Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte

Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte

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  • vishnu

[deleted post]i want that phone

  • Badong

Shocking unit I have this for a few weeks I never imagine this will cost almost PHP P60K, USD $1349 my God.............What unit is this why is so expensive if you like you can have it for 30K unit only OK?

  • better than u all

i just want to knw only one quesn to whome who favoring this phone.. A phone add up with performance, design, and tech spec..etc.. So y to pay so much only for design.. Better to purchase a show piece.. M i right people... R u all listening..

  • Sila MB

I bought one in Kenya and I was wasn't (extremely dissapointed) impressed with the battery talk-time period. It performs much lower than 3hrs compared to my minimal talk time per day is 4-5hrs And mind you, to me, it was quite expensive for my expected utility,.

The battery has already failed (2009) and when I contacted the agent, surprisingly, they had no solution, while the battery cannot be sourced locally. no longer in production!

I have a 8910i series (which I bought in 2003) and its wonderful. The battery last SEVEN (5hrs talk-time) good days without charging. The spare battery has never been used since!

This is the kind of phone I would spend a fortune for! Anyone from Nokia who can promise me a similar

However, the design and size is the best I admired in the model. This was well researched I must compliment


I've used this cell Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte. I like it very much. now I am using this yet.its slide will never ever damage.its body is scrachless and good looking so dashing... i like it so much....

  • xyz

k00d, 06 Nov 2010I live turkey i have the real deal 8800 made in finland I b... moreall the nokia siroccos models are Made in Germany & new versions such as the Artes are Made in KOREA

if its MADE in FINLAND then its surely fake cause they are only MADE in KOREA ;-)

  • k00d

I live turkey i have the real deal 8800 made in finland I bought in nokia store january 09 no more discusion the fake can say made in korea or finland as well

  • Anonymous

reply to mussa, 02 Nov 2010you are right the original one is made in korea but there a... moreThat dosent prove its made in korea and his comment isnt racist.

  • reply to mussa

you are right the original one is made in korea but there are some phones who was tampered by the fake logo... mine i bought it for 1400 euros its made in korea as well... there are lots of original phones in the philippines and its 100% original bc. i travel there before and buy 4 units of blackberry and 1 set of nokia 8800 all of them is original and not fake look for greenhills shopping centre in manila jut google it... dont become racist... o.k

  • mussa

juan dela cruz, 30 Jun 2010thats a huge LIE!!! i bought 3 units in divisoria mall. and... moreIt's a huge lie? o really? So you think i bought a fake phone for 1300 euros from the official nokia shop!
How many times do i have to say the original one is MADE IN KOREA!!! This phone was never ever made in the phillipines. Stop confusing people if you dont know then just shut up!

  • Anonymous

yas, 21 Jul 2010hi so which one is real then the finland one or the korea o... moreIf you read all the comments you would have learnt that the original one is made in korea. I bought mine for about 1300 euros and its made in korea.
If it says made in finland its definately fake for sure!

  • david

Dr.Nilesh vasava, 13 Oct 2010ok, its is luxury fon.but compare to x6 it is nothing.very ... moregreat phone 8800 carbon Arte
get same china clone 8800 carbon arte only USD126 at

  • Anonymous

CARBON, 23 Sep 2010What do you think buy 8800carbon or arteCarbon Arte over Arte co's Carbon Arte has 4gb memory but again you do pay over the odds for this! Other than that both phones are identical in size and shape!

  • Anonymous

neha, 16 Oct 2010yeah, i mean. this phone has no such specifications because... obviously don't understand what all the hype on this phone is about do you!!! If you haven't owned this phone before....well DO NOT compare this with the Sony Xperia!!!!! It's like comparing an Omega Watch and a cheap and NASTY Casio watch from Argos!!!! Well true they both tell the time but two different worlds!!!! Different class!!! There are different horses for different courses!

  • neha

yeah, i mean. this phone has no such specifications because of which it is so high priced. its like so-normal.
dont know what this hype is about.
sony's xperia is way better. if your pocket allows, GO FOR XPERIA!

  • pooyan

Anonymous, 27 Jul 2010Can you tell me wath is the difference why waste this money... morecan u tell me the diffrent between mercedes and hyundai...u can save ur money and get more options after buy a hyundai...but mercedes is mercedes..its luxury..and 8800 its the same..

  • Dr.Nilesh vasava

ok, its is luxury fon.but compare to x6 it is nothing.very low battery life-talk time .how can luxurious man choose the fon whis is wast of time and mony.very low internal memory.the only 1 plus point is it is look good(not very good),price very high 36000 compare to X6_14000 INR

  • Anonymous

erika, 03 Aug 2010Because this is a luxury phone. It's not fully featured, bu... moreThat's funny! Well said!


What do you think buy 8800carbon or arte

  • Kenny K

I had this carbon and also have seen the fake. U probably would know when you have seen both at the same time. Good luck dude.