Nokia 808 PureView

Nokia 808 PureView

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  • AnonD-5465

Why don't u people talk politly as grown ups ... happy with insults and mocking ... We r just talking .. not in a battle ! I like 808 but hate symbian ... i like the sgs2 but i hate its camera ! So take it easy ... am just wondering about the 1.3ghz as my last experiance with c7 and n8 wasnt nice ... i couldnt browse easily and uploads takes a hell of a time... just wishing 808 is a tad faster beside its great camera ... thx for ur words

  • Fatal51

Nokia put a big effort to come up with a high megapixel camera in a mobile device and thats a good thing. That only means that competition on mobile devices would keep getting better. Kudos to Nokia to come up with this device hope this one would click specially for me because i`m looking for a phone that has a good camera on it.

  • Tr0ishenly

Anonymous, 07 Mar 2012Thats true,I have an SGS2 and It restart at least 3 times a day,... morei understand what are you going through... as a tech support with our company, a lot of customers calling in because of the same problem. what are our advice is to take the battery out and leave it for 2 - 3 mins and then later you will wish that it will not happen again...

the only thing to fix that is to update data profile. i assure you it will be fixed.. but there's still a possibility that it will return to the same problem again.

phones are created not to be perfect but do not look on its imperfections. i assure you you will nto stay at the same phone for 2 years as long as it has a contract, right? sprint, at&t, t-mobile, verizon offers 2 years agreement and also upgrade on or before 20 months. but our android phone user customers complaining that they don't want the phone anymore after 4 or 5 months of activations. hard to believe, but they want new phone immediately, not the same one or they will break up the contract. some of them have factory defects. that's why phones are tested by quality assurance before it will leave the factory.

business as usual. some people like android but others not. it is not the problem about the hardware, software or capabilities. it is a phone. a phone that helps you to communicate with anyone. right or right???

haha issues resolved?

  • Anonymous

AnonD-44031, 07 Mar 2012Is it okay to say... both? :) Technically, this is just a camer... moreWould be wery intresting to have this compared to dslr cameras that use auto mode.

  • Anonymous

Tr0ishenly, 07 Mar 2012another android factory worker :)) so what's with your andro... moreThats true,I have an SGS2 and It restart at least 3 times a day,the phone is fast and the picture I take with It looks great on the screen but when looking at a big screen It sucks big time,no sharpness and rubbish color.Really good that one company still can make great camera phones..

  • Anonymous

what android can do which symbian can u need dual core procesor 1 gb ram to make it run have 64 gb of bult in memory u know differnce?
at android hd game is 600mb same at symbian with les than half to that symbian don't need those costly dual core processor and high end ram for phone to run test new symbian u would love it too

old is gold love symbian

  • AnonD-44031

dexter, 07 Mar 2012OMG, is this a phone or cam DSLR ????Is it okay to say... both? :)
Technically, this is just a cameraphone. DSLRs work differently. But it doesn't mean that their quality can't be compared with each other. I saw the samples, and they are comparable to the low-end DSLRs. Amazing feat. Maybe this time, instead of using a DSLR as a basis in comparing a cameraphone photo's quality, maybe we can start comparing this with a real DSLR. Hope the device arrives soon so we can already have decent reviews. :)

  • Anonymous

hey android r ios whats the big deal ok u think belle is not good nokia is fool and they made this phone bullshit running on belle still best phone at wmc 2012 r u jelous r u think whole world is fool

  • Tr0ishenly

another android factory worker :))

so what's with your android? big screen?

as far as you know, would you mind if i ask, what version of android you have? if you're stuck in 2.2 or 2.3, what are you trying to imply? can you update to latest android sour cream sandwich? or jelly bugs? if you can update on those what they called "new android os", do you think it will speed up the phone? can it be overclocked? ahahaha :)) *more laughs*

well i believe it will make your what so-called "smartphone" slower than old very first touch screen of nokia, the 5800. have you tried that? if you want, you can try. and afterwards, you will cry. and then you will let your phone fly :)) why? you cannot downgrade anymore. you cannot return on where it was before.

so sad to admit this. your android cannot update to latest software if it is not new... but your android phones stuck in 2.3 or whatsoever and you cannot upgrade because lacking of advanced hardware. enjoy your android for first 2 or 3 months. afterwards, wait for it to freeze and reboot randomly. this is frustrating, isn't it? then you will feel aggravated because your "android" is not the same as it was before. what's next? buy another android and you will experience the same thing again? too bad to be true.

if your android is the BEST phone ever, think again... maybe you are just daydreaming because of its fancy interface and later on it will end lying on the floor...

and then you will notice that the android logo robot will walk away from you because of abandonment... hahaha :))

so it is still pointblank for nokia users to get the android phones and what, 41MP of android with camera? or with lower processing speed and faster response? go. enjoy your android phone. praise it. live with it. it's your phone, not OUR phone... we will never sacrifice just like what will happen to you... :))

  • AnonD-44031

[deleted post]Wow. Thank you so much for that very detailed and extremely unbiased review! For you to come up with that, I don't even want to think of the effort you put into scrutinizing every aspect of the product. If only the world is full of people like you, we would live in a true utopia unlike any we ever conceptualized. You truly are the epitome of the human race with unsurpassed intellect.

Yeah, right!
"The screen quality has to match" huh?

If that is so, then every single middle-high end cameraphone - symbian, iOS and android fail in this category.

Lets take Samsung's new flagship - Samsung Galaxy SIII
1280x720 resolution. That is about half HD, but HD nonetheless. A camera with 12 megapixels that captures photos at 4000x3000. If the screen quality has to match, wouldn't that fail? To truly appreciate a 4000x3000 resolution, ideally, you should have a screen resolution equal to it. Even if we use half of the horizontal resolution, you will need a full HD display of 1920x1080. What do you say about that?

About the OS:
Did you test the OS yourself to pass out such a judgement?

[deleted post]There's nothing wrong with Symbian except in your head. As for the rest, it was already answered a few posts below yours, but since you didn't bother reading I won't bother answering. :-P

  • AnonD-44031

ADB Symbian gr, 07 Mar 2012Easy answer my friend.. Because Nokia don't want to be the same... moreWhich galaxy note are you referring to anyway? The mobiles, or the tablet? Got confused there. I was referring to the FULL HD that your mentioned earlier, which has been deleted. Full HD = 1920x1080, you don't need it in a phone 4-5" display. Not sure about Galaxy Notes because their screen sizes are over 5".

  • amir md

i want to purchase it. Can anyone tell me how can this expensive. Anyway nokia taking lead all cell companies.

  • AnonD-5119

AnonD-5465, 07 Mar 2012I will comment on display part ... i have the S2 with 800x480 di... morestill blah blah -ing about screen resolution ?

  • john chow

I'm not crazy to buy this phone.......

  • Tr0ishenly

oh, another nokia hater... how i love to read all of your opinions about nokia phones. why? does it hurt you when they announce a new phone that will be released soon???

why android lover-nokia hater alwaYS wants to get HIS attention in order for other android user to hate the nokia phone? what are you trying to prove? are you one of the factory worker of htc, samsung or other manufacturer and you have the rights to criticize nokia phones?

well, nokia created a lot of phones with SOMETIMES the same as its predecessor. so how about htc? they just always create touch phones with same interface. have you noticed that? how about android phone with another manufacturer? it has the same interface, right? samsung created tablets with different sizes. still a tablet right? same interface. so what are you trying to tell us? buy android phones? htc? samsung? a tablet or whatsoever? you cannot force someone to buy what you have right now.

we admit it, some of consumers switched to another manufacturer. why? it is because not meeting expectations. and what expectations you want to be? the phone manufacturer/creator wants the phone how it will be. but phones cannot transform itself what you wanted it to be. if you don't want what you have right now, buy another one. is that a problem?

it seems like nokia lovers laugh at your situations after the announce of new nokia phone. being guilt for not having this on your phone right now? go ask your manufacturer to do it. maybe they will find the solution of this for years or maybe more. your phone will turn to a fungi-food. hard to admit, but, it is the reality...

  • ADB Symbian gr

AnonD-5465, 07 Mar 2012my secondary phone is C7 with Belle ... and not competitive as i... moreEasy answer my friend..
Because Nokia don't want to be the same with all the other manufactures.., they want to be unique at
hardware and software, and as for android i think Nokia don't want and like to work with a "hungry" OS..
And that's why we love Nokia..!!

But think this, if all give us the same OS (with different hardware) then we all be the same - and we don't- right? What's the point to exist on the market only one OS..

  • AnonD-5465

AnonD-44031, 07 Mar 2012Being in the IT department, I work a lot around specs. Though I ... moreI will comment on display part ... i have the S2 with 800x480 display and when i compare it with the galaxy Note HD display i do find a huge difference ... its sharper and clearer ... so i guess higher resolutions are so noticable specially with browsing... not to mention photos with high mpxls as the 808 ... i didnt tried fp1 belle to judge performance as my last nokia phones where N8 and currently C7 and they do lag ... i hope with higher processor as the 808 it adds some speed ... regards


41 mega pixels enough

  • dexter

OMG, is this a phone or cam DSLR ????