Nokia 800 Tough

Nokia 800 Tough

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  • R.Dieter

This phone is the closest to what i want, but still sooo far.

I like the ruggedness.
Hotspot availability is super useful.

Dear Nokia, when you come out with the next feature phone, get some basics right and don't burden the environment:
The screen needs to be sunlight readable.
Back in the day screens were monochrome and the time was always on.
And how is LAG even slightly accepted these days??

  • R.Dieter

I am happy to read all the feedback, becouse otherwise i would have bought it. I use a random crappy feature phone daily. And i engage social media only couple times a day using my laptop.

But those of you unhappy with the 8OO:
CONTACTS - I have my main contacts on SIM-card and that way I always have them where ever my SIM has been inserted. I am not an important person, I don't need to be able to call to 1300 people at all times =D
BATTERY - I don't think the phone is meant for being used to go to internet so often. Just like smatphone - if you're not using internet, SWITCH IT OFF. The battery is far smaller than the ones in smartphones, it's no miracle that it runs out, stupids =D

Someone said it well - despite the small screen, we still want to take acceptable photos.

Reasons I am not buying the 8OO?
And also the laggy buggy OS (thanks so much for the feedback from users:).

Bytheway - is there a theme in UI where you can make it all silmple black and white? I am not 4y/o anymore, I promise I won't cry when there are no colors..

  • Vlad

just received my anthracite one, pretty satisfied with it - but do keep in mind that the screen scratches extremely easy.
I've only had it for 2 days and it's already full of small fine scratches.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Jan 2021Very bad phone. It's not as good as the old NOKIA ...... moreI hate that phone for it's doesn't works properly it hung up

  • Anonymous

Very bad phone.
It's not as good as the old NOKIA ... it's crap.
Don't buy.

  • Alex

I purchased this phone and was very excited about it, but I was disappointed in the very first minutes of its use.. I was shocked to realize the contact list is basically not usable. If you have found your contact person you cannot jump to another with a simple click of a button, you have to start over. Typing is extremely annoying and sluggish. This can be said for the whole KAI OS which restarts itself unexpectedly quite often and thinks way too much for simple operations. ''Feature apps" work Loudspeaker which I tend to use often is very disappointing, 20 yrs old Nokia models have better sound.. Battery life is nothing like the promise on the package - if you use it normally it lasts no more than 4-5 days. Overall - Nokia is no longer what you think it is. If you want a good Nokia phone with buttons look for older models.

Aj, 05 Jan 2021Half day don't expect moreThanks. Shame battery isn't removable then

  • Aj

Poh, 01 Dec 2020How long can it last if i use it for hotspot non-stop?Half day don't expect more

  • Edilbert Cornelius

Micheal, 17 Nov 2020Can we call recorder in this phone ?You can't Call record with trhe "Nokia 800 Tough"

Ahmed Oman, 07 Nov 2020I liked it. nice mobile phone. I can access youtube and I c... moreHow long can it last if i use it for hotspot non-stop?

  • Micheal

Can we call recorder in this phone ?


I like this feature phone.This phone have a 4G line and supports 2 slot sim with microSD.This phone are amazing because there have a google assistance like a smartphone but he still use mouse to move but it's still ok for me. This phone like nokia 2720 flip with google assist and 4G line. I think this phone can be ok when the screen can be big and easy to watch such as youtube. This phone have youtube but the screen is to small.It can be ok if the screen is 3.1. And one more I like this phone because there have a water ressistance that should have in 2720 flip but it's ok.I think this phone can make a camera in front that can be a video call because he have a 4G line.

  • Ahmed Oman

I liked it. nice mobile phone. I can access youtube and I can browse. I liked its hotspots. but if I use hotspots, battery goes down fast.

  • Simple Solution

New NOKIA should be something different!
Elegant business phone without touch screen
Aluminum body, with strong battery least ten days autonomy
Excellent signal
Android platform for viber and WA calls
Good camera frontal and selfie
4GB RAM / + card slot 128 GB
Infra red on it
IP 68
Be Different and connecting people
Don't follow crazy CN trends
We need the mobile phones to be used for phone conversations

  • ra

Quite disappointing. I totally understand this is not meant to replace smartphone capabilities, but this just have so many flaws for such a simple device. This wouldnt have taken much. Better camera and better software would make this phone banger. Right now it just sells for being "Nokia" but it's not even near.

* Surprisingly light for such bulky phone.
* It's not smartphone.
* Feel goods to hold in hand very comfortable size.

* User experience is terrible I would say original Nokia 3310 had far more better and snappier experience.
* Layout and mapping and mapping of menu-buttons is rather confusing often must figure which button does what.
* OS is slow and laggy and a lot of bugs unexpected reboots.
* Battery could be far more better for such large and at the same time small-screened phone.
* Bad camera.

  • Nokia by name only

Yasas, 13 May 2020So true the last few sentences. Price only seems to be wor... moreNokia this Nokia that! Stop blaming Nokia for this crap phone, blame Microsoft they brought out Nokia to destroy it back in 2013, and it,s been all down hill since.

  • Muskrat

Well I have to say I'm impressed. I did a lot of reading of reviews before I purchased, so I knew what I was getting. I agree predictive text needs more work, though it could be improved by editing the dictionary, which I haven't figured out how to do yet. And the browser could be better for what it is. But the he UC Browser is available in the kaios market, which is better. Other than that it does what I need and does it well. I think it's a question of expectations.

I need it. from BD.

  • sinestro

very classy but rugged tech solid specs

  • Ryan

Violet, 17 Jun 2020Thay say phone have hot-spot? Has anyone tried it with a ph... moreYes i hotspot it to android tv works good no problem