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Nokia 8800

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  • Ty

Almost forgot:

To Hello Motto - I admire you for having the same cell phone all these years... not being a slave to fashion. One of my cars is a 37 year-old jag and I would not trade it for two new ones.

However, if you do decide to upgrade to a current cell phone serioulsy consider the Nokia 8800 -its build quality, features, and design are outstanding! (It will last you another 25 years!)

  • Ty

My point to sharing my experiences with this thread is that the Nokia 8800 is a great phone... one in which I have the upmost confidence.

As for giving one to my child - my wife and I feel better knowing that she has a reliable, well-made cell phone. Whether she's on a play date or traveling abroad with her nanny or at sleep away camp or at boarding school, I know I can count of the Nokia to keep us in touch.

It's not a matter of spoiling your children it's a matter of loving them. I want the best for my child and right now the best is the Nokia 8800. And of course, I would never dream of giving our little one the diamond encrusted 8800 - that would be crazy!

  • Ty

Just got back from a consult in Beverly Hills. One of the shops has an 8800 with diamonds mounted on the steel case! They will do your name or initials or whatever. The start price is $17,500 and takes 3 weeks to make. I think this is a bit over-the-top (although if my wife sees it she will certainly want it). The salemen pointed out this is much less money then the gold Virtu and much more exclusive - although they've already sold three of them.

  • Owner

I have 2 of this 8800 :-
Terrible battery life AND there is software problem, so it either turn itself off & then on again; or just keep on hanging !!!

  • miki

thanx cristi.. but how much would it cost? roughly.. anyways, this phone is wicked in design.. only reason ppl buy it is due to its elgeance and what it says.. it says "look at me; i have money to buy this! doesnt matter if the cam and mp3 suck. if i wanted a cam or mp3, id go get one" :)
but yeah this phone just gives bragging rights and thats it..
some one get back to me abt the adapter thingy.. thanx.. :)

  • Billy Tsiaras

hi, i bought this phone at the price of 780 euros, a rather hughe one! i am used in changing phones all the time so my opinion should b a valid enough.
about the phone now! the main disadvantage for me was the battery life!it hardly lasted a day! when i used the bluetooth handset the durability fell at 6-7 hours, and carrying a second battery isnt always practical. besides that the phone restarted itself at every call after a weeks use! i personally regreted my buy and its a shame since its a beautifull phone, yet a phone besides being a jewel should make phones aswell! thanks

  • Ting

I have been waiting for this phone for some time. My comment really isn't about the phone itself, but for buyers who are ordering from the distributors in the list at left, please be warned: Popular Electronics is a poor choice. My friend and I both placed orders over a week ago. They stated at time of order that the item was IN STOCK. I don't know what other people's idea of in stock is, but to me, that means in your warehouse, ready to be shipped to anxious buyers.

We have both tried to call repeatedly, either I am given a cruddy excuse or blown off. First it was waiting for a shipment from supplier in NY (doesn't sound like it's in stock to me), then it was waiting for a shipment from supplier in Finland (still don't think that means in stock). If not silly excuses then my phone call is ignored. I have left messages and haven't been contacted. DO NOT order from them. Now I have to try my luck with another company. Good luck to all, and if anyone knows of a good company online, please let me know.

  • bryja

this is phone is mede of steel that is why it's prone to scratches. Just think of how depressed youll get when you accidentally drop this phone and it gets scratches thinking the price of the phone. OUCH!

I have an s700i and it has a silver contour i'm so afraid of getting it scratched.

If beauty is the forte of this phone, beauty is also its downfall when it gets scratched. SO be Very careful on handling metallic phones.=]

  • Cristi

But you can buy a USB Bluetooth adaptor, and it will work ;)

  • Nokia Man

This phone just hang all the time ! When i go to setting > tones > alert for to chang the setting for the different groups; it just hang & won't work anymore !
I call up Nokia & they admit there is a software problem !!! Why such a simple phone hang so easy ???
Nokia is really not as good as people thought !!!

  • miki

damn cool phone.. but my notebook doesnt have bluetooth capabilities.. theres no other way to get connected to my com.. so sad.. :(

  • Ty

I find the personal stories regarding the Nokia 8800 far more interesting then going on and on and on about the technical features - or lack thereof - on this wonderful phone. As for grade school kids having their own 8800 -why not? Most of my childrens' friends have laptops, psp's, ipods, etc. I live in a community where people respect each others property. No one would ever dream of stealing a phone.

By the way, when I dropped my phone there were no scratches on the glass... NONE. The 8800 is very rugged. That's why I'm buying an extra one.

  • 8800

This is a comfortable phone to hold. The loudspeaker is better than the V3's.
What else? ... yes, the battery barely last for a day ! ... the reception kind of weak ! ... the start up is very slow for such a simple phone ... the menu is out dated ... I personally do not like any of the ringtone that come with the phone (do not even have normal ring tone !)
By the way, the battery cover is difficult to release !

  • Nastya

to Ty: wake up, ofcourse your nokia will be alright after every kind of follin - it's the only good thing in this phone - everything else is like you have cheap phone - for the prize of 2 k750 perfect devices! very stupid phone - and very uncomfortable - every function of this phone is so middling!!! very stupid, NOKIA, very stupid!

  • Ty

I guess the Nokia 8800 is getting to be very popular. I give my 11-year old my 8800 becasue it has a slight blemish on the case. She went to the mall this morning and one of her friends has the same phone! This makes me want the black 8800 even more! (My lttle one now wants a black instead to silver too) It's very hard to stay exlusive in LA.

  • nokia master

8800 is the same function as the last model 8890, 8850, 8910i... it's made for getting money from your pocket. No advantage is described in this phone. Weak signal, weak battery and poor design. If you got it, you will feel disliked after 01 month using. Do not loose money for this phone.
Thanks much

  • nadeem

this phone is so very bad what is nokia thinking of while making this phone.i have k700i n i m buying w600.w600 rocks sony ericsson is just for name and nothing elz.
sony ericsson=winner

  • Kane

Nokia still havent released any phones into Australia despite them saying so ! Come on Nokia if you still dont have any stock then stop telling retailers to order them for customers with a 2 day promise !!!

Nokia you are losing customers !

  • Ty

Follow up. This afternoon my jeweler tried to buff out the case of my 8800 after a nasty fall. It looks great but not absolutley, 100% perfect. The bottom line is my 11-year old now has her own 8800(she'll be the envy of her classmates when shcool starts, most of whom just have the razors). My phone guy still want $950 us for the Nokia. No problem unless the black 8800 is comming out soon. If I could be one of the first to get one of these I'd glady pay double... or more. Anyone know the real scoop on the black 8800? Fact or fiction?Thanks

  • nader

this is sweetest phone i ever had in my life,since i bought this phone nokia 8800 i cant use my razr v3 or p900 any more i feel baD FOR MY SELF IF I USE SOMTHING ELSE...