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  • Ty

I ordered the 645Ci Convertible Black/Black. Those of you that have this model, or are familiar with it, know that there is a flimsy cup holder attached to the front consol.

I want to remove the cup holder and have a docking station fabricated for my 8800. (I got the idea from a friend that has an older Nokia mounted in his golf cart). Has anyone done something like this for their 8800? The BMW dealer won't touch it so I am forced to go aftermarket. It has to be lockable since I frequently park with the top down. And it has to allow the top portion of the case to slide up and down. The only quote I've gotten is just north for $1,500. Too much, I think. If anyone has any experience in mounting their 8800 to their car or boat please post.

  • 8800 under-par

I've just had a play with a friend's 8800. Please tell me what I'm not seeing that makes this phone better than my Sony Ericsson K750i? My phone trounces this one - and is cheaper to boot.

  • Boags

All i can say is that $1469 is a rediculous price to pay for a piece of steel with the equivalent features of a 6230. We should all just wait for the price to drop and we have had time for nokia to smooth out all the stuff ups with the phone. Until then, leave it to the stupid trendy celebs to make nokia their dirty money.

  • Moo

8800'1st - yes you are right the back battery cover is absolutely evil and on first charge the battery didn't last long. Takes me a good couple of minutes fiddling to get it off, steel isn't exactly grippy :) A slight irritation is also the fact there is no data port on this phone. Still getting the resonating reverb on some calls. I would still pay 170 with a contract for this though even if it is completely irrational.

  • Yt

Nokia already updated the new Vertu phone to triband with bluetooth and a little bigger font ... this Vertu is what I consider an exclusive and high class phone for the rich and famous ... not the 8800 !

Love from Bel Air, L.A.

  • Ty

A thought on how to save money -

I went to pick up my new 8800 when I noticed several of the distinctive black boxes in the display case. My telephone guy had received 6 pieces from Hong Kong. He said that if I took two he would only charge me $100 shipping fee per phone instead of $250.

To make a long story short - my daughter, my son, and I now have the best phone in the world. At dinner my wife took a picture with all of us "talking" to one another on our 8800's! Really funny!!

A thought occured to me. Perhaps if the readers of this thread group together and order the 8800 in multiples they might get a price break. Hey, it's worth checking out with your sources.

By the way, I have compared my three Nokia 8800s and am very pleased to report there is no significant variation in build quility. All buttons are firm, the screens are equally brilliant, and the cases open and close with the same precision. Obviously, Nokia has first-rate quality control.

  • 8800'1st

Had this fone for a month,very impressive fone at 1st but later on I started realized that I paid US$1300.00 for only the look and the stainless steel housing,now I only used it as the back up fone(what a shame)coz the 8800 doesn't do what I expected(even my old 6230i can do a better job).For those who really want a piece of fashion or the look of the fone they're using then the 8800 would be perfect but for someone like me who really want something for everyday use and performances then the 8800 is a big mistake...oh well,we always learned from the bad mistake...aren't we..??

  • 8800 user

Moo :

I have the same problem like you with this phone. You will be more p*ss after you find that the battery barely last for a day & so hard to remove the battery cover to change to the spare battery!!!

Good Luck anyway!

  • Moo

Just got this today. Lovely packaging and it does look hot! But this really is a very poor phone.

The battery cover is nigh impossible to remove. Its heavy (yes its metal but its still heavy). The sim card pushes in sideways and doesnt lift hence is impossible to ever remove (im not kidding, you will never manage it without tools). On the medium speaker setting my voice reverbs through the whole phone case. The signal reception is extremely poor in buildings compared to the 6810 (8800 goes to 2 bars with 6810 on full). Also, forget texting. You cant get to the bottom row of keys due to the cover and with nokias you use 0 after every word. The middle menu button is tiny and not raised.

Dont get me wrong, i like it and id still buy it but its impractical and really quite p*ss poor functionally.

  • nokia dealer

if u r uk buyer,,try this one below­-156-1-Nokia_8800_on_Vodafone.html

this is what i found the cheapest on web,,, 37 per month(18 month), fone cost 55,,price has been increased from 40 to 55. i ordered 1 month ago,paid 4 40,,only 2 days later,,i received the fone..

  • Anonymous

It is the 8801 in the USA!

  • Ty

My son and I just saw the movie "The Island". It takes place 50 years in the future - and guess what? The Nokia 8800 is featured in one of the scenes! (This confirms what I've been hearning from some of my patients -the 8800 is becomming the "it" phone for many of the A-list players in Hollyood)

I'll be picking up my second
8800 tomorrow. For an extra $250.00 my guy gets express delivery from Hong Kong - but it's worth it. I miss my Nokia now that my little girl has it. Besides we now know it won't be outdated for another 50 years!!!

  • David Ph.

Hasbeen using my 8800 for month now,what a disapointment..!!the phone hasn't been performing the way I expected..!!1/:the battery life is very short.2/:the reception is not good especially in udergrond carpark&tunel.3/:the metal parts of the phone can be schratced easily(I've already schratched mine even I've been looking after it well...wiped it cleaned very hour.4/:the screen qality is not D500 can even give me a better screen quality.5/:the sound is not that good like expected...Mp3 sounds ordinary&the earpiece is not very loud,I've to keep mine on the Outdoor profile at all time.6/:lack of Memory card slot+system connector+Mono
headset.7/:it's a damn heavy phone&very slippery....etc..!!
That's my experiences..!!for someone whoever thinking buying this phone,my advise is"try it before buy it" don't want to pay Euro$800.00 for something that regretful thing(with the exception of those sort of people who have a lot of money to play around with,who can afford to pay USD$34,000.0 to have their 8800 inserted with Diamond and have their name crafted on the phones).
Good luck

  • Tony Bulloni

the pictures are not telling the story on this baby

  • Anonymous

I have had this phone for a week now, and all I can say is that this phone is a piece of art. I will never use my SE P910a never again. I have only used SE phones (T610, P900, P910), and loved them, but nothing comes close to 8800.

  • Mike


The conversations with Nokia 8800 have high quality sound. There's enough bass and the voice is very clear.

That must be puted in into every Nokia phone mode, not only into 8800. All Nokia phones should become a normal sized phones just like 8800 is and there will be always exceptional sound quality then!

Why only 8800 has a normal phone sound quality?

  • Vinay

Somebody please tell me why the hell do we pay for a phone that has not better features then 6600,3230(still better phones) and triple the price??? Its like going crazy!

  • Anonymous

Hi Guys..SincE u all already bought the 8800 can u tell me wads is writen in the story booklet?Im realy curious in knowing it..U can summirze tt for me..Please..Thx in advance

  • Sepehr

Any body has any idea where can i download its exclusive ringtones from the internet?
Please help if u know.

  • Yt

It is the 8801 we are getting in the USA!