Nokia 8210

Nokia 8210

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  • bobet

just I missed the classic phone that made me decided to use it again...have this one also and currently using it.great..awesome..thanks nokia

  • hari om gupta

this was my first cell phone i never forget this phone.

  • no

raph, 27 Nov 2014i love this phone.. i have 5 phones, who wants to buy for only $500Not one person will spend a hundred on this phone...

  • AnonD-351317

ineed thes phone

  • FrozenUSA

This was my first cell phone ever. I begged my parents for a phone for the holidays when I was a freshman in high school. My best friend had a phone (different from this one) that she shared with her older brother and I just thought that was the coolest thing ever. My mom asked her friends who has phones which was the best around and they all said this one was. I LOVED every minute I had with this phone. I can't remember the reason why I switched to a different phone (could have been that we switched carriers) but I will always have a special place in my heart for this one.

  • raph

i love this phone.. i have 5 phones, who wants to buy for only $500

  • thyra28

oohh!! i miss our first phone :(
it's durable and so nice to carry
hasle free:)
hope to have this phone again :)

  • Thomas

I want to buy a nokia 8210i. Can any one help me ols...

  • AnonD-88338

After 15 years still working 100%

  • Nick

Love this phone, brings back allot of memories. I'll get one soon again, just 4 fun :D

  • Anonymous

i like this phone this is sooo durable, i love using this phone during class because you can hide it easily. hahaha. no one can notice that your texting.

  • Kia

I find an old set hope to fix it and use`s kind of classy

  • angus

Dominique, 22 Jun 2009Nokia should realease a 10-year celebrate version of this phone.... moreunfortunately nokia is closed.....

  • angus

Marten, 11 Aug 2010Can you use the 3G SIM cards in the 8210?yes even 4g sim, but it will detect 2g only :)

  • anyareh??

AnonD-182946, 06 Sep 2013I need a housing and keypad of nokia 8210... Please help me find... morego to greenhills!!!

  • Ayub

It was good phone I was using it in 2004 now really I miss it

  • Anonymous

AnonD-164203, 12 Jul 2013BL-5C battery.. life legend!it is a good phone

  • Samba

I preserved mine eversince it was first launched 1999. Very handy and oldskul looking nowadays especially on my ever original red casing and stock yellow backlights. One of my collections.

  • AnonD-182946

I need a housing and keypad of nokia 8210... Please help me find one... From philippines

  • AnonD-164203

BL-5C battery.. life legend!