Nokia 8 Sirocco

Nokia 8 Sirocco

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  • John

Best phone ever. Fast, reliable, good loud speaker, overall a 5star phone. Outperform most other phones.
3SIXT screen protectors and poycarbonate 2 in 1 shockproof stand case is the best for this phone.

  • Bekim

Make sure. You buy phone what your country sells for you...I'm in USA and I have Nokia 8 sirocco and I need screen replacement ...I bought this phone online in China because In USA they don sell Nokia 8 sirocco...I contact Nokia they saying to me to send this phone in. China becouse you borough in china. No one. From Nokia will not replace this screan in USA... have to buy other Nokia phones in USA so they will fix it for you ahahha...

  • Bekim

Anonymous, 04 Jul 2021This Nokia 8 are able to buy in 2021It's good phone but Nokia will not. Fix. It. For. You. If. Your Nokia is Brooke...they will ask you to return this phone in the country where you. Borough it...for example. I'm in USA new York. And they will not. Fix. This. Phone. For me in USA becouse Nokia 8 sirocco is not for sell in USA...and they did asked me to return this phone. To seller in china... 😂 So don't be tricked buy NOKIA to buy from them

  • Anonymous

Starscream, 28 May 2021I've used this phone for a year and it's absolute... moreThis Nokia 8 are able to buy in 2021

  • Starscream

I've used this phone for a year and it's absolutely one of the best experiences I've had. Camera is good, not great and stereo speak would be great. Aside from that, phone is a masterpiece.

Prince, 29 Nov 2020Hi. There are so many negative comments about Sirocco. Mayb... moreI don't think that this phone is bad, but afaik many people here are trolls

I wonder why HMD Nokia is not giving Android 11 OS update to this phone. Even LG can give it to the G7 One, and that phone was also launched in the same year as this Nokia.

  • Anonymous

Where can I buy this phone? Don't know if this phone is no longer available in the market or they stop manufacturing this.

Cant find this phone :(

  • Guydutchie

I also am very happy with the Nokia 8 Sirocco for more than 2 years now. Not too big, steady, fast enough. And I really like Android One, the reason why I choose Nokia.

  • Anonymous

this is a great and solid phone, I'm using it more or less from 2 years now.One of my best phones in the last couple of years,and I'm pretty sure my next phone is gonna be nokia.

Anonymous, 27 Jun 2020sirocco selfie @ 5mp compared to Nokia 8 with 13mp selfie ... moreNokia 8 had the better front camera imho

  • kemosave ranger

Prince, 29 Nov 2020Hi. There are so many negative comments about Sirocco. Mayb... moreits just attractive to look thats it but light leakage in front camera when look by tilting phone in full brighness in night ,ther is gap between front glass and display in bottom section above navigation pill that when you press harder the glass bends and makes tik tik sound trust me i have replaced 4 devices under warranty the sim tray shakes when you touch and when you shake, the rear camera rattles as it has ois but no! above all you will have hard time with buggiest software ex: android 10 almost 1 year old but still third party navigation support not fixed which google fixed it in 2019 dec update and the list goes on
licensed by nokia, mfg by foxconn, restricted software by google , warranty by flex, marketed by hmd i dont know who handles customer support but solution will always by factory reset so go for a brand which has r&d .hmd has nothing to offer they compile and provide a smartphone which is useles because it has nothing in its control

  • Prince

Anonymous, 09 Nov 2020I purchased Nokia 8 Sirocco in June 2019 for about INR 30,0... moreHi. There are so many negative comments about Sirocco. Maybe this is why it didn't sold much. I somehow still find it attractive especially when u look at it side by side with IPhone SE 2020 (which has the same fram like IPhone 7/8). But I think getting a iPhone X would be better than getting a sirocco.

  • Cozmo

I have just received November security update patch here in Saudi Arabia.

  • Anonymous

I purchased Nokia 8 Sirocco in June 2019 for about INR 30,000.
In November 2020 i.e. after 17 months, the display gone flickering.
I took it to Nokia Authorised Service Center and I was informed that the replacement cost of glass is INR 21,000.
Too bad that it served only for 17 months.

  • Cozmo

I just received security update for October 2020 on my Nokia 8 sirocco here in Saudi Arabia.

  • Anonymous

Received October'20 Security update yesterday night, here in India.

  • Anonymous

Hi Friends,

Just switched over from Nova Launcher to Microsoft Launchers.

The main benefit is that the Screen Blackout OR Locking after Restart & Logging in is sorted out.

Also no need to buy any Premium Support , viz:- Tesla Unread, which is required for Nova Launcher.

There is one small issue with the Notification Count & Background Color.

The Count size is very small & the background color is Dark RED which is difficult to notice.

  • Anonymous

Hi Friends,

Just got my September-20 Security Update. Looks like the Screen Blackout problem on unlocking is resolved.