Nokia 8600 Luna

Nokia 8600 Luna

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  • iceman

no doubt, this is a nice and cool phone... but why no 3G?? :(

  • Anonymous

hey, at least the battery last longer than the 8800 series

  • Anonymous

damn thats a hot phone!

  • Anonymous

oh and the who says 8800 s is better shape if you think that why you in this forum lol i have sirroco now in black phones crap one week old my mates buying it 190 pounds lol so not that good eh sounds like sour grapes to me

  • Alex

cool phone i love it!

  • Richu

i think nokia 8800s is better shape nokia what are you doing gone carzy

  • tuan

this is the video

  • Anonymous

Design is good ^*^
Features is poor!!


Looks amazing. I am a stripper and a promoter for nokia! So I will have this phone before any of u ho00kers! ;)