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  • Anonymous
  • 7Xc
  • 26 Nov 2022

MrNams, 06 Nov 2022Yes, i am using it in 2022, unfortunately i had to replace ... moreI'm with you. I wanted to like this smartphone because of the software but the hardware is simply utter garbage (specifically the charging port). Had the charging port replaced three times in a span of two years. Simply gave up after that. Hate semi-annual hardware subscriptions.

    Big G, 05 Sep 2022✍,Yes Nokia 7 Plus was the amazing phone By HMD Nokia.From ... moreRecently replaced the 5 year old battery of my beloved Nokia 7 Plus. This was necessary because in my eyes this phone is a masterpiece and I want it to live for another 5 years.

    The satisfaction of holding Nokia 7 Plus on bare hands is unsurpassed by any plastic phones available today. The built quality of this phone and my Nokia 6.1 will unfortunately never be repeated for this price segment.

    Replacing the original Nokia battery from their authorized service centers was expensive, thrice as expensive than Chinese smartphone manufacturers. It cost me INR 2450 ($30, 29 euros). However I am happy that the phone have received a new life after battery replacement.

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      • Ranma
      • t7N
      • 18 Nov 2022

      After my Samsung Galaxy S10+ screen conked out, i decided to revive this beauty. I had the same charging port issue that is why i got stuck inside my drawers for almost two years. Luckly I was able to source parts from Shopee and just paid for the labor cost to repair the phone. This thing still feels good in your hands. Although your best bet for an updated OS is to go custom ROM. There is a custom Android 13 ROM for this at XDA

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        • Arthur Shelby
        • pqy
        • 17 Nov 2022

        I like the size 6in is more than perfect,

        Other than issues with charging port, phone must be placed upsidedown to a wall and something else to hold on other end, it's just amazing , battery feels like last forever 9hrs screen usage about 30hrs since last charge it's not sluggish in apps but then again I'm no mobile gamer. Ceramic back with this frame feels like the most premium design u can get from a phone. videos and photos in daylight are amazing a bit hard to get a proper focus tho, but meh to bad if it's dark.. well, it's old. I would like to upgrade to 8 Siricco not something else newer, but I'm afraid of charging issues all Nokia made by foxconn might be plagued by this and it's not that easy to find it in pristine condition..
        since i would buy sony 10 if it was with 8GB Ram and a proper soc that support 4k my old 7 plus does 4k 30fps newest sony 10 iv doesn't.. it's just dumb.. cheap frame and back made by glass / plastic also doesn't attract me to buy new stuff. I liked more pixel 5 but corner back camera.. ew. I am no Samsung / iphone peasant.

          Francesco, 24 Oct 2022I agree with other people... This is a superb phone. I stil... moreNokia 7 Plus is not just a superb phone ... it is a legend by itself. In my eyes the best Nokia ever designed by HMD and built by Foxconn. This phone from day 1, had a perfect balance between built quality, design, performance and price. A masterpiece. The latest Nokia's are not even have decent as this one.

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            • MrNams
            • rKg
            • 06 Nov 2022

            Anonymous, 15 Oct 2022I still use this phone. 2022. it is amazing. only problem i... moreYes, i am using it in 2022, unfortunately i had to replace charging board,and it become loose every year.
            Nokia must work on this issue

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              • Francesco
              • g5p
              • 24 Oct 2022

              I agree with other people... This is a superb phone. I still use it after 4 years. Battery is still performant. Speed is still acceptable. The only issue is that usb C connector has become loose, so sometimes it stops charging. Now I'm looking for the Nokia X30 5G. Waiting for the price going down.

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                • Anonymous
                • dWw
                • 21 Oct 2022

                Anonymous, 15 Oct 2022I still use this phone. 2022. it is amazing. only problem i... moreYeah, me too. But the screen locks up several times a day now. Whenever I pick it up and activate the device with my fingerprint it will shortly after that no longer react on my input. Pressing on/off button, waiting a few seconds and then on/off button again resolved this. As if it is so busy checking all kinds of stuff after awakening that it simply has no time to process the input.
                Still an enjoyable phone though.

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                  • Anonymous
                  • 0}x
                  • 15 Oct 2022

                  I still use this phone. 2022. it is amazing. only problem is the USB c port that got loose, but it's already almost 3.5 years since I bought it. amazing phone.

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                    • Anonymous
                    • n}u
                    • 13 Oct 2022

                    Had this phone since it came out. Superb phone. The only issue I had was USB-C. I had it changed for like 40 euros and since then, it worked great. Good battery life and fast charging. It is 2022 now and I still use it.

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                      • Matt
                      • t75
                      • 08 Sep 2022

                      Anonymous, 25 Aug 2022I had to have my charging port replaced recently. After abo... moreI considered myself lucky to not have the charging port issues—but I decided to get ahead of them by using a magnetic USB-C charging cable so I don't have to plug a wire in and out. The only issue I had with the phone is actually a faulty headphone jack, it won't play the left side of any headset unless you press the plug into the jack.

                      The battery, while it didn't straight up fail, it certainly shortened. That's not a surprise, I pushed the poor thing to it's limits in the four years I've used the phone. No regrets though, easily one of the best phones I've ever used, but now it's time to upgrade.

                        ✍,Yes Nokia 7 Plus was the amazing phone By HMD Nokia.From software to Hardware Nokia 7 Plus is excellent in all the department.One One for Nomia 7 Plus its dependable phone.

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                          • Anonymous
                          • L9w
                          • 25 Aug 2022

                          Minu, 12 Aug 2022Every single Nokia from Foxconn is pure gold, not just the ... moreI had to have my charging port replaced recently. After about 4 years, it had become almost impossible to get the USB-C to connect properly and so it wouldn't charge. Very pleased I chose to have the work done because it's a great phone and I've saved £££ not having to replace the phone.

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                            • Anna
                            • 2Ga
                            • 24 Aug 2022

                            I have had my Nokia 7 for over 5 years and it finally gave up on my reckless use of the poor thing.

                            This phone has survived being dropped at least 100 times in the time I had it as well as the occasional water spill, freezing temperatures and the Australian sun in the middle of summer after I left the poor thing in a car for about an hour.

                            The battery gave up early this year and started expanding which lead to some fairly expensive repairs but I still believe it was worth it to get the battery and screen replaced.

                            I do think there should be an easier way to access the internal working other than prying the screen off but that is honestly the only issue I ever had with this phone.

                            What finally broke it? I spilled drinking chocolate on myself and didn't realise my phone was in my pocket until hours later and after trying to charge it. It was still wet yesterday, the day after, and is currently hanging out in a rice bath in some vague hope that it might still survive.

                            TLDR: this phone is amazing and the only issue I ever had with it was the fact that you have to pry the screen off to repair it.

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                              • Minu
                              • ter
                              • 15 Aug 2022

                              RishiGuru, 15 Aug 2022That's true, every Foxconn made Nokia for HMD is an ar... moreAnd the Nokia 8 with polished blue which looks so tempting in person, which I use!!!
                              Happy to hear that you didn't face any charging port issues. Too much trolling and fake reviews on GSMArena. And I'm going to recommend this to one of my friends who is looking for a well built phone without sacrificing modern features.

                                Minu, 12 Aug 2022Every single Nokia from Foxconn is pure gold, not just the ... moreThat's true, every Foxconn made Nokia for HMD is an art. The phones that tops the list for me is Nokia 7 Plus, Nokia 6.1 & Nokia 8 Sirroco. And then who can forget the Nokia 8 with the polished copper finish.

                                I personally never faced any issue with the USB port on both my 6.1 & 7 Plus.

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                                  • Prakash
                                  • U{K
                                  • 14 Aug 2022

                                  Well built, beautiful,
                                  Camera fantastic,
                                  But, worst charging port,
                                  Too much of hanging.
                                  So, compelled to exchange,
                                  but repenting for not getting the proper camera replacement.

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                                    • Minu
                                    • ter
                                    • 12 Aug 2022

                                    RishiGuru, 12 Aug 2022Nokia 7 Plus is like a piece of gold to me. Once you lost i... moreEvery single Nokia from Foxconn is pure gold, not just the build quality but also the beauty!!! And that high quality, interesting craftsmanship with a very low price tag compared to what it's actually worth!!! And how symmetrical, posh and minimalistic this looks compared to those generic ODM phones with poor quality construction and rainbow backs!!!

                                    Btw, are those charging port issues in 2018 Nokia phones true or are they just hoaxes and over-exaggerations? Did you experience it so far?

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                                      • pL@
                                      • 12 Aug 2022

                                      Anonymous, 21 Jul 2022Still going strong more than 4 years later. I've never... morePerhaps it was so good it only needed 2 updates!!

                                        Minu, 27 Jul 2022There are newer models such as Nokia X10 and X20, but this ... moreNokia 7 Plus is like a piece of gold to me. Once you lost it, near impossible to find another now. I have no complains against the phone, after using it for nearly 3 years. To me this phone is the most pure and the best Nokia that ever came out under HMD banner. Why do I say so?

                                        Because Nokia 7 Plus is a material first led design. A pure Nokia. The body is carved out for a single block of 6000 series aluminum and six layers of ceramic feel like paint is applied to it which gives a unique look & feel in the palm while holding the device. Then a cutter is used to shave the paint on four sides by 2.75 mm to again expose the bare metal. Consecutive two layers of anodization process was then performed which gave the bare sides a unique copper like finish. This type of quality construction is long gone.

                                        Inside an internal die cast metal mid-frame is then screwed internally to the metal body which reinforces the core of the device. No less than 19 screws locks the internal metal plate to this unibody gives the Nokia 7 Plus it ultimate structural integrity & durability. This is an approach to engineering that is build to last. It is this strength from inside which I believe inspires the beauty on the outside.

                                        No wonder it won prestigious design awards like EISA, 2018 Best Consumer Smartphone. And also the most durable phone of the year award in 2018 from JerryRigsEverything.

                                        It is also most balanced Nokia phone, the balance between design, craftsmanship, hardware specs, latest trend in terms of 18:9 display, battery endurance, camera capability & price. I own a Nokia 7 Plus, the more eye catching white version in 4/64 GB configuration. Love this device & also my Nokia 6.1.