Nokia 8800

Nokia 8800

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  • Anonymous

anyone have any idea whether this phone would work in the states?

  • gorobete

I'm telling you that now i've seen it with my eyes! The painting it's starting ta fall on the 8800 Black version! it sucks! i really wanted to buy it!

  • C Me

can u paste the 8800i pic link plzzzzzzzz

  • Anonymous

to sondoro

who cares!!!then go and play w/ your n91..i'll play my 8800 special edition..much more expensive than your lyf..

  • 8800 owner

Best of the best...especially the top quality hands free speaker phone.

  • sindoro

8800i design slide..thick and heavy..i better go for n91

  • Robert Bosch

Thanks to celtic2039 for the link. I really wanted to know how the dark 8801 looked like. It is not a problem if some ignorant people neither recognize the russian writting nor the address ending in '.ru'. Russia is the only country where the special edition is being sold.

  • Den

have any 1 seen 8800i,big improvements there i think,but they just killed style of the phone i reckon.thank you

  • Anonymous

This is an expensive phone for does not have much features (but it does have really usable features), it is nicely designed & the quality of the material used is top grade. This is a 2.5G phone & it is very user friendly.

Sound quality, especially the hands free speaker quality is top one you can find anywhere.

Nokia should upgrade this phone with a better quality camera & even higher resolution screen, then this phone will be perfect.

I'll give it a 9/10 rating.

  • Anonymous

...that site in iraq or soem other language atleast got any english site for picture of the dark broze nok 8800

  • N 8800

Best of the best, period.

  • Celtic2039

Dear friends, the phone sold in Russia as an exclusive edition is NOT black, it is dark Bronze. I don`t think Nokia is going to put painting over a stainless steel cover, it would fall off very soon. What they do is a process similiar to the one done to weapons to make them look dark. They apply a chemical process to oxidize the surface and make it look dark. This method is nice, durable and clean. It is possible to see pictures on this address:­?id166=34754

  • gorobete

I want to buy the 8800 Black Version as soon as possible, but i heard from someone that has one, that the painting it's starting to loose...Does anyone know anything about this? Is the painting the same like the one for D500 that just falls in time?

  • Robert

I`ve had my phone for two months and I am very happy with it. In order to appreciate the phone it is very important to feel it and of course to operate it, causes a lot of different sensations, it is not only a fact of showing it off, it is about pleasure and happiness of having something special.

The battery doesn`t last very long, but this is not a problem, this model accepts virtually any charger of Nokia and it is very easy to find someone who has one, the charging time is about one hour to get completelly full. The display is amazing and the sound quality is cristaline.

  • bb

had this phone for 2 month, very nice phone, elegant, nice sound, and a stunning display. although some people said the battery is pathetic, but if you considering that new small battery for 8800, i think the performence is excellent and nokia give us 2 battery. so its bloody good phone mate, guarantee not disappointed. bravo nokia 8800

  • Anonymous

Still the best looking & perfect dimension phone for sale on the market........except if you are looking for a bigger screen & hence a bigger phone; then go for the Moto A1200 (MING).

  • VIP05

how about d software???is it working properly?

  • Anonymous

i agree
Got em all
you must have probably if u talk more then 2 hr on your phone... go use your house phone if you do... i usually just call someone say something 10-20min hang up or call someone else for something 5-10min tops i make atleast 5 calls a day and that not going to add up too 2hrs next

  • VIP05

(filipino owners),do u hv cases that ur 8800 hangs when yr using it???pls tel me cuz im planning 2 buy ds awesome phone

  • Jenga

Hi just got one today. Swap in my new 1 week old(yes 1 week old) samsung e900. Great phone and looks the dogs well you know. Who is away from some form of power supply for more than 2 days the way I have an MP3 player and an SLR digital camera. So I don't them on my phone. Its just.... Well just get one and don't tell the wife the price as its a free upgrade trust me.