Nokia 8 Oreo beta-testing completes, official rollout coming soon

Himanshu, 10 November 2017

It was late last month, when the Nokia phones beta labs was announced, offering Nokia 8 owners a chance to beta test the Android 8.0 update. And now the company has revealed that the testing is over, and announced that the official roll out will begin soon.

Sadly, there's no exact information on when the final Nokia 8 Oreo update will start rolling, although given that the beta testing went smooth, it's reasonable to expect that will happen sooner than later.



Reader comments

  • RejZoR

Clear benefits of offering near stock Android. You don't have to rewrite whole OS after each update, delaying the whole thing for months. This is how EVERY phone should be updated.

Wow Nokia just put Samsung, the professional smartphone manufacturer, into shame. A new kid in Android town has just wrecked them in software and updates, imagine what can Nokia and HMD do further in the future when they finally learn how today's m...

I really hope nokia can come back stronger and that this nokia 8 will be the stepping stone for that hope to come to fruition. I'd rather have a nokia than an lg or the current crop of sony phones any day.

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