Nokia 8850

Nokia 8850

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  • Sexual Chocolate

The best-looking phone on the market thats 4 sure. I had one and I didn't treat it very well. The case dented easily and the back cover was loose most of the time. My fat fingers were a pain in the ass when it came to pressing the tiny buttons.

But who cares? The phone is MAD looking, garaunteed to get you chicks. If you got the moola, get it but look after it. Don't throw it around like I did :)

Btw, I have opted for a 8250 cos it is more durable and the buttons are bigger. A great alternative to the 8850.

  • Andrew L

Heck, the phone costs between £250 - 300, but Its the best looking phone out there. If you've got the cash burning in your wallet - buy it. If not, buy it anyway. The screen is to die for.

  • razu

It does have games!!!

  • conz

This phone is the same 8200 series. It doesn't do anything different. The only difference is that it has dual mode. For the price however I would at like to have tri-band. Now as far as looks go I have changed everything on my 8290 to make it look unique. I've changed the faceplate the leds and even customized the screen with cartoon characters. If a silver cover can beat that that's fine. I just don't agree. Don't buy this phone because it looks good, it's simply not cost effective. I would like to advise you to buy because it works in the US and Europe but it's missing a the 1800mgz mode. So in conclusion don't buy this phone. It's great but cost over function should in the end prevail.

  • chris

easy desmond.. let out that hate elsewhere. its really not that bad. in fact, its a pretty damn good phone. if you are looking for games, i suggest you carry a gameboy around with you. games arent supposed to be the primary function of a phone, this one like any other. and there is nothing wrong with the features, theyre nearly the same as any new nokia, nothing worthwhile missing. the screen looks superb, but in this area lies the one problem with the phone. i know 5 or 6 people who have this phone and the same thing that happened to me happened to each one of them. the screen starts to fade away, eventually disappearing. this is a major fault for a phone; im taking mine to be fixed tomorrow. despite this, i do love the phone. its feels so well put together. the small buttons really arent a problem unless your life depends on dialling a number in a quarter of a second. after all, if you want a small phone, its not going to have big buttons is it? looks slick, feels slick, features great. great phone.

  • Desmond

Someone just loves writing reviews with other people's names. So - here is mine comment of the phone:
If you want to waste money , this is a really nice way to do it. This is just a very expenisve phone with a funky design, poor battery, and almost no extra functions . It doesn't even have the games you can find in every other nokia.

  • Desmond

Sometimes I just don't know what to choose. All Nokias are excellent.

  • Zah

the 8850 is the best phone that i have ever bought even if before i had the 3310 but is the best looking out of the lot.

  • Share your opinion

Beautiful phone but the sliding cover make it hard to press the three bottom buttons especially at the two corners.

  • Usamah Ahmad

Sleaky but too small buttons.

  • Terry H.F. Coleman

that kees guy was talkin out his ass. great phone. good looks, great functions

  • yours truly

the screen... holy jesus this screen is nice... almost orgasmic... i love this phone... it feels so solid, great quality, even the part behind the battery cover looks good.. damn this phone is good... dont worry about the small buttons u get used to them easily

  • Kristatos

Geniales Design & ausgereifte Technik!

  • norway

This is the best mobile phone ever!!
With a beautiful design, and a superb software!! Fantastic!!

  • chris

I've got one the only thing it needs is the software updating.
Great phone

  • kees

this is the worst phone ever just like the 8210
dont buy them. theyre only goodlooking but everything else sucks, believe me.
kwow 4 relative who got them and al 4 dont work properly. dont buy it
i warned you

  • Anonymous

visst fan är den bra, men sl45:an e bättre!!

  • gwapo

the best nokia phone ever!!!