Nokia 808 PureView

Nokia 808 PureView

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  • AnonD-46035

i am always in-love with this phone amazing phone but little high price Nokia is amazing

  • AnonD-32581

[deleted post]lol...
you know nothing mate it has 1.3 gig of cpu and gpu and 512 ram....

why make yourself look stupid???

  • AnonD-32581

manurd350, 11 Mar 2012Hi All, I have been seeing the specs and pics and videos of t... morethere is a brand new browser in belle feature pack one,
so we will see how the browser is compared to android this time,
it should be a good browser on belle feature pack one,
it improves more...

  • Anonymous

Dyako, 11 Mar 2012only Li-Ion 1400 mAh,,, battery is not strong enough!the battery can be changed in about 25 secponds to a spare on.

  • Anonymous

manurd350, 11 Mar 2012dude....its a symbian, not androidI think it is QT Carla. Symbian is almost gone in this model. Meego features will come in updates later on. Buy 701, 700, 603 and 808 and you will get future proof phone. Forget N8, x7 and other symbian 3 phones.

  • Anonymous

I think that this phone will be very smooth, just consider that it has twice the power of N8!

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]lol!! xD
250mhz and 128mb - this is the GPU!! ;)
the 808 has this gpu, an 1.3ghz cpu, an aditional processor for the cam and 512 MB of RAM!!

  • Anonymous

AnonD-1613, 11 Mar 2012This phone is really awesum, except, 360x640 resolution display,... moreThis AMOLED clear black screen (rgb) is something like the super amoled plus, maybe even better ;)

  • Anonymous

AnonD-1613, 11 Mar 2012hey man, RAM is 512 MB, & processor speed is 1.3GHz.... &am... morebesides that It has a scaling processor..

  • AnonD-1613

This phone is really awesum, except, 360x640 resolution display, i think 480x854 would be much better.... & s-AMOLED display over AMOLED...

  • AnonD-46016

I think i will wait for 100mpx edition with telescope so i can see the moon on my "awesome" nokia.

  • AnonD-1613

[deleted post]hey man, RAM is 512 MB, & processor speed is 1.3GHz....
& the speed of GPU (Broadcom2763) is 250MHz wid 128 MB dedicated graphics memory...,

  • AnonD-18532

manurd350, 11 Mar 2012Hi All, I have been seeing the specs and pics and videos of t... moreIt's not hard for Nokia to code this but MS doesn't allow them to edit their os and that's why all windows phone look same.

Dyako, 11 Mar 2012only Li-Ion 1400 mAh,,, battery is not strong enough!dude....its a symbian, not android

  • sugi

it is going to b an awesome fone

Hi All,

I have been seeing the specs and pics and videos of this monster camera and they are simply awesome. None of a camera phone has ever thought about coming with such a hardware...this can come from a nokia only. Also one more thing I would like to add..I have been using symbian( still using) since 2008 and love it. Last month I boght a sony ericsson neo v ( Neo is not available in India) just because of the fantastic review and as my first android, but this phone came out to be a crap. Andoid has only one good thing, the browser and emailing system, where I thing symbian lags behind, for ever other thing, android is a piece of junk. A good looking junk thats what it is. No file or task is a s**t. Panorama and blah blah but picture quality is crap...and so is the built quality and service. I had to handle it with so much care i never used to with my Nokias. what I found good with android, is the applications. There are so many applications, although for whatever application I need, Nokia has something for it, but android was so fluid. However, at the end of the day, I want to use a Nokia with a symbian rather than an android...
Coming back to Nokia 808, this is an awesome phone as I have mentioned earlier, and thank God, its a symbian and not windows. Windows is again, very smooth, no doubt( why cant MS make a desktop version that doesn't hangs every now and then) but basic functionalities? bluetooth file transfer? Common Nokia and MS, you can code this can too, is it so hard?

  • nokialover

nokia is the best.the only thing lacking is the android os.nothing else

  • monyo

the beast camera phone

  • Anonymous

from all the fans of various brands, nokia's fans are the most die hard fans, because it is very hard to erase from masses' collective memory the last 15 years of supeb models of nokia, the past glory. even now lumia series and nokia n9 have the most beautiful design and body construction from the mass of non-apple models, the only brand who can challange apple's products in terms of built quality, internet support, aftersales support, reselling value. samsung have the big luck to make good lcd panels, wich help it to make fast and cheap android models, but dare to compare a cheap plastic copy of iphone 3 wich is samsung galaxy s plus with the superb nokia n9. like comparing a hyunday with a cadillac