Nokia 8000 4G

Nokia 8000 4G

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  • Anonymous

Were you in Coma Nokia?? How come you bring this phone to the last quarter of 2020 :D OMG! 4G!!! XD

  • renegade

what is the point of this device in 2020????

Android wouldn't run as good on that hardware though.

  • Anonymous

Just 2 mpixel camera ?? hahahaha

  • Anonymous

Is it have bluetooth and hotspot

  • Anonymous

Without WiFi and hotspot weast Mony

  • Olybest

I'd love it will be Android operating system

  • Don

I hope they will come up with basic phone with a bigger battery, at least 2000mAh.

  • Naeem

I think useless because there is no wifi and hotspot.

Probably the closest thing to a Nokia 6233!

  • Anonymous

i dont like the keypad design.

  • Anonymous

The design reminds me of the Nokia Symbian keypad phones around 2008 or 2009

  • Anonymous

No wifi. lol.

  • Anonymous

anyone planning to port android to this phone? 5.0 or 6.0 will be quite ok, if 7-11 then very appreciated.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Nov 2020Thought it would have wifi rather than 4G what an ewaist"eWAiSt"

And they will price it as smart phone price just like they did Nokia 800 tough and it didn't sell well

  • sayabosanhidup

i like the design n i would buy it even if it only offers 2G
just as long as it is cheap and has n everlasting battery

I must be blind cause I can't see who the hell this is marketed towards.

  • Benzino

Beautiful phone! I wish that Kai OS can provide WhatsApp with call function not just messages

  • Anonymous

Thought it would have wifi rather than 4G what an ewaist