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  • Floor Hirschfeld

I dont know where you live butt here in the netherlands you can send a sms with the following text in it

" clear " and send it to 5040

butt dont know how it is in your country

greatings floor i love my nokia 8800

  • Kaz

Have had the 8800 for a coupla days now, and ok i haven't used it much for calls or msg'n, but i've been using the Bluetooth like theres no tomorrow, and so far the battery has been PERFECT, went down to 3 bars, before i left it to charge whilst I slept. So in my opinion the phone has NO faults whatsoever (maybe I got lucky?).
Can someone tell me where to get a Blank Operator Logo from, and how to install it pls? as i've tried various sites, but when i save them,then try and use it, keeps saying "NO OPERATOR LOGOS ON PHONE"

  • Ty


Kaz, since you and I both love this 8800, which means that we have common interest, Bravo.


  • Floor Hirschfeld

Well i have mine 8800 now for about 3 day and i love it and i hate it.

the only down site of the 8800 is the battery time suck and they know that that is why they give you 2 battery with this phone.

overall I love it just love it

  • scottie

iv just ordered mine from member services and it cost me 179 pounds , i know its just a phone for show but its a nice phone ,iv had a 8910i for a while and it did its purpose,all i want is to call and text on a phone that others dont have and im lookin forward to it negativity or not.

  • coffee

Thx for the reply Kaz! It so makes me really wanna buy the phone rite away!!! Lol..Thx again!

  • Kaz

Coffee, from past experiences, Nokia never really lower their prices, which is good and bad, bad if you want to buy a new phone, good if you want to sell one secondhand, Maybe you should check out phone stores, they might have the odd 2nd hand one, if not, leave your name and contact no.and tell them to contact you asap if one DOES come in.


Once the 8800 price drop, the attraction drop too, this is the same tatic always play by Moto & Nokia to limit production of the so called "high class" phones in the beginning for sale....after that?....just look at the V3!!!

  • coffee

Yea we probably could get along, and hopefully he'll give us free N8800 phones, *wooow*. Hey, i dont thing Ty put his attention on all of our postings about his poorness eh? ANyway, from Paresh to Kaz and Kaz to me, and me so wanna get the phone rite away! Im so in love with this phone. I just totally agree with what Kaz says. I know this phone is expensive and all especially about the part of "not so good features", thats what i love about it. Its a simple phone Yet elegant. I really have to get one of these, just have to wait for a while, *huuf*..Anyway, somebody have any idea when will the phone's price fall? Not for a while eh? thx in advance

  • Lee

Hey, let's gang up on Ty just because he's rich. I thought this was supposed to be a supportive website...

Can't we all just get along?

  • Kaz

ROTLMAO.. That's rich coming from you Ty, if you need help with the Digital feature, why not ask one of your buddies at the Nokia store you mentioned showing off your 8800 in? They'd be the place to ask if no one can or is willing to help you.

  • Ty

Let's stick to talking about the technical features of the 8800.

Again, if anyone has used the Digital Signiture feature on your Nokia, I would appreciate feedback.


  • Phil

ty, i cant understand why you keep posting stuff abount you personal life, no one cares that you want to spend 20K on laptops that wont be worth a third of that in 3 years, i know i dont want to hear it, we come here to talk about mobile phones, if you are so rich why dont you spend a few grand on a diamond encrusted Vertu and ditch your "crappy" 8800.

  • Kaz

Maybe i'm shallow, but I DON'T care if the 8800 doesn't have features like most others, i've owned P800 /P900/P910i/9300, and i bought them all the same reason, at the time it was a cool flashy gadget, and i never used the functions, only calling and msg'ng.
The primary reason i Bought the 8800, is because of it's *WOW!! FACTOR*, Nothing more, nothing less. Infact i haven't shown it to friends at work, cos they'll be very critical of the fact it costs so much for such few features, but it's about ME wanting the phone, and not them. I could be one of the millions who bought a V3, but it doesn't turn heads. For me the 8800 is the Ferrari of phones. People who can't afford one, will criticise and hate it, but if u gave it to them at a 1/3 of the price. they'd think it's the best thing ever,and thats very two-faced.If you don't like it, you DON'T have to buy it, thats why there are millions of others to choose from,at the end of the day the 8800 is a fashion accessory, like a watch,if you saw someone Wearing a Rolex that cost $10,000 and only tells the time, would you shout at them and tell them not to buy it? No... of course not. I work work for my Money, and i have enough to enjoy my life, but i had to sell my 9300 to buy the 8800, so it's not just MEGA RICH ppl who are buying this phone, there are ordinary ppl, who just want to treat themselves to something nice, once in a while... is that SO WRONG?!?

  • Anonymous


i know that you are a success guy, but i think you are dumb. Ppl, dun trust this guy, he is deceiving you, probably nokia had bribe him to keep persuading ppl to get this fone with his cheap story about his family.
kkkkkkk :p, to those who are trying to buy this phone, i would recommend you to stop your effort, its not even worth one penny. You are making fool of yourself by buying this fone. If you are looking for image for business, go and get 8910i, it is better trust me!! If you are looking for features, go and get SE K750, W800 or nokia N90, they are worth even more. If you are looking for even more, go and buy LAPTOP or PC!!!!

thank you ;P

  • C Me

Congrates!!! Kaz, I'll wait for your more review abt the 8800 plz let us know and keep up to date our selfs with your experince on 8800

  • phoneshopchris

TY it does not work, because it's only for show "thats what you sayed". I thought you did not need the functions.

  • Ty

Help, please!

The 8800 and the Digital Signature feature -

I htought it would be fun to oder some items with my cell phone. My SIM card has a secruity module. And yet when I attempted to use my Nokia 8800 to purchase 6, Z series Thinkpads (their new widescreen model) I was unable to complete the order. It is amount related? The purchase price for the laptops over $20,000.

If my problem is not amount related, does anyone have any suggestions. The Nokia User's Guide gives a brief discription on page 65 - but it didn't help.

  • Kaz

Well I FINALLY picked up my 8800 today, (5 minutes after it arrived at the Nokia Agents showroom in fact) They are NOT reserving it, and due to high demand and low stock of the phone, it was first come, first served, so far i'm VERY happy with the 8800, and haven't minded gettin rid of my 9300, but I haven't seen what happens to the battery yet, so *fingers crossed* on that. The buttons ARE a bit on the small side i.e trying to set the date and time, kept hitting cancel button, but apart from that, the phone is great, i can't understand why people are complaining about the weight, as i think it's perfect, not too heavy, not too light, so far i love this phone, and am glad i finally took the plunge and bought it, thnx Paresh, (you gave me that extra push dude)
Phoneswill, i agree 300% re: Ty, yet he's been VERY quiet, (hopefully he got lost in his fantasy world, and can't find his way out)

  • Anonymous

I don't think everyone here gets it.

The only reason why people would pay that much for a phone like the 8800 is the same reason why someone would go to a meeting wearing a nice suit.

It's about image. I don't know what your careers are like but if you try to make a sale that is in the tens of thousands of US dollars, you'd want to go in wearing nice clothes, have a nice computer, leather padfolio, and a nice phone holstered to your belt. I went from the 8890 to the 8800. The 8890 was purchased because of the same reasons - it's for image only.

The world judges people by how they look before they judge the quality of your work. Anyone who wants to challenge that statement, please show proof that you go to job interviews wearing t-shirt and jeans. A business suit is image only - t-shirt and jeans are probably more functional.

Everything I buy for business use is never "cheap". My cards cost twice as much but I've received business from one of my cards lying around and catching the attention of a client's family member (who then calls me up to set up a meeting).

Image is everything when it comes to business. If your client needs to set up a call and you pass him your old Nokia 5190, he'll begin to have doubts about you. If I wanted a phone that is functional I would have gotten something else instead. But I wanted a phone that made an impression.

The Nokia 8800 was designed for those who needed a business phone to make an impression. If I needed a phone for everyday use or travel, I'd bring a $100 plastic LG flip phone.