Nokia 808 PureView

Nokia 808 PureView

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Is it camera or phone?

  • ankur

this phone is awsome it will make nokia on the top whats+ the price of this phone anyone suggest me

  • syg

41 megapixel

  • Anonymous

mother of camera :O

  • AnonD-34124

my.... my next phone :D:D

  • bava

Return of the king........Just amazing Nokia.

  • sharad0140

now this is the phone from nokia. no company can think of it. good work from nokia

  • Saket

Disappointed by battery Li-Ion 1400 mAh battery only.......

  • AnonD-43968

Its a monster....think this will keep nokia on the pedestal for sometime over the droids......go on nokia...

  • AndSymFan

I was going to get the N9 but I can wait. 808 is worth waiting for.

  • sandipan

Just d fone i was waiting for

  • Aman

Holy mother of God, 41MP camera!!! :O

  • Anonymous

mushroomboy, 27 Feb 201241 Mp biger than Titan 2it means 14mp

  • krraank

Is that the power botton on the front of the handset?? Bad spot if it is. Any amount of pressure from, for example, being in your pocket will turn the device off. Also, not a very elegant design. This cannot be the final product, can it.....?

  • vinoth

i luv this one can beat Nokia in camera specification....

  • AnonD-38501

Superb phn, but whats the 41 MP camera? lol

  • hdory

good camera baaaaad screen thnks nokia

  • AnonD-18025

41MP, Really?

  • AnonD-8145

i am gonna buy it.... \m/

  • Max

Superb phone, but whats the 41 MP camera? lol