Nokia 800 Tough

Nokia 800 Tough

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  • Anonymous

To anybody thinking of buying a new nokia feature phone in 2021,dont bother there all crap,if you want a feature phone,you can buy nokia's great s40 os 208 301 or 515 phones at Ali express there 3g and rebuilt but much better than there new 4g nokia by name only phones.

  • tinman

Anonymous, 15 Sep 2021Found a good use for my Nokia tough, it is now used as a gr... moregreat idea for the nokia 800 my lasted 7 days looked great but what a piece of crap.

  • Anonymous

Found a good use for my Nokia tough, it is now used as a great door stop,as my door has no lock, I shave it under the gap it fits lovely, stop's my 5 yo coming in when i have a nap in the daytime, so thank you Nokia for such a useful handy tough phone, many regards from a happy Nokia customer.

  • unhappy with nokia

Bought it 18 months ago, barely ever used for internet tethering as it can not really deliver 4G.
Getting the right number is difficult. Sometimes the buttons give 2 or 3 numbers when pressing just once, sometimes there is no reaction. Already got PIN locked once because of this.

Worse is the battery, though: It is dead. Leave it overnight on flight mode, fully charged... in the morning there is the "low battery" sign.

Really CRAP.

Not sure if the battery problem is because of crappy battery or software keeping it "working", I dont think I am ever again getting a nokia. After all these years. Now let's see the non-smartphone alternatives. Or smart with buttons.

  • chris

AnonD-990549, 23 Jul 2021Need a phone for text messages. But I don't like to ty... moreif you read the /r/KaiOS on Reddit , there are reports that KaiOS supports only 50 messages , the platform IS BUGGY and Nokia/KaiosTECH not interested to fix the bugs, read the posts on /r/KaiOS to educate yourselves

  • AnonD-990549

Need a phone for text messages. But I don't like to type on the peace of glass. .
Need phone with largest SMS capacity and for long use.
Can someone help me.
How many SMS capacity of this phone?
Can this phone is good for texting?

  • no nokia

tinman, 20 Jul 2021I ordered my nokia 800 tough on 18/06/21 it arrived on 21/0... moreWhat happened was hmd global home of nokia rubbish service .

  • tinman

I ordered my nokia 800 tough on 18/06/21 it arrived on 21/06/21 stopped working on 28/06/21 it just died unable to turn it on .I sent it back on 29/06/21 to hungary 1400 miles from essex very eco friendly . Customer care told me i would get a full refund on 2/07/21 i,ve sent loads of email and still no refund they are customer care for hell .Nokia were such a great company how and when did they turn to rubbish. I think if anybody still wants to buy a nokia phone don,t buy from the nokia site go to a big high street retailer they will treat you better.

  • tinman

i purchased the nokia 800 tough on line from nokia 1 week of use the phone crashed and unable to turn it on. Contact them online ive sent it to hungary for repair or replacement.

  • Schermann

I have this phone because it's a dumb phone and no one wants to steal it! The battery lasts about 3 weeks on standby and after 5-6 hours of yak-yak the batt was over 60% from full. Text is like old phones so keep it simple. But the best thing is the voice audio quality, it's such a pleasure to listen to and the external speaker works very well! Also the the voice input mic on handsfree lets you move quite a way away and still be heard by your friend leaning on your every word! It's a great phone at being a phone, everything else is BLING! Like all Nokia's the camera is 'rubbish'! Only good for recording car number plates that park next to you in car parks so you have some to blame to the cops afterwards. Also is so beautiful to touch, hold and listen to... despite it's blackness! Just get it and decide afterwards if you don't like it. I bought two because they are tough, cheap and reliable and they do phone calls really well, the ipad does the rest!

  • Anonymous

I would really like to know how the Nokia 800 performs in terms of signal strenght. I need a phone that can hold a phone call without breaking up. The signal strenght must be good quality.

  • Anonymous

R.Dieter, 21 Feb 2021This phone is the closest to what i want, but still sooo fa... moreI must say, you are quite right about the C-type cable, it is so much better!

  • SP

I had two(original and replacement) of these die on me after tethering them to my PC for internet use. Not sure if anyone else has had the same experience.

I really wanted to like this phone.

  • R.Dieter

This phone is the closest to what i want, but still sooo far.

I like the ruggedness.
Hotspot availability is super useful.

Dear Nokia, when you come out with the next feature phone, get some basics right and don't burden the environment:
The screen needs to be sunlight readable.
Back in the day screens were monochrome and the time was always on.
And how is LAG even slightly accepted these days??

  • R.Dieter

I am happy to read all the feedback, becouse otherwise i would have bought it. I use a random crappy feature phone daily. And i engage social media only couple times a day using my laptop.

But those of you unhappy with the 8OO:
CONTACTS - I have my main contacts on SIM-card and that way I always have them where ever my SIM has been inserted. I am not an important person, I don't need to be able to call to 1300 people at all times =D
BATTERY - I don't think the phone is meant for being used to go to internet so often. Just like smatphone - if you're not using internet, SWITCH IT OFF. The battery is far smaller than the ones in smartphones, it's no miracle that it runs out, stupids =D

Someone said it well - despite the small screen, we still want to take acceptable photos.

Reasons I am not buying the 8OO?
And also the laggy buggy OS (thanks so much for the feedback from users:).

Bytheway - is there a theme in UI where you can make it all silmple black and white? I am not 4y/o anymore, I promise I won't cry when there are no colors..

  • Vlad

just received my anthracite one, pretty satisfied with it - but do keep in mind that the screen scratches extremely easy.
I've only had it for 2 days and it's already full of small fine scratches.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Jan 2021Very bad phone. It's not as good as the old NOKIA ...... moreI hate that phone for it's doesn't works properly it hung up

  • Anonymous

Very bad phone.
It's not as good as the old NOKIA ... it's crap.
Don't buy.

  • Alex

I purchased this phone and was very excited about it, but I was disappointed in the very first minutes of its use.. I was shocked to realize the contact list is basically not usable. If you have found your contact person you cannot jump to another with a simple click of a button, you have to start over. Typing is extremely annoying and sluggish. This can be said for the whole KAI OS which restarts itself unexpectedly quite often and thinks way too much for simple operations. ''Feature apps" work Loudspeaker which I tend to use often is very disappointing, 20 yrs old Nokia models have better sound.. Battery life is nothing like the promise on the package - if you use it normally it lasts no more than 4-5 days. Overall - Nokia is no longer what you think it is. If you want a good Nokia phone with buttons look for older models.

Aj, 05 Jan 2021Half day don't expect moreThanks. Shame battery isn't removable then