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Nokia 808 PureView

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  • Anonymous

In the specification Secondary camera -"Yes, VGA; VGA@30fps video recording" is present . But I cant figure any Front camera in 808 pictures.

  • Anonymous

How many images can be taken on using camera with/without flashlight in 100% battery.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-59406, 16 Jun 2012Sounds Strange if they are launching it so soon in the USA. I li... moreAt the picture on Nokia Us facebook there are Hawai ,area code 808,and a Roland TR-808.

  • AnonD-59406

Sounds Strange if they are launching it so soon in the USA. I live in Thailand where nokia is huge and the staff in the main nokia store told me they are still weeks away from getting it. Usually new models arrive within the first week.

  • AnonD-2665

my fav. Apps on belle -
Nokia internet radio
Nokia trailors
Youtube downloader
Footie euro 2012
Smart office

  • AnonD-2665

[deleted post]they shouldnt have left meego !

  • AnonD-57881

@sea-breeze That is a very good and informative review you that you posted. These are the posts that I love to read especially from someone who uses android. After having a N8 I don't understand why so many people bash symbian.

  • AnonD-11851

Nokia N8 vs 808 PureView: Camera fight­51_Nokia_N8_vs_808_PureView_Camer.php

  • AnonD-11851

Tipu, 16 Jun 2012Can you please tell me how is the battery life? How long does t... more"Good news! The 808 battery lasts a minimum of two days - three days at a push, which is almost a day longer than my 19 month-old N8 on original battery."


  • AnonD-57380

Anonymous, 16 Jun 2012The phone is out in my country but Nokia have not even sad a wor... morei think nokia 808 is more popular on gsmareana than any lumia phone, but nokia is continously trying to promote their unsuccessful lumia phones. Nokia should release more symbian phones to regain their lost market share rather than useless lumia devices. They are not much advertising their 808 pureview.

  • Tipu

Dr ahmed, 14 Jun 2012dear friends.i have this set.its available in pakistan worth 550... moreCan you please tell me how is the battery life?
How long does the charge last?
1400maH battery seems rather low for this mobile
Thanks !

  • Anonymous

AnonD-57380, 16 Jun 2012kill means that now symbian is not the main os of nokia as it wa... moreThe phone is out in my country but Nokia have not even sad a word about It,not a single word on their facebook page,only Lumia things.

  • AnonD-57380

Anonymous, 16 Jun 2012As Long as Mr Elop is in charge It would be only talk about Lumi... moreu r absolutely right. I will also use nokia till symbian. I m not interested in lumia devices. Lumia devices are looking nice externaly but i dont like their confusing ui and limitations.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-57380, 16 Jun 2012the major mistake of nokia was to kill symbian and adopt window ... moreAs Long as Mr Elop is in charge It would be only talk about Lumia and Lumia,nothing else.This will be my last Nokia phone.

  • Choking

AnonD-2665, 16 Jun 2012elop has killed maemo, meego, meltami and now symbian also cut o... moreTo Sir Elop

MS company going to support only wd tab department from now.
so, where's your position now ?

  • AnonD-57380

AnonD-58986, 16 Jun 2012hi dude, 2 days back u told me that nokia will support symbian f... morekill means that now symbian is not the main os of nokia as it was earlier. Now nokia is mainly concentrating on window os, which shows very bad results. Nokia will support symbian atleast untill 2016 but more emphasis will be on the lumia series.
But u should not afraid about the support. There are many phones such as n8, c7, e7, nokia500, 603, 700, 701 running on the nokia belle os same as in nokia 808. They all are getting continous updates and there so many app and games for these phones. Nokia belle fp2 is expected to release in this september which will bring many improvements. Nokia 808 will enhance the power of symbian and also boost the development of app and games.
Who knows what will happen till 2016??????
Just enjoy the technology without thinking about future. Mobiles are not life long things. It can be changed after 1 or 2 years.
I wish nokia should support symbian after 2016 and should also adopt it as their basic platform..

  • faisal

Is it good for rough users?

  • Gerhman

AnonD-5465, 16 Jun 2012it run out of stock too here :D :D My little impressions on t... moreHi I would just like to mention that Viber is coming to Symbian and that is 808 is in fact very robust, a good case is a review by CNet where even though the author is clearly a iPhan who tries to find even the smallest problem with the 808 and doesn't really mention any good things about it the author had to admit that he (accidentally) dropped the 808 and it didn't even get a scratch.

Reasons for this is probably the coated Polycarbonate (polymer infused carbon) casing as well as Gorilla Glass protected screen and Gorilla Glass protected camera module meaning it's camera is actually one of it's toughest parts contrary to popular belief that it is fragile.

  • AnonD-5465

AnonD-51869, 16 Jun 2012hey bro are we only 2 people having 808 currently, u with white... moreit run out of stock too here :D :D

My little impressions on the 808 after using Galaxy S2 for a Year :

the Good:

1- Premium built quality no more plastics and cheap look, really turns Heads unique design dont belong to the square era anymore

2- the display is so bright even in sun light it outperform my S2 very bright and clear in sun light with popping colors .. the Amoled with Nokia clear balck display do wonders i love it

3- u cant say its low resolution side to side with the s2 u cant find a difference !

4- a Camera that got phone features ... and yes thats true .. this camera amazes me in any light condition with or without zoom ! i always use the Automatic recommended mode 5mp Pureview

5- the 5MP pureview mode when compared to S2 8mp and sonyericsson satio 12mp+xenon and also Nokia N8 12mp+xenon and Galaxy Note 8mp ...u will be amazed how a 5 mp outperform double its resolution and its very veryyy obvious when u zoom to 100% or higher 150% u will see wonders with the pureview tech. ..., while others downgrade and pixlate when zooming the pureview gets clearer !!

My friend an Expert photographic person who owns a Nikon Dslr when he saw the pics of the pureview and zoomed and saw the night pic he asked me One Question , What Dslr did u used :D :D :D he was Shocked when i put my hand in my pocket and reached a little phone .. Jaw dropped :D :D

6- a very very Strong Xenon flash ! it doubles the light given out by the mighty N8 ... in open field it gives a very very strong light up to 5 meters ,,, brilliant

7- Video Zoom with rich recording superpass all point and shoot and reach Dslr levels ... i dare to say with the rich recording who needs more !

8- Battery stayed 16hours with 3g and wifi and tons of xenon images and video clips and browsing .. almost the display was never turned off !

9- Symbian .. yea symbian is very well optimized in that phone .. real mature fast stable .. and with the needed necessary apps

10- for facebook i use Fmobi v3.0 and the touch site of facebook i use gravity for twitter and skype whatsapp fring (after a mod) for social calls and video calling .., the inbuilt mail app is very pretty and fast

11- Lots of new widgets mail 3g wifi social facebook ...etc

12- i do miss only Viber from the android world but anything else no .. i will keep my 808 over S3 and OneX :D

The Bad

1- the Gallery was deprived most of its features .. as the options tab for image details mark several asign image to contact ..etc was removed ! but they still gives the option to delete facebook,flickr upload and edit

2- Viber not here (switched to skype now so thats ok)

3- Browser do LAG in very Heavy web pages .. those pages in the S2 do lag for seconds and then run well but on the 808 it lag a bit more (not a big concern from me heavy pages belong to Notebooks not smartphones)

4- Heavy Device with the tendency to lean towards the camera module !

5- i guess if it falls will break into pieces .., who knows (searching for a case)

6- i will always face the words of NOKIA again Symbian is dead why didnt u get the S3 and they will never knew why u choosed the 808 over regular androids till they hold it and u gonna enjoy their face impressions with the camera quality !

7- Most annoying thing .. ==> people will always doubt the 41mp sensor written behind and will go to endless argue ending with doing camera comparisons with silly devices as the iphones 4s and some androids .., anywhere u hang out someone gonna pick it up and snap photos and others too ,, u will not find ur phone .., popping from hand to hand till u DIG it in ur POCKET :D :D