Nokia 8600 Luna

Nokia 8600 Luna

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  • jimbo

600 pounds u gotta be jokin....!!!! wud rather buy an n95 for that kinda money

  • Mister Nokia

Just a normal S40 phone, with bad video and photo, and no memory card. And so expensive ! But there always be silly people to buy it, just because it is expensive. Clever Nokia....


Hey Nokia, where's the MEMORY CARD SLOT.

I must say that people would really be dissappointed by the absence of expandable memory, as 128 MB internal memory is too less.

On the other hand, Nokia has tried to impress people with a GLASS slider... WOW!!

But still there would not be too many takers just because of a glass slider, unless people do not require expandable memory or are ignorant about mem cards..

  • Graeme

It's nice, but not 600 nice. It's a standard Nokia system in a very nice shell, but the 2MP camera and lack of memory card slot make it a silly price for it. You may as well get a 6300 which has all the same features and more and costs considerably less.

  • mr cpw

Hello, Carphone ware house (uk) have a 6 week exclusive on these, and to be honest they are fantastic in terms of looks and design. the lighting option on it is great, as teh slider is smoked glass the lights on the handset gently glow on and off, it feels heavy and solid and has a great screen. its the 8 series phone by far. not high spec but ok, based all on looks, which are stunning, picture does not do it justice as a lot of the looks are based around the smoked glass.

the are 599.95 gbp sim free

  • Emil

I would like to know if Nokia anounced a price idea for this phone.thank`s

  • Anonymous

no 3G, no HSDPA, no mem card. this as a phone as 10 years ago in a very beautiful design.Must be crazy to buy this.

  • ALI

Guys avail in Carphone Warehouse from today and Handset only price 600/- madness

  • snowdel

people are 'mugs.' How can they pay 600.00 for a phone with just a 2MP camera and no expandable memory. There are no features. Nokia love playing this game: rip off the rich toff.

  • aratsu

Maybe my next phone will be 8600..

  • T.A.K

For a Premium Edition this phone is excellent. and much better than the 8800 and the 8800d.

  • Nokia was good, now

This set looks so cool, another 8910 series?

  • Anonymous

Retro Nokia style, looks great

  • Bin

It looks really nice

  • rduku

Looks interesting but i would like a preview of this phone with some pictures... ;) nice concept.

  • dmj

i am the first
excellent phone... come on nokia

  • Ying

Looks hot! But I wonder how much it'll cost

  • goodhope

N8600 vs N8800 series = BMW 3series vs BMW 7 series.


  • giatay

Not a big of nokia 8series. Same old features, expensive - you pay more for its metal casing or smoked glass on this model.

  • SeF

made more for your image than it's functions:)