Nokia 8210

Nokia 8210

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taghack, 16 Nov 2021Great phone!Ping.

taghack, 16 Nov 2021Great phone!The best. They don't make them in Red anymore.

Great phone!


Had a red one of these all those years ago.
It was tiny compare to my current phone (S21 Ultra). Think back in those days the smaller was
the better. Oh how the trends changes.

  • My name

This is a legend Phone

Aleksej Kneževi&, 18 Mar 2020Another one phone. Really, is it released in 1997, 1998, 19... moreThis phone was released in 1999

  • D N Naidu

Nice mobail

  • Baher

One of the best phones I have ever owned

  • Felix

Dakota in 51st state had one too.

  • Aleksej Kneževi&

Another one phone. Really, is it released in 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000 or 2001?

  • Anonymous

When I first saw this on a movie called "Charlie's Angles".

  • Stevie d

Just bought one to leave in the car for emergency battery life is awesome

  • Whatever

AnonD-513125, 11 Mar 2016I use to fix these phones every day along with the 4110. I ... moreI bought one and had it for probs a year ive spent 30 hours on the phone all together
When i first bought it i could spend for ever on the phone now it turns offaafter 3 mins and when i go on contacts after it takes a couple seconds before it shows them and it makes alot of backround noise ehilest on . whilest i charge it makes a humming noise
Is this old or tapped?

  • AnonD-734734

One of my fave ever phones! Such a small form factor - think it was THE smallest phone I had ever seen or owned!!! For such a small device, the battery was awesome!!!

  • lucas spershake

one of the best phones i've got,back in the days when i was a teenager!hahaha

  • AnonD-667962

I bought this phone in 2000 and it withstood a few years of abuse (underwater a few times, many drops) and never stopped working. I finally cracked the screen and decided to replace it with a lesser model. I just found it in a drawer and it took a charge and still seems to work, all these years later. This was an excellent phone -- and its compactness was beyond compare.

  • shella

my 1st mobile phone... thankyou for the memory..

  • :P

metoy, 08 Jul 2015very lucky for you guys that u stil hav this phone. mine wa... morelol, 1991??

  • george p

gave up smartphones a year ago, just bought a nokia 8210 in almost new condition from a fair for the equivalent of 20 usd. also bought an upgraded li po battery for 25 usd. i love it, so small. you need courage to take it out of the pocket, you'll get funny reactions

  • Joseph N.

I bought one of these. It is black. It was a second hand unit and naturally it broke down after a few mounths. I would have bought a new one, but my stupid father made me buy a used one from a friend of his (at that time I was a first year in high school) But the new ones were cool small phone. I still have my broken unit and everythime I look at it I wish it still worked.