Nokia 808 PureView

Nokia 808 PureView

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  • Gopal

it's very amzing phone...superbbbbbbb nokia keep it

  • noni

wooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwww 41 mp

  • AnonD-44086

41 Megapixels is NOT a mistake!!! This phone is actually going to be coming out with those specs. That's going to be the killer apps for this phone from Nokia!

  • laety009

Monster Nokia, cant wait.

  • AnonD-44083

may be 14 megapixel must be mistakened huh'' 41 megapixel ooooo amazed and curious!!!

  • AnonD-21350

Scoop, 27 Feb 2012184 PPI?????? Not happening!You know it has the same AMOLED Display as E7, and let me tell you something, that 184PPI is looking better than N9s 251PPIs. Im serious I am not sure how that is possible, but I am an owner of both devices, N9 and E7 and that is the FACT!!! N9 has some weird extra pixles, I am not sure if that is software pixles, but it has some readness color to them... It looks really not that good compare to PURE E7 perfect SCREEN!
I guess you really need to have a perfect 20/20 vision to tell the difference, Thanks to God I do have perfect vision and I can tell you that E7 screen looks better and clearer than N9 251PPI!

  • Nokia

This is Nokia... Nothing is Impossible to Connecting People.

  • Scoop

184 PPI?????? Not happening!

  • LocoTocoPoco

no gpu?

  • Anonymous

The powerful mobile camera phone
in universe

  • N8

Foren, 27 Feb 2012No, its not N8 daddy,N8 is daddy of 808 , because Sons are bette... moreyou are right man :),,,,but i am happy to see nokia again in comptition...i am very excited!!!!

  • hishaam

AnonD-1792, 27 Feb 2012Woah, I think this phone will rock the Cameraphone market, but a... moreThis phone is telling the truth. The fact is that most phone companies made us believe that you need dual cores to be able to capture video in full HD (1080p). How come that Nokia came up with a phone in 2012 that is able to capture full HD and snap a whopping ~ 38 MPx photo with just a single core 1.3Ghz processor. It doesn't make sense because we actually don't know the truth.

  • syd

guys can u belive this 41 mega pixel!!!omg!

  • hishaam

AnonD-843, 27 Feb 2012pure sammy and nvidia trying hard to make quadcores for mobile s... moreRightly said.

  • Aowlad

Mobile King is The "NOKIA", NOKIA Can Everything

  • AnonD-843

[deleted post]pure sammy and nvidia trying hard to make quadcores for mobile so that their androids wont lag.. At the same time they also need a 3000 mah battery to power it up for 10 minutes!!!
Dont be jealous crapdroid fanboy

  • Anonymous

this is crap....1.3 processor cannot support all apps n 41mp is no way near

  • vicky

i dnt like this design...dnt want 41mp into 5mp camera..i want belle in nokia n9 design..

  • raj

Even i saw a chinese fone with 50 MP....LOL

  • AnonD-43980

Some one correct me please. Is there no GPU on this device?