Nokia 808 PureView

Nokia 808 PureView

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  • jazz

Its useless phone,the capacity is a lot for the storage but that's not all the thing we should hav in our phone

  • Abhi


  • Maverick

Yes it supports skype..
Using since last week..

  • AnonD-1782

AnonD-12968, 03 Jul 2012Which one should I buy ... Nokia N9 or Nokia 808 Pure View ? I w... moreI've hold the 808 in my hand and try it (havent buy it yet) everything feels good. and the white one is beutiful..

808 is thicker than n9 but its acceptable for me
usb otg,tv out, fm transmitter is must feature for me too.
so 808?

  • Richy

AnonD-12968, 02 Jul 2012Yes! it can play anything ...have u try it? is lag or smooth when play 1080p .MKV videos?

  • Richy

cserik98, 02 Jul 2012no one beats apple iphone 4s is the most amazing ever what the best is gadget that suit fit to you... for me, samsung galaxy s2 is the best for me.. it suit all my need...

  • Chianti

Smartphone Users Suggestion.
...Standard touchscreen smartphone should have a minimum width dimension of 64mm for easy typing (both in patriot and landscape)
and comfortable page /pictures viewing.

  • AnonD-5465

AnonD-12968, 03 Jul 2012Which one should I buy ... Nokia N9 or Nokia 808 Pure View ? I w... moredont think twice ... 808

  • AnonD-12968

Which one should I buy ... Nokia N9 or Nokia 808 Pure View ? I want style, better browsing , better camera with awesome video quality ... I am so much confused ....

  • Sony king

Sony xperia ion vs samsung galaxy s3 nokia 808 vs iphone 4s omG

  • AnonD-12968

richy, 02 Jul 2012can it play 1080p .MKV videos?Yes! it can play anything ...

  • Anonymous

this page is for nokia and nokia 808 only,
Samsung 3 and ipone 4s what the &$*@

go comment and post on their page,.. please

  • Anonymous

Futuris, 02 Jul 2012 But m' still Waiting for Window phone 8 Nokia smartphone, ... moreLOL..Like 900 that is already out and no wp8.of course they will support wp8 phones a little while and then force you to buy something new.the days are over when you get updates many years.

  • fan

samsung galaxy s 3 beats the iphone 4s in any way

  • AnonD-1782

cserik98, 02 Jul 2012no one beats apple iphone 4s is the most amazing ever iphone 4s !!
- videocalling over Wi-Fi only??? hmmmm
- what about usb otg??
- HSDPA 14.4 Mbps, HSUPA 5.76 Mbps, same speed with nokia 808??? hmmm
- Stereo FM radio with RDS; FM transmitter??? hmmm
- Corning Gorilla Glass like nokia 808? hmmm
- 8 MP, 3264x2448 pixels, autofocus, LED flash???? nokia 808 also got this...hmmmm
- millions of apps for iphone 4s??? yup those who didnt install minimum of 300,000 apps did not fully utilise the apps store..hmmmm
- Dolby Digital Plus..hmmmm
- Dolby headphone enhancement..hmmmm
- 512 MB RAM too....hmmm

iphone 4s??? hmmmm iphone 4s???? hmmm


  • Sony king

Sony gx-so-04d can kill this nokia 808 iphone 4s gallay s3 htc one xl

  • Ikenna351

Guys! Nokia 808 Pureview is now in Abuja, Nigeria. I saw it with my ery two eyes last Staurday here in Abuja. The colour is black. The price is N130,000 ($820 USD). I will get mine before the end of the week.


  • Anonymous

good phone

  • AnonD-5465

Jason, 02 Jul 2012I am glad that you like it so much pal. I also wish to get on... morethe S3 is a perfect device by the way i used it for a couple of days .. but its perfect in what it excels as the internet browsing and social app.

on the other hand am into cameras more .., a kind of person who take lots of pics day and night and concerts and the S3 failed in that so much. its camera su cks and was designed for casual shooting and for people who dont mind Noisy blurred pics and distorted videos.

So be sure for what suits u more.
if u r into apps and browsing all the time and little camera go for the S3

if u r into Imaging and video recording zooming and little browsing get the 808

by the way the 808 do browse but not as fast as the S3

i use voice calls via skype, whatsapp, video calling via fring and faciante (facebook app) and twitter.

u wont find many other apps that do cross-platforms other than those so be careful what u choose.

  • Anonymous

Does Nokia 808 PureView have an Skype video calling?