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  • Shadcosay

I bought it and its the worst phone keeps freezing,I can't play online games well... camera stops and have to restart the phone for it to work....... updates keeps getting worse

I get a feeling this phone has many variants or counterfeits. My 7.2 works so well not perfect though. The camera in good lighting is crystal. The battery lasts a whole day though not good for 2021 standards. Smooth O.S and never lags .calls are clear and connectivity to my network is superb. For once I have a phone that never heats up. Its drawbacks - slow charging, I hate the tear drop notch and it would have been great if it were AMOLED.

  • srm

Anonymous, 17 Mar 2021Its just so stupid for people who are may be paid to post t... moreIf there are so many people complaining about a phone there would be truth to their allegations.
your experience would not sum up the experience of the entire nokia users who bought the phone.
I have used a 7 plus too. Pretty pathetic phone. Frequent freezes, crashes, phone getting worse with the update. Got rid of it and bought a one plus 7.

  • NokiaSucks

Big screen

Not a lot of battery time for such a big phone
Laggy as hell
Not responding
Can't to simple tasks
Multitasking guarantees that your phone WILL crash.
Can't hold properly without accidently touching screen
Snapchat camera works 3/10 times (literally i tested this) and if it doesn't work you have to restart the phone.
Takes up to 10-15 seconds to answer a phone call, even more if you're in an application
Worst microphone ever

Sadly this is a very sucky ass phone. I'm lucky that this is only a temporary phone. Seriously, just fuck android phones and go all in for an iphone. They work best anyways because the apps are actually made for the specific phone and not android OS like Nokia for example.

  • Shalinka

The phone is not good and it always raises various issues. I do not recommend buying any Nokia touch phones, do not waste your money on Nokia products. I am an unhappy consumer with Nokia products.

gusgus, 31 May 2021i have been given one of these to see if i can get it going... moreI had such a horrible experience with nokia 7 plus. I took it to a nokia care and they replaced the motherboard which was the only option.

  • Rakshith

Bought this phone in November 2019 as soon as it was available in India. One thing i realized was the fact that Nokia hasnt kept up its promise of software updates

This was one of the last phones to get android 10 update and still havent got updates for Android 11. To top it, there is no security patch update from March 2021.

Since this is running of 14 nm chipset, 3500 mah battery doesnt last more than 5 hrs of Screen on time.

Also Nokia has been very partial about this and 6.3. I feel these 2 phones have the maximum bugs

  • Amogus Sus

Anonymous, 20 Apr 2021Iam using 7.2 for more than one year. After one year phone ... moreYeah , I attest that, I noticed few issues after using the smartphone over one year. I got this phone on Nov 2019. For everytime I browse, I got this weird feeling on its touchscreen. It doesnt feel smooth , it feels like brick.

worst phone ever made .....the peace of sheat
nokia 6 . nokia 7plus best phone ever maded by nokia

DAVE, 13 May 2021NOKIA 7 PLUS usb c charging port faulted after only 2 years... moreSo you had the phone already before it was even announced? Wow congrats man, how was your trip to the future to get the phone? What time machine did you use?

  • I own one

DAVE, 13 May 2021NOKIA 7 PLUS usb c charging port faulted after only 2 years... moreYou are a liar David.
They have not been out for two years.
Mine charges quite quickly.

  • gusgus

i have been given one of these to see if i can get it going again. it is currently stuck in a fastboot mode bootloop. i am tearing my hair out trying to find a fix for it. it will scroll through the fastboot options, but none of them will work. it just goes back to that menu. and the android one logo. thats it.any help would be gratefully received maybe even rewarded thank you !!!

  • DAVE

NOKIA 7 PLUS usb c charging port faulted after only 2 years,battery draining
taking for ever to charge hmd global wanted me to send it for repair costing the best price of the phone,sounds the same as the 7.2 never ever again NOKIA

  • Carol

Anonymous, 18 Apr 2021Does Nokia 7.2 get its android 11 update?Yep.

  • Pavan

It is one of the worst phone somebody could ever get, it's been 1 year since I'm using this phone and the problems I have gone through with this phone beyond explanation
It is my sincere and humble request please don't buy this phone

Jyotshnarani Panda, 07 May 2021It's not worth buying.. battery draining so fast and t... moreI'm using the same phone and I have not seen any such problems

  • Jyotshnarani Panda

It's not worth buying.. battery draining so fast and the fingerprint sensor almost not working after 6 months of buying..

  • Grubb

Heinrich, 03 Apr 2021simply awesome i love it good quality good build good camer... moreThey have a review of the Nokia 2.4 although I get your point, the gsmarena team no longer review Nokia phones anymore 😢😢😢

  • Carol

Anonymous, 20 Apr 2021Iam using 7.2 for more than one year. After one year phone ... moreIf you really have the device, then factory reset it. That behavior is quite unlickely for Nokia. I have gon through a bunch of them, and none made me problems.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Apr 2021Iam using 7.2 for more than one year. After one year phone ... moreI agree with you