Nokia 8800

Nokia 8800

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  • Anonymous

Still the best looking(also long lasting looks), most user friendly & well designed quality phone for your money.

To sum it up, it's the best all round balanced phone on the market.

  • Got em all

Sickest phone out there money can buy. Ok the battery life sucks its about 2 hrs talktime. So what you get two batterys and if you talk more than 4 hrs on your cell phone daily u need help. I have N91,7610,7280,N80, Samsung D820,E900,x820, sony w600,p910 Mot V3i dolche Gabbna,L7,a1200 and this is still the best phone money can buy. Better than a VERTU.4 the price of course

  • Anonymous

Aside from looking really cool, this phone really doesn't have much to offer. If you're looking for a phone with lots of cool features, lots of talk time, card slot, nice camera, this phone really isn't for you. However, if you just want to walk around with a phone and show the world how bad ass you are, then this phone is the phone your looking for. Everytime you pull out this phone, you'll have heads turning.

  • Clive

Hi i am very pleased with my 8800 but would like to know if any readers have found a way to increase the battery life and increase the volume on hands free

  • jawindha vhasti

i've had the phone for six months and still it turns heads whenever i use it on the train. i just love the attention i get because of this phone. i laugh everytime i see other people using their hoi-polloi phones, they just don't measure up!

  • Nikoz

Hi Guys, I found a way to improve the battery life. The main reason for the battery performance is based on huge consumption of the display. So there is a way to be improved. You have to choose a theme with less color and for the wallpaper as well. My experience showed me that the “magic waves” / one of the preinstalled themes / is quite good for this purpose. Believed or not this will affect battery performance.
Regards to all 8800 owners

  • Robert

The best phone I have ever had.

  • Anonymous

No doubt the best quality phone.......worth every penny I spent.

  • xander

my talk time is like no more then 30min a day so i got no worries all good. plus addition i charge it daily so no need to worry. beside its suppose to be a phone ur good enough to buy this, you most likely got yourself a goo digital camera, u need mp3 u got ur ipod to hold 1,000,000 songs. this phone was made to be a phone and nothing more only thing i prefer is that i cant even believe y they put a .5 mp camera on this phone thye should just leave it out, the phone itself would be a bomb but its still really is i love it im just sharing my experience, u should check it out if you like.

  • Anonymous

i got the black nokia 88000 its dope just go grab it at some of those imported asian phone stores they most likely carry it

  • andy rimmer

Having been lucky enough to be one of the first to get my hands on this when it was launched 18months ago,after a very long wait i was very let down by the audi looks but rover performance, yes you guessed..battery life..user friendly,but v,poor usage,have had 3phones since the best i,ve used is the 6280; brilliant... andy

  • shaolin

I have the 8801 for a week now and so far I like it a lot. The batt life is pretty dame game to me compared to my razor. I am very use to charging my batt once a day when I was still using my razor. The 8801 will last my whole day with average 1.2 hour of talk time in the morning, and another good 1.5 to 2 hours after work. by 12am before I sleep, the batt show half way down. I know the batt. is still new and it will wear down eventually but isn't this the same for every other cell phone batt? Plus when I drive the phone will always connect to my car bluetooth which mean the batt life should used up even more. Honestly, if I barely use this phone during the day I can have this phone withour worry about the batt life for 2 full day. but since I talk to my customer a lot then so far I'm pleased. The phone hasn't go dead yet like what other have said. And yes, my friend has one and he said he does have problem with his phone but he bought it last year I think when the phone first came out. But again, we'll see how long it'll last. My razor last me 1.5 year and others didn't. I guess it's how you protect your phone. I don't put my phone in my pocket so that it won't get any pressure from my pants, wallets, or keys. 800 is still a bit pricy for the phone but this phone's price should be down a bit now so it's actually not that bad now.

  • Blackie

Why is black version only available in Russia? Has someone got the black version? I only buy black phones!

  • Phil

I have now had 3 Nokia 8800 because I am very Imprested with the overall design , very reliable handset only downside is battery life is a bit poor ,

  • Anonymous

Omg i feel so poor im using a 6230 i saw this little boy and his dad using this phone... the was like 8 years old....

  • barbarella tiongzan

cool, sophistcated, the envy of my peers. haha even more expensive than the clunky n91. most people can't afford this beuatiful phone so they malign it, bash it. whatever you say 8800 detractors, this is the phone to beat. you want class and sophistication get the 8800, you want a lot of functions you don't actually use, get the n91 or such other crap. you pay for status.

  • Deep

I have this phone and its great for getting attention but $800 for a phone with limited features is not the best investment a person can make but I would still wouldn't return it if i could becuase its HOT!!

  • Anna

Gr8 looking phone..
I just think that ppl who make comments abt it without knowing its features n havent used it are just jealous..
And every1 knows jealousy makes u nasty !!!!!!!!
Nokia makes the best fones especially when it comes to being user friendly

  • Karl

Envy is not a good adviser, If some people don't have to money to buy one, they can aimply go and buy a cheaper one.

  • Koureas G

This phone voted to be the phone of the year by some people for only marketing purposes.
Nokia 8800 is one of the most expensive mobile phones in the market and that is the only reason to voted as the “mobile phone” of the year. That’s how marketing and promotion work trying to attract more potential buyers.
In reality this is a faulty,unreliable phone which has nothing to show or you have nothing to expect from it, except high price and this is a fact.
This “phone” is for people that actually feel better by posing and showing off with it.

In market there are better alternatives. Simple as that.