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  • 12 Aug 2022

Anonymous, 21 Jul 2022Still going strong more than 4 years later. I've never... morePerhaps it was so good it only needed 2 updates!!

    Minu, 27 Jul 2022There are newer models such as Nokia X10 and X20, but this ... moreNokia 7 Plus is like a piece of gold to me. Once you lost it, near impossible to find another now. I have no complains against the phone, after using it for nearly 3 years. To me this phone is the most pure and the best Nokia that ever came out under HMD banner. Why do I say so?

    Because Nokia 7 Plus is a material first led design. A pure Nokia. The body is carved out for a single block of 6000 series aluminum and six layers of ceramic feel like paint is applied to it which gives a unique look & feel in the palm while holding the device. Then a cutter is used to shave the paint on four sides by 2.75 mm to again expose the bare metal. Consecutive two layers of anodization process was then performed which gave the bare sides a unique copper like finish. This type of quality construction is long gone.

    Inside an internal die cast metal mid-frame is then screwed internally to the metal body which reinforces the core of the device. No less than 19 screws locks the internal metal plate to this unibody gives the Nokia 7 Plus it ultimate structural integrity & durability. This is an approach to engineering that is build to last. It is this strength from inside which I believe inspires the beauty on the outside.

    No wonder it won prestigious design awards like EISA, 2018 Best Consumer Smartphone. And also the most durable phone of the year award in 2018 from JerryRigsEverything.

    It is also most balanced Nokia phone, the balance between design, craftsmanship, hardware specs, latest trend in terms of 18:9 display, battery endurance, camera capability & price. I own a Nokia 7 Plus, the more eye catching white version in 4/64 GB configuration. Love this device & also my Nokia 6.1.

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      • Minu
      • ter
      • 27 Jul 2022

      Anonymous, 25 Jun 2022Whenever it freezes. Turn off the screen by pressing power ... moreThere are newer models such as Nokia X10 and X20, but this kind of design doesn't seem to return anytime soon

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        • Anonymous
        • 3KX
        • 21 Jul 2022

        Still going strong more than 4 years later. I've never been so happy with a phone for so long. However, if it does die I won't buy a Nokia again as I had expected more updates. It was an Android One device and only got 2 version upgrades. Furthermore, the current offering from Nokia seems to be quantity over quality.

        Some issues I faced were with the screen going black in the first year and slow storage now. This might be because things like the camera write to my old SD card, but it really hinders the performance and I am running out of space with the 64gb model with 32gb SD card.

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          • Anonymous
          • X@7
          • 25 Jun 2022

          Anonymous, 17 Jun 2022Mine from 2018 has some serious problems with its charging ... moreWhenever it freezes. Turn off the screen by pressing power button. Wait for 2 seconds & turn on screen (I have double tap to wake up enabled), solves this issue. No need to reboot device again & again. I too have started facing charging port issues after 4 years of daily use. battery life is also taking hit (around 4-5 hours SOT now). May be its time to replace it. Considering no such phones from Nokia, need to look elsewhere.

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            • Anonymous
            • mVB
            • 17 Jun 2022

            Mine from 2018 has some serious problems with its charging port. It waas fixed in 2020, but the problem has gotten so bad now, that the phone is becoming unusable. The software doesn't work well anymore either, as it completely freezes sometimes, and I have to reboot the phone.

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              • TauTona
              • ft1
              • 17 Jun 2022

              Great phone but the charging point stopped then it was repaired. In less than 4 months, it is damaged again.

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                • Monet
                • X%g
                • 02 May 2022

                Sarah, 26 Oct 2021The charging is the main problem and it goes off and on eve... moreCharging port no issues plugged in a magnetic c type connector don't have to pullout lead
                Been good phone a bit heavy,but always works

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                  • Sadiq
                  • XBJ
                  • 27 Apr 2022

                  Roscio, 11 Apr 2022Had this phone and the charging port started to have proble... moreIt can of course be repaired just that it doesn't last long.. I use same model

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                    • Roscio
                    • nxe
                    • 11 Apr 2022

                    Had this phone and the charging port started to have problem after a year.
                    I took it to repair after 2.5 years, and they were not able to repair it.
                    In my opinion, the chargin point is very weak and susceptible to damages. The fact that it cannot be repaired makes it really disappointing.

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                      • Papa
                      • xxi
                      • 11 Apr 2022

                      Carol, 25 Mar 2022Selfie...right. Charging port, when you come at that number... moreNot sure about selfie. Nokia seems to have some issue with USB C charge ports. I have a 6.1 Plus that require repeated charge port replacement. The first one was gone when it was 2 months old. The replacement worked for 2 weeks. The third replacement seems to last ...for now. Keeping fingers crossed. I have many phones over the years, never have issue with charge ports.

                        George, 06 Apr 2022Still using it here, 4 years old. Never had a single proble... moreThe Nokia 7 Plus is undoubtedly the crown jewel of what Nokia had in offer under HMD banner. It had the perfect balance be it looks, built quality, performance, clean software and price.

                        This types of bulletproof build and class leading Finnish design will never me made again. It is just not possible, as Chinese manufacturers will provide same specs in a plastic build phone at half price.

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                          • George
                          • n7k
                          • 06 Apr 2022

                          Still using it here, 4 years old. Never had a single problem.
                          I'm still getting 6 hours of sot, and a very robust and stable experience. Phone I can rely on. Despite that Gcam does not work anymore since the update to android 10, it still takes very respectable photos in 2022.
                          The only real "bug" I've found is that it apparently does not support LDAC (while it should). It's a issue with some high-end headphones that cost more than the phone.

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                            • Carol
                            • 3td
                            • 25 Mar 2022

                            Mrkool, 12 Feb 2022The selfie Camera is so piss poor. I have change the cha... moreSelfie...right. Charging port, when you come at that number you gotta blame the user.

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                              • r3b
                              • 21 Mar 2022

                              RK, 26 Jan 2020Best Phone under 30K is Galaxy S9 which is flagship.Ok

                                Did Nokia (HMD) make another phone with a copper coloured band around the edge after the 7 plus? Some people loved it on this phone. I thought it was a bit garish and don't miss it.

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                                  • Mrkool
                                  • XBJ
                                  • 12 Feb 2022

                                  The selfie Camera is so piss poor.

                                  I have change the charging port for three times.

                                    Daniel, 04 Jan 2022I bought three of them for the whole family and the newest ... moreBecoz in May 2021 HMD completed their promises of 3 years security updates for this phone.....

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                                      • Daniel
                                      • 3KX
                                      • 04 Jan 2022

                                      Silentfart, 03 Jan 2022I'm still using this phone since 2018 as my daily driv... moreI bought three of them for the whole family and the newest one showed problems with the charging port after a year or so and became unusable. The other two are still in use today, but haven't gotten a security patch since may 2021. The screen on my phone freezes occasionally and then you have to lock/unlock it again. In the past, when it was new, it would also shut itself off or something and come back alive 20 minutes later. This has been solved with a software update, but now it feels sluggish to open apps or bring up the keyboard. In short, I'm now looking to replace it after 4 years.

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                                        • Silentfart
                                        • nDZ
                                        • 03 Jan 2022

                                        I'm still using this phone since 2018 as my daily driver and i never had one single problem with it, not even the charging port problem that everyone is pointing out. Im surprised the battery still holds up like new, with 6-7 hours screen on time. I'm in the market for a new phone but nothing caught my attention yet.