Nokia 9300

Nokia 9300

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  • Newton Leonardo

hi people, how to format this device? kindly let me know

  • Anonymous

very nice phone,fancy design,smart indeed in O.s.,good share device memory and a lot of usefull functions.But VERY low transferring data between pc and device.Best wishes!

  • Tim

I need assistance with the following:
When I am synchronizing my 9300 with my PC the phone shows an error message and hangs whilst downloading calender items from the phone to the PC. The message I get on the phone is:
Programme: Sync / Reason Code: Agenda Model / Reason Number: 10. It appears as if there is an item on the calender which is blocking the synchronization as it always sticks on a same number (69 of 1082). If I could find the item it would help. I might have to reformat the phone but this will be the last resort.

  • Anonymous

Now Nokia Corp. should release new Nokia 9... with upgrade (Symbian OS v7.0s, Series 80 v0.0 UI) with new features like 128MB, 330MHz processor, FM Radio and No camera front or back. Nokia E90 is quite expensive and different OS.

  • Anonymous

Very basic good business phone Nokia 9300. Does not shown EDGE Connectivity when connect to web. Please anyone help me how to come EDGE instead of GPRS. My other phone like Nokia 3109 c shown EDGE when connect to web.

  • Bhai

its not a good phone..doesnt have a camera, speaker etc

  • tebza

...its been two years with its a great phone would love to find out if it does have a vibrating battery if not is there a reason why not...

  • Anonymous

This phone have all about home office need, so we need more aplications for simbian 7.0 like games and maps...

  • deepak

i 2 buy this mobile

  • zoheb

i've been using this fone for 2 years and it is really awesome, nowadays I am finding some problems, it hangs or automatically swithes off when i am using internet in PC via cable, CAN NEONE TELL ME WHY ITS INTERNET SPEED HAS DROPPED? PLEASE?

  • anwar

yea its a nice phone. im using it for the last seven months

  • M.Moeez Ikram

yes i am a user of this great series set
the softwares are only avaliable on very few sites for which i also try to download the latest softwares for my mob...

the sites are

on the symbian sites if u have any good softwares sites which are free for full download and use then let me know on my e-mail

thnkxx if u co-operation

  • kamlesh

very nice communicator it has almost all da features but there would hv been camera also,the office applications r very useful for presentations

  • Lux

Please someone let me know the latest software available for this model.

  • jl

please can somebody help let me know the latest software available for this model. The present software version I have in my mobile is V04.53(06) 14-01-2005

  • rudolf

yes it is a good phone and it is supreme. about the wifi you cannot install it. Excel files don't appear the same like on your desktop, there will appear one sheet. i tried it but still comes out the same. trust me. But this phone is still the best....

  • pravin

A MS Office Excell file contins 3 sheet: (Sheet1,Sheet2,Sheet3.) in my desk top. I want to transfer this file to Nokia 9300 in work sheet. Will it show same as appear in desktop like sheet1,sheet2,sheet3.

  • Parin

Am usin this fone since 18 mnths... hven't faced a problem yet... this fone is truly awesome... Am really disappointed after hearin tht nokia hve discontinued its production... this is one heck of a fone... no words to describe it... 10 outta 10 for it... its been like a addiction usin this fone... i wonder hw will i be use a diff fone after usin this one :-(

  • luis

Can I install wfi in it??

  • peter waterman

Can anyone advise me via email why I don't seem to have a calendar feature on my Nokia PC Suite.

Or, to put it another way, why I can't back up from my new Nokia 9300i to my computer?

I have Windows XP on my computer and have tried to (re)load Nokia PC Suite both from the web and from the CD supplied.

Thanx in advance,

Peter Waterman