Nokia 808 PureView

Nokia 808 PureView

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a massive launch!!!!!!!all the others wil be out of the race

  • syntax error

ugly design, hahhha its like they stick a mobile with a camera in one body hahahah with expired os like symbian. . After you take a photo then what! ! What u vonna do with 512 ram and belle os hhhahahah

  • meow

WOW!!! I'm so amazed!!!!

41MP camera???

nice Nokia.. good job!!!

  • Vinks

Resolution is again nHD????

  • phungquanghung

Amazing! I love Nokia for all times

  • Henc

Damn, love this thing :D

  • steelicon

Even if the phone breaks down, still it is a decent camera, LOL! I could see this being used for years and years to come as a camera. =))

  • CCY

nokia always make the best camera phone

  • OtterBOXed

Wonder what will iOS and android fanboys find to belittle this, probably the "ugly design" and "thickness" :)

  • juz

OMG! 41MP camera? Unbelievable, how great it is, can it beat the Dslr Cameras?? The OS is really poor, it can't beat the android OS, why you NOKIA don't release android OS??? it's the m0st selling OS right n0w d0n't you aware of it? C0me on N0kia wake up!

  • growUp

41MP monster with a dying OS..belle belle..

  • torcida

Finally - there it is!!!! :) :)

  • Anonymous

poor battery back up. and low features than n8.n8 play divx, xvid etc video format. battery must be 2000mah. nokia must release a heavy os bcs of quad core dual core hardware. ram must be 1 gb and resolution mus 800*480 or more. i think bally not support more resolution.

  • AnonD-43970

In what picture format will this phone,in order not to consume a lot of space,store its images;12 megapixel JPEG file is usually around 2.5MB.This means you should be able to fit around 3000 pictures on an 8GB memory card and 6000 pictures on 16GB memory.A 41 megapixel can produce around 1756 pictures.Probably there will be a compression in the file format in order to make-up for its large memory allocation.If not so then the phone wouldn't be lovely as it looks.


Is it camera or phone?

  • ankur

this phone is awsome it will make nokia on the top whats+ the price of this phone anyone suggest me

  • syg

41 megapixel

  • Anonymous

mother of camera :O

  • AnonD-34124

my.... my next phone :D:D

  • bava

Return of the king........Just amazing Nokia.