Nokia 8000 4G

Nokia 8000 4G

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  • G4tka
  • 3T{
  • 17 Jan 2023

atm1284, 17 May 2022Very short battery charge, about a day. Poor UI. Worst of a... morethank you for info

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    • Prince flajesty
    • XBx
    • 08 Jan 2023

    It fast in browsing
    But it hangs a lot that u have to remove the battery to start afresh
    It become hot when chating

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      • Anonymous
      • nS%
      • 12 Dec 2022

      The usb connector becomes loose after few months of use making poor contact which makes charging impossible. Many Nokia phones have poor connectors that fail. What says Nokia? They are not going to fix it under warranty. I'm never buying any Nokia device ever again.

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        • Nokiafan
        • g8r
        • 17 Nov 2022

        AnonD-990549, 23 Jul 2021Need a phone for text messages. But I don't like to ty... moreThis phone is not good for texting because you get tired of clicking the buttons.
        The buttons have a completely different feel to it than other older(better) Nokias.
        When writing medium sized or long messages it is very slow.
        Recommend another Nokia phone if you want to text with a better keyboard.
        The 5710 XA might be better. Never myself tried it.

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          • Phone freak
          • rZu
          • 12 Nov 2022

          I think it is quite good for a small phone

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            • Anonymous
            • aXX
            • 27 Sep 2022

            Anonymous, 30 Dec 2021Nokia 8000 is a bit smarter than its basic models but the U... moreThis isn't a good phone

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              • Dee
              • 3L4
              • 26 Sep 2022

              Bought it a couple of days ago as a secondary phone. Immediately noticed a problem with the keypad: a lot of the time any key press registers 2 or more times. For example you try to write an SMS message and it often registers single key press as multiple key presses. Same while navigating in the menu. This is especially bad if you want to use a lockscreen pin code or SIM card pin code, because it can easily block the card on multiple failed attempts because of that.
              I've seen reports of such behavior in many other KaiOS devices and the solution requires to root the phone of something like that.

                Khamis1990, 24 Jul 2022Why dont they use android go edition on this type of mobile... moreIf you read the specs, the CPU is too old to support Android Go. Android Go were started in Android Oreo, of which Android Pie and earlier versions are already unsupported.

                Newer versions of Android is resource hungry that latest version of it will struggle to process even the slimmed down apps. So rather than Android Go, Nokia should have use either a more newer CPU from Snapdragon 4xx.

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                  • Munzurul
                  • YUL
                  • 25 Jul 2022

                  very slow to use. Not recommended

                    Why dont they use android go edition on this type of mobile phones insteady of the kaios which is very slow???

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                      • Limom
                      • 6p}
                      • 22 Jul 2022

                      Slow phone, didn’t expect form Nokia

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                        • Haider
                        • 7Pw
                        • 15 Jul 2022

                        khan, 31 May 2022Very slow OS for Nokia 8000My phone is very slow you have any suggestion?

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                          • khan
                          • X{v
                          • 31 May 2022

                          Very slow OS for Nokia 8000

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                            • atm1284
                            • 0CI
                            • 17 May 2022

                            Very short battery charge, about a day. Poor UI. Worst of all phones I've had.

                              No call recording allowed, what a waste of money. At first I bought this for calling, but til I discovered that there was no call recording I was totally disappointed

                                Bogdan, 10 Mar 2022does this phone have contact sync with google account? thank you!Yes, of course. It does synce with Google account, that's why I bought one recently just for calling. The calling quality is outstanding, but it s a bit slow when searching for contact

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                                  • Rm
                                  • gE7
                                  • 09 Apr 2022

                                  Anonymous, 21 Jan 2022Poor, just really poor, especially knowing that's mean... moreNot ringing at wakeup , forget handsfree , not sayng name on handsfree, when somebody calls in, and more issues!

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                                    • Bogdan
                                    • pqy
                                    • 10 Mar 2022

                                    M, 24 Sep 2021So I've been using it for half a year now. It fits qui... moredoes this phone have contact sync with google account? thank you!

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                                      • Josh
                                      • mjf
                                      • 19 Feb 2022

                                      Really slow phone, not worth buying. Returned mine immediately.

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • H5@
                                        • 21 Jan 2022

                                        Poor, just really poor, especially knowing that's meant to be their fancier option! The hardware has a horrible cheap look and feel to it, and the OS is painfully slow and laggy. The keys are a pain to use, and lag between key press and stuff appearing on screen is a nightmare. To add insult to injury, the battery just about lasts a day without any use! Sorry, I had high hopes for this one but I returned it in less than a week. Reverting back to my trusty 10+ year old N95 which just works. This has a lot of potential, let down by very poor software implementation and even more poor hardware