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RishiGuru, 20 Aug 2020HMD Global from its very onset (2015) had an ambition to se... more✍️,I completely agreed with you as I have Nokia 7 Plus and Lg G7 Thinq . Nokia 7 Plus is among the best Android phones.And Lg G7 Thinq is the solid allrounder multitasking smartphone with Zero issues.Quality wise Lg Flagship smartphone is way better in terms of Hardware and Software calibration.

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Big G, 20 Aug 2020✍️,2021 mein Nokia will be back with some incredible Smartp... moreLet's hope so. Nokia research & development team seems to have no idea what they're competing against, judging from their recent phones.

I still recommend Nokia 7 Plus to people in its price (28,000 PKR). Nokia 8 & 8.1 were great phones as well, but that's the complete list of their good phones.

They should make a budget or midrange phone with:
1. Chipset:
Snapdragon 675 or at least Helio G70 for budget.
Snapdragon 720G or better for midrange.

2. Battery:
3600mAh with 10W charging for budget.
3800mAh or higher with 18W for midrange.

3. Display:
- FHD if "Display Size" is above 5.1 inches.
- HD if "Display Size" is 5.1 inches or less.
- 60Hz is enough.

4. Storage/RAM:
3, 32GB & 4, 64GB is a must for budget (Xiaomi, Realme have released excellent phones in just $150).
128, 4/6GB for midrange.

5. Camera: As good as Nokia 7 Plus for budget or better (optimisation).
- Back Camera: 4K@30FPS, 1080p@30, 60, 120FPS & 720p@240FPS.
OIS with 4K would be nice, but that'll increase price a lot.
So must have Eis with 4K or at least have Eis with 1080@60FPS & Slowmo. Otherwise, those videos will be mostly unusable or a pain to record.

- Selfie Camera: 1080p@60FPS or 4K@30FPS to stand out. Otherwise, go with Standard for cost cutting.

- Must include a Fully Manual Camera Mode.
- Gcam compatibility of Level 3 like Nokia 7 Plus or at least FULL.

- Audio should be 256KBPS Stereo or at least 192KBPS Stereo.

- No unnecessary sensors (Macro, Ultra Wide). Phones in budget/midrange price never have good Macro & Ultra Wide cameras. That cost will be better spend on other things, like optimising cameras.

6. Screen Mirroring: Widevine L1 or at least L2.

7. Body: Aluminium is preferred to stand out.
But plastic is fine for cost cutting, given the competition.

8. Price: It should cost above Realme 6i (current price of Nokia 7 Plus) & maximum of around Redmi Note 9s, Realme 6 & Huawei Nova 7i.

But maximum price is on the condition that they include all camera features or use Snapdragon 720G or better chipset.

Big G, 03 Aug 2020Few thing I must share regarding the Existing Chinese smart... moreHMD Global from its very onset (2015) had an ambition to set new standards in design, material quality and manufacturing innovation by building on the hallmarks of a true Nokia phone experience. In reality that dream did not last much and were mostly confined to 2018 before they woke up and faced harsh reality and cut throat competition from Chinese manufacturers. Their first model lineup of 2017 made the unheard quality available to Nokia customers but those phones lacked in performance except for the flagship Nokia 8. In 2018, they rectified this performance issue for mid to high end models and three gems were born. Perhaps the best trio of Nokia's that ever were made by HMD, namely the Nokia 8 Sirocco, Nokia 7 Plus & Nokia 6.1.

Take the example of Nokia 8 Sirocco. Over 95% of its exterior body is vacuum moulded Corning Gorilla Glass 5. HMD Global wanted to attain thin 2 millimeter sides on this phone to celebrate their first Nokia flagship bearing "Sirocco" name.

For 8 Sirocco they choose stainless-steel which is 2.5 times stronger than 6000 series aluminium. The 6000 series were used in their 7 Plus & Nokia 6.1 models. This change for a stronger material was necessary for the load bearing frame to deliver the same level of structural integrity of say the Nokia 6.1. Nokia 8 Sirroco being ultra-compact do not have the same internal dimension or volume of 6.1's aluminium uni-body in-order to attain the same level of structural strength. Hence the change in material.

This frame is also quite different from a uni-body in the sense that it's a 2 millimeter thick stainless-steel plate which runs throughout the whole body of 8 Sirroco. As expected from Nokia, the stainless steel frame is carved out of a single block of steel, machined for hours into a solid, yet uniquely slim and compact shape. And in the end the stainless steel frame is given dual diamond-polished for improved grip and even diamond cuts on the edges to celebrate this unique design. Its curved glass finish envelops the stainless-steel frame, combines a curved edge-to-edge pOLED 2K 5.5-inch display with moulded body curves to create an compact profile.

The most unique aspect to love about Nokia 8 Sirroco's structural design is the stainless steel frame runs through the whole body which does adds quite a bit of weight of 177 grams for its compact profile. To me it only signifies that this creates for an extremely robust internal design which quite amazingly can take in the middle of it the weight of three grown men before it will break. An unheard feat of structural integrity for a dual glass sandwich designed phone that no other smartphone manufacturer can beat till date.

Specification wise the 8 Sirroco phone was reasonably powerful with Snapdragon 835 SoC, 6GB of LPPDDR4X RAM and 128GB of UFS 2.1 internal storage. Being a glass-back it allowed wireless charging and a 18 watts Qualcomm QC4 wall charger is included in the box. Battery capacity was small by today's standard at just 3260 mAh but lasts for day. And Nokia 8 Sirocco was IP67 water resistant as well. My only gripes were no headphone jack, no memory card support & single SIM which led me in not having this phone. Instead I own the other two namely Nokia 7 Plus & Nokia 6.1.

Now I admit, built quality & design are just two aspects of a phone. Others are user experience and specification. The two Nokia's I own pretty much nailed it in all three aspects bar software user experience. Nokia's lacks the level of consistency in software and frequent software updates makes the situation even worse with the phone getting slower and slower with no time spent for software optimization by Nokia. With Nokia phones having powerful SoCs, you wont feel it like in my Nokia 7 Plus. But if you use the Nokia 6.1 you will have a sense of slowness in software experience as the SoC is not that powerful.

In comparison I have seen my LG phones get semi-annual updates, just twice a year but they nail those releases in terms consistency, optimization, seamless operation and zero software issues. You may go say LG are super slow in releasing updates, but when they do the software is rock solid. I like LG's approach as I can always trust their phone as they always work with no issues.

✍️,2021 mein Nokia will be back with some incredible Smartphones.HMD global got Backup of three Companies together namely Qualcomm,Google and Nokia itself.

Nokia 7 plus was a good phone when released but , here are the problems you will face ,the phone screen is not bright at all ,software has a problem it keeps on restarting itself even if you factory hard reset a million times , the battery is okay but the charging port will give you hell . I repaired the port 4 times and gave up . This is not a phone to purchase in 2020 . Keep off Nokia phones they're not yet there .I have never been this frustrated by a phone .

  • Devil2Death

Pardeep singh, 12 Aug 2020Nokia 7+, update 10 ..after battery problem nd tuch problem... moreIn case of battery issues, best way is to recalibrate it. There are few good apps available for that purpose, you can google them. Touch issue happens mostly when using stock launcher. Avoid using it unless you really really want to use new Gesture navigation. You can use any third party launcher - microsoft, cpl, nova etc. The touch issue is reduced greatly.

I am assuming that you have reset your phone after android 10 update. If not, please do it before trying above solutions. Phone reset after major OS update is a must. Solves most of the bugs....

  • Pardeep singh

Nokia 7+, update 10 ..after battery problem nd tuch problem....100% battery only 2 hower backup......plz any one tell me this is solution

  • Pap

I really liked this phone because of the pure android experience (evenwell apps aside because they can be disabled via adb) but I had a lot of hiccups with the charging port alone. I've sent my device to Nokia's service center to get it repaired which cost alot and I had to look for a replacement android phone (which was even worse because I had to spend a lot of money for this issue). After the repairs and a long wait of 3 weeks, used it happily until it broke again after 3 months so I sent it to a local repair shop. They fixed the port but it stopped working again (money badly spent again) after a month. Now I currently main my supposed "backup" android smartphone for when I go out and use my Nokia strictly at home. I can't have a device as my daily driver knowing that it fails miserably at the most basic necessity of a smartphone, being able to charge. Its like I'm paying monthly to be able to charge jeez that is too much since not everyone eats money for breakfast.

Note: My Nokia 7 Plus still charges but damn its really hard to get the "angle" right. And no, I wont be sending it to a repair shop anymore since the money I spent for repairs could be used to buy me a reliable smartphone.

  • zoran

proximity sensor does not work.
sometimes works after an update but after a few minutes it drops again, I don't think ithat's a hardware problem, but rather a system error

  • Adoron

Next in Nokia 7 line up.

Nokia 7 Plus was a big hit to users when i was launched in 2018 because of the following:

1. Top mid range chipset of it's time.
2. 18:9 aspect ratio, one of the first midrangers to do it.
3. Clean androidOne UI, with 2 major OS updates, plus security updates for three years.
4. Battery is considered big back then.
5. All of these in $400 US, even less in some markets when launched.

With that said, if HMD Nokia wants to hit the right spot for midrangers AGAIN, the next iteration of the 7 line up should at least have the following:

1. Top of the line midrange chipset, 6+128GB. Stop using the previous version chipset range and say that the phone has been optimized for it. Having the best of its price hardware is still better for consumers in the long run because people prefer 'latest' over 'optimized', especially when optimizations can come later through OTA updates.

2. Punch hole, Full HD AMOLED screen, regular refresh rate with Always On Display and on screen finger print scanner; OR,
Punch hole, Full HD IPS LCD but at 90 frames per second or higher.
Why? Because mid-rangers today from other OEMs are starting to have AMOLED, on screen finger print scanner, or higher refresh rate. I know even one that has a curved display at sub $400 US.

3. AndroidOne, with 3 years of support as usual.

4. Battery of at least 4000mAh.

5. Capped at $400 USD.

There are other things, but these are the major ones that should be on top. 5G through another variant because it's still expensive so it should be optional.

I got this thinking because Google Pixel 4A is a very attractive option. Single back camera, yes, but a very good one. Even better is the price: $349US for 6+128. That's tough to beat.


  • Troi

Big G, 03 Aug 2020Few thing I must share regarding the Existing Chinese smart... moreI can relate. I have a new phone with me and specs and benchmarks wise, it's better. But when I use it, I just really miss the stability of the Nokia 7 plus to say the least.

Few thing I must share regarding the Existing Chinese smartphones 1st display quality very poor,2nd sensors not calibrated most of the time they not performing well or non-functional,3rd Software not optimized they used very good hardware and cheapest but they don't use these hardware and cheapest to end level as a result poor performance.4th all Chinese manufacturers using 48 and 64 mp camera but what about the image processing all are failed to provide good software for better image processing.5th lack of Hepatic feedback motor.Mist of the user didn't recognise it's importance once you use Hepatic feedback device you always prefer god Hepatic feedback motor devices.Like iphone, Samsung Galaxy S and Note series,Google Pixel,Lg G and V series,Sony Flagship phone and One Plus device.

With Nokia 7 Plus am using this device since 02-June-2018.
From the 1st day to till date haven't got any single problem.
1st Display very very good quality LCD IPS display honestly say After using Nokia 7 Plus I don't want to see Samsung A 50s because Display quality of Nokia 7 Plus is Very close to the IPS display of iPhone,2nd Software experience very good and satisfied with the bug free software updates,2nd Camera not upto the flagship grade but better than all of the existing Chinese 64 and 48 mp cameras,3rd battery very good ,4th sensor work briliently and well calibrated.5th Hepatic feedback motor very responsive,prompt & acurate,6th Nokia 7 Plus you clearly understood the balance between the Hardware and Software. Snapdragon 660 is not the powerful chepset but but remember you will get great optimization in Nokia 7 Plus not the single other device powered by Snapdragon 660 or 665 is not optimized upto the level of Nokia 7 Plus.
Nokia 7 Plus is the very balenced Smartphone phone by HMD Global.

This is my honest review I am a simple customer not the promoter of Nokia devices.

Nicu, 01 Aug 2020Is it faster ?Yes I will work.And fix the existing problem.

  • Nicu

Big G, 29 Jul 2020Have you tried Factory reset after Android 10 update.If not... moreIs it faster ?

Today I got July security update.Nokia promise to provide monthly security updates for their Android One device for there years, it's really appreciable to make their commetments alive.That's the reason behind my trust over Nokia device.

Khiro, 21 Jul 2020My Nokia 7+ screen keep freezing after I updated to android... moreHave you tried Factory reset after Android 10 update.If not then try it.

Khiro, 21 Jul 2020My Nokia 7+ screen keep freezing after I updated to android... moreI am using the Microsoft launcher on the Nokia 5.1 Plus and the screen doesn't freeze after the Android 10 update. Works smoothly with new wallpapers everyday.

  • Devil2Death

Khiro, 21 Jul 2020My Nokia 7+ screen keep freezing after I updated to android... moreIts an issue with default launcher. Try using some other launcher & you will see that the issue is resolved to a large extent. (I am using Flick launcher. I face screen freeze issue once or twice a month.)

AnneJ, 02 Jul 2020I got my N7+ for about 1,5 year now and having charging iss... moreI had the same problem with my 7plus but i payed £5 for a new charger port replacement from eBay and it now works, i also bought the tool kit for another £5 which helped me alot. If you like the phone rather than spend £300 on a new phone I'd just fix it myself and i have also bought a new LCD/digitaliser for it that was £30 the screen was playing up. All works fine now.

  • Khiro

My Nokia 7+ screen keep freezing after I updated to android 10 it's really bad until now hmd they didn't fix this issue