Nokia 800 Tough

Nokia 800 Tough

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I need it. from BD.

  • sinestro

very classy but rugged tech solid specs

  • Ryan

Violet, 17 Jun 2020Thay say phone have hot-spot? Has anyone tried it with a ph... moreYes i hotspot it to android tv works good no problem

  • Ryan

unkoshko, 14 Aug 2020Hello! I tried it for a hotspot and worked as a charm. ... moreYou're probably in crap area the phone signal is good stop complaining

  • Ryan

You ppl are trolls some of you need to learn how to use it instead of complaining the phone work's there's nothing wrong with it

i personally have one but its operating system has alot of bugs, am indeed frastrated,its not my expectation.this is not my Nokia phone i used to trust. NO, go back to the roots

  • cait

I find the texting part of this phone hugely frustrating- it takes so long to send a simple text;
the sequence of options is arranged in the wrong order; Ab seems particularly useless; there is no facility for putting in a capital letter without scrolling through options; I've had it for a while now and I still cannot get the logic of whoever set it up; it's not getting any faster. I wonder if the person who set it up ever sent a text?

  • unkoshko

Violet, 17 Jun 2020Thay say phone have hot-spot? Has anyone tried it with a ph... moreHello! I tried it for a hotspot and worked as a charm.

the rest of the features are not as good as it looks. frankly i was expecting an old sturdy nokia but it has plenty of bugs and is not what you will be expecting it to be. my calls get cut, reception is not as awesome as expected, etc.

  • Answering some Q

Has 4G and supports 2G and 3G.
All hotspot function need mobile data to be on, they will also disable Wifi connection.
Wireless hotspot can be opened and you can share it with multiple devices and causes the phone to heat if used a lot there. It doesn't really heat in other ways.
Can tether ethernet through usb.

Battery runs out pretty fast if watching videos or listens to music.
It doesn't run out fast if you just carry it around and wait for calls.
You can prolong the charge by changeing: wifi off, data connection off, bluetooth off, geolocation off, lower the screen brightness.

KaiOS version currently is 2.5.2.

No you cannot record a call with default application.

You can connect to your phones storage through usb.
I think phone supports USB 2.0 so it's not that fast for large files.
The recharge cable that came with phone is a data cable.
So you might want to change it to recharge only cable so it doesn't break overtime.
Those usually are a lot slimmer compared to data cable as it requires only 2 or 3 pins.
Connecting to Windows it shows up in the list of devices.
Connecting in Pop OS (Ubuntu distribution with linux kernel) it shows up Files between user folders and bookmarks as an "Android", but doesn't show up in a list of computer drives under "Other Locations".

All the apps in default store have adds in them...

  • Leon

I wanted to buy this phone but I am disappointed that I wanted to buy it to use WhatsApp to receive and make calls. Yes they solved this problem For me it would be a great phone

  • Jeff jarrett

NiSHAN, 30 Jul 2020I was giving thought of buying this phone, considering the ... moreIt has 4g

  • NiSHAN

I was giving thought of buying this phone, considering the long battery life. But reading so much disappointing doesn't have 3G connectivity, Battery is not like as it supposed to be, camera is away too old. If 2 SIM cards and a memory card can't be used at the same time as the 2nd SIM uses one of the memory card slot. Mostly the price is abnormally high as a feature phone. Should be less than C$100

  • t0ol

I've had this phone for 5 months and i am having a hard time keeping it.
I believe that the this phone just doens't work properly considering the price.
KaiOS sounded great and was one of the reasons i bouth the phone, but the reality for me it that there are alot of bugs and lag while navagating the menus, i can't get any updates my phone is still on 2.5.2 and there seems to be no way for me to update because the phone states that the sofware is up to date.
The batery life that is advertised is not acurate. I hope there is some king of update for this phone if not I believe this will go down in history as the greatest phone nokia couldnt manage to work.
Ps- sorry about the angry review but it is a bit frustrating paying €130 for a phone that does not work

  • Anonymous

Violet, 17 Jun 2020Thay say phone have hot-spot? Has anyone tried it with a ph... moreWorks fine. I share the wifi hotspot with a Dell XPS 9300 (2020) and it works fine.

Pls give apps Google pay,and give many default payment application,it's possible?

  • Violet

Thay say phone have hot-spot? Has anyone tried it with a phone and it worked? Thanks


  • Jajabinx

I don't like that it comes with programs and games(bloatware) that can't easily be uninstalled. Isn't this supposed to be a serious work phone?

  • StrixCZ

Question for owners: Is it possible to save music files to the internal storage via USB cable? And if so, is copying the files to the phone comparable to using a card reader or USB memory stick or is it significantly slower?

Also, is the cable used for data transfer included or do I need to buy it separately?

I want to use the phone for MP3 playback but I'll be also using it with 2 SIM cards inserted at all times so I won't be able to use a memory card.

Thank you in advance!

  • Jo Jo

does this phone have call recording? thanks

  • Yasas

Guest, 02 Jan 2020I had this phone in my hands, few subjective comments about... moreSo true the last few sentences.
Price only seems to be worthy for navels being Inside hardware is the same as Banana, (that means durability is the same as well + only design costs 80 more)