brands there, also tried Samsung before which was so low quality in many different aspects, so had Nokia and Motorola to choose from. Got the Nokia 7.2, 6/128 GB and here is my opinion after a few days of usage:
SOC: it is OK for a regular user, but I use CAD software and it is smooth, 6 GB of RAM is helping of course
Speaker: I don't know why people complain about it, it is so loud, but lacks the bass, after all it is mono not stereo, Nokia could have done a bit better so.
Screen: one word, amazing
Battery : for average use of everything, will easily get you through the day, charging is not quick at all though with the supplied charger. I am treating the charging port delicately, so not to get in trouble
I used to like compact phones, this one is huge but you still can carry it in your pocket, no problem here.

  • Ratty b

Anonymous, 05 Aug 2020I am now sure that current hmd phones by nokia are nothing ... moreU can talk oo! What is all this crab and hatred for Nokia stop distructing people from using Nokia I have used Nokia all my life and u are here just trying to confuse me

  • Ricky

Im using Nokia 7.2 almost 11 months without any issue. I love the phone, very smooth to use.

  • Carol

Brian, 09 Oct 2020My Nokia 7.2 power button isn't responding, started wi... moreVirus? Sounds like one. Hold down powerbutton till it restarts, if it restarts... and stop installing crapp on i, just a presumption.

  • Brian

My Nokia 7.2 power button isn't responding, started with the button malfunctioning where upon pressing it brings the camera screen on or it takes longer to respond and yesterday the phone drained battery while the phone was still on WI-FI, i connected the phone to the charger, it charged normally but the phone won't power on. Anyone experiencing such or with solution to my problem.

  • rpm

Nokia 7.2 could be good phone, but problems with software ruins it. Phone freezes and reboots randomly, physical buttons dont always respond and Nokia couldnt kept their promise to provide always newest Android.

  • mohi

Kev, 27 Sep 2020Hello...Am a heavy user,would one recommend this phone for ... moreIt's not recommended for heavy use...
For that, get a 5.3 (lo-res display + higher capacity battery)...
The battery takes a good 2 hours to charge completely...

  • renegad

Is the Android 32 bit our 64bit? I know the chipset is 64 bit. But the question is if the Android runs in 64 bit mode. I want to buy if this is 64 bit compatible OS. Please help.

Does this have any screen freeze issues like Nokia 7 Plus had ?

  • Anonymous

This is by far the best smartphone I ever owned, everything works so smoothly I like the phone design especially the green colour. If you look for a good phone with premium feel and smooth experience buy the Nokia 7.2 and enjoy it.

  • Juan

I bought this smartphone six months ago. The camera is impressive, it allows to use the raw file and the results when developing with Lightroom are from a high performance camera (I replaced the use of a Fujifilm X20 with this phone). I paid 250 dollars and included in the offer a Nokia Mobile True Wireless Earphone V1. What better could it be?

Wost phone ever, camera is good but hangs thousands times expecily portrait mode ,it take minutes to save one picture....and the phone in general hangs alot .......the updates have never solve the hanging problem,I have to restart the phone .....I regret buying it ,I should have stick to my infinix

  • Userrsia

To be honest, this is a good phone. I like the clean, minimal bloatware software due to Android One that will improve performance and space which can be use for more games, apps, and photos. I'm not a camera person and just happy with the camera, and also gaming is alright. I've reccomend you to look other phones on the market for better options.

  • Kev

Hello...Am a heavy user,would one recommend this phone for good battery life?And how long does it take to charge.Please advise.

  • Carol

Anonymous, 26 Sep 2020I hope the person who said 'it has a plastic back'... moreIt is a mate glass back. The skeleton "body" is made out of an plastic alloy with some kind of metal particles, it feals like metal, but it ain't.

  • Anonymous

I hope the person who said 'it has a plastic back' was wrong! because i'm definitely considering buying this :)

  • Mjdude

A wonderful phone, if you don't mind it shutting down in the middle of the night while charging.

  • pedro

Anonymous, 15 Sep 2020I have been using Nokia 7.2 for 7 months. I feel no issues ... moreyes bro this fone is a massive massive go it's great good performance good camera good d sign good color what more I can say bro.

  • Anonymous

Vinod Raval, 07 Sep 2020I have Nokia7.2 and Nokia 5. Both in same problem YouTube s... moreI have been using Nokia 7.2 for 7 months. I feel no issues with it. Almost good phone.