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Nokia 8 Sirocco

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  • Anonymous

jaivik, 17 Sep 2020useless phone
1) what is your justification...???

2) A 2-year old model is still performing great:-
a) Good Camera.
b) Good Memory.
c) Good Battery, you have to use it sensibly.
d) Compact with high resolution of 1440.
e) Water resistant.
f) Corning-5.
g) Wireless Charging.

useless phone

  • Anonymous

With Android-10 not yet stable, will Nokia 8-Siricco get the Android-11 update...????

  • Sergiu

Anonymous, 04 Dec 2019Is anyone facing issue of very low ear piece volume while o... moreHi, got the same problem: after one year and a half, suddenly I have a very low volume call. Otherwise, the media volume works okay. Tried a reset but it didn't pan out.

STA, 03 Aug 2020Using Sirocco for about 2yrs and i have to say there is no ... moreHMD Global from its onset had an ambition to set a new standard in design, material quality and manufacturing innovation by building on the hallmarks of a true Nokia phone experience. That dream did not last much for them and were mostly confined between 2017 & 2018. On it's first year their lineup had the quality but lacked in performance except for the flagship Nokia 8. In 2018, they rectified this performance issue for mid to higher end models and three models stood out. Nokia 8 Sirocco, Nokia 7 Plus & Nokia 6.1.

Nokia 8 Sirocco. Over 95% of its exterior body is vacuum moulded Corning Gorilla Glass 5. HMD Global wanted to attain thin 2 millimeter sides on this phone to celebrate their first Nokia flagship bearing "Sirocco" name.

For 8 Sirocco they choose stainless-steel which is 2.5 times stronger than 6000 series aluminium. This change for a stronger material was necessary for the load bearing frame to deliver the same level of structural integrity of say the Nokia 6.1. Nokia 8 Sirroco being ultra-compact do not have the same internal dimension or volume of 6.1's aluminium uni-body to attain the same level of structural strength. Hence the change in material.

This frame is also quite different from a uni-body in the sense that it's a 2 millimeter thick stainless-steel sheet which runs through the whole body of 8 Sirroco. As expected from Nokia, the stainless steel frame is carved out of a single block of steel, machined for hours into a solid, yet uniquely slim and compact shape. And in the end the stainless steel frame is given dual diamond-polished for improved grip and even diamond cuts on the edges to celebrate this unique design. Its curved glass finish envelops the stainless-steel frame, combines a curved edge-to-edge pOLED 2K 5.5-inch display with moulded body curves to create an compact profile.

The most unique aspect I love about of Nokia 8 Sirroco's design is the stainless steel frame runs through the whole body which does adds quite a bit of weight of 177 grams for its compact profile. To me it only signifies that this creates for an extremely robust internal design which quite amazingly can take in the middle, the weight of three grown men before it will break. No other dual glass sandwich design from any smartphone manufacturer can claim this level of inherent structural integrity on their phone.

Specification wise the phone is reasonably powerful with Snapdragon 835 SoC, 6GB of LPPDDR4X RAM and 128GB of UFS 2.1 internal storage. Being a glass-back it allows wireless charging and a 18 watts Qualcomm QC4 wall charger is included in the box. Battery capacity is small by today's standard at just 3260 mAh but lasts for day. And Nokia 8 Sirocco is IP67 water resistant as well. My only gripes are no headphone jack & single SIM support.

Using Sirocco for about 2yrs and i have to say there is no tiny issue with this phone. Infact , I am not liking any other mobile phone after using this . I love everythung about sirocco. its design, built quality, camera , ram and processor and main thing its DISPLAY.. there is no comparison at all... may be ur phone needs factory reset once. do it

  • Borko

SarayBosna, 08 Jul 2020I have it for one year. Performance generally is great real... moreHi. I have same issue with the screen on my Nokia, after updating. Did you resolve this problem?

  • Anonymous

SarayBosna, 08 Jul 2020I have it for one year. Performance generally is great real... moreHi, I am using this phone since almost 2 years, & haven't faced any such issue which you mentioned. It seems some recently downloaded app is the culprit. Try reviewing and deleting recent unwanted apps & see if it solves the issue. If still the problem persists, perform a factory reset after taking backup

  • SarayBosna

I have it for one year. Performance generally is great really, and I'm not having any problems speaking of phone being fast. Battery is awesome by the way.
But after last 3 updates I got some problems I didn't have. First problem is with unlocking using finger print. Sometimes it is just not working, it recognize fingerprint but doesn't unlock, just block phone with black screen. Than I have to lock it and try again. Second problem I'm having is after last update, when I plug in my earphones, it recognize them, but for example if I listen to YouTube, song finish, than I have pause for like a minute, next song will play not on earphones but on phone speakers. Extremely irritating!
I see this more as software problem than Nokia hardware.

  • Anonymous

RishiGuru, 07 May 2020I own both Nokia 7 Plus & Nokia 6.1. Pretty happy with ... moresirocco selfie @ 5mp compared to Nokia 8 with 13mp selfie
Pls which is the most prettier/glowing selfie among these two phones

  • Commegetsome

raiden78, 26 Feb 2019Best phone experience ever for me, and i own a lot of phone... moreDefinitely

Anonymous, 05 May 2020 1) Upgrade your Google Camera OR re-install it. 2) Agree... moreI own both Nokia 7 Plus & Nokia 6.1. Pretty happy with them so far. After Android 10 update both phones have improved a lot in performance and overall feel of the software. As you may be knowing almost all models from Nokia's 2018 lineup has been plagued with USB port issue where internal connectors in USB loosens after some time and replacement of that part inside the phone becomes necessary.

I have still not faced the issue on both my Nokia's, as I take extreme care in connecting the USB for charging, etc ... keep the charging cable and phone in a flat surface so that their is no tension/ load on the phone's USB port.

Which brings me back to the point.. as Nokia 8 Sirocco does not have a dedicated 3.5mm audio jack, it just means using the USB port more and more. Do you face any USB port related issue of Sirocco and do you listen of use wired headphones with the phone on a regular basis using the audio dongle? If so how is the audio quality?

  • WindomEarle

Anonymous, 05 May 2020 1) Upgrade your Google Camera OR re-install it. 2) Agree... moreFixed the bluetooth issue, thanks to this

The rest is still waiting for a solution. WiFi seems to be the most pressing issue in the community (and GCam not working, but this is not Nokia's problem). I lost so much WiFi range, it's almost unusable.

  • Anonymous

WindomEarle, 04 May 2020It was a great phone. A10 ruined it. Now I have - no GCa... more
1) Upgrade your Google Camera OR re-install it.
2) Agree the screen blackens after fingerprint sensor, but once in a while. Surely Nokia will fix this bug.
3) WiFi is working fine.
4) Bluetooth works fine, it could be a specific issue with your car gadget.
5) Didn't notice any Fake whatsapp notifications.

However, as I had mentioned earlier, the Facial Recognition feature is no longer available.

  • WindomEarle

It was a great phone. A10 ruined it. Now I have

- no GCam
- WiFi only working when standing next to router
- no bluetooth connectivity in my car
- fingerprint sensor stopping phone from working (black screen)
- "fake" whatsapp notifications

  • Anonymous

After update to Android 10 Wifi is nog Stable anymore.

Can't find a solution.factory reset did not work.

  • disappear

Someone share it if bootloader can unlocked under developer settings android 10

  • Surendran Krishnan

Why Nokia 8 Sirocco Scrapped by HMD Global

  • Anonymous

With the Android 10 update, the Face Recognition feature option in the "Security >> Smart Lock" is no longer available.

Would love to have it back.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Apr 2020 Also the ions ( < , oo) in the lower task bar are very... more
Problem Resolved.

Go to Settings >> Systems >> Gestures >> System Navigation & select 3-button Navigation.