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  • Carol

Raashid Abbas, 27 May 2020I dont know but Nokia is releasing these new and newer phones bu... moreNobody knows what you're talking about. As 99.99 % of the smartphones have less, the same or an insignificat bit more.

I dont know but Nokia is releasing these new and newer phones but the one thing they don't notice about it is (I think or may be deliberately). There all smartphones has the lowest battery mah. Now its past that time when they used to make phone who wouldn have some features and missing some. It's the new era where phones have all the best specs combined (ram, Rom, processor, battery capicity, Gpu, sensors etc) like the F9 pro, f11 Pro, redmi note 8,9, a50, a51 and they are much cheaper than these low specs and probably low quality phones.

  • cozmo

Alpha8, 11 May 2020I can't help for your name is so girly. Ok rectified. You are no... moreok you want to tell us that nsx is a good phone that fine,but we needs to tell you that Nokia 9 pure view is camera oriented which you spouse to know since you own one.

and since Nokia 9 is a camera phone we would like to see life comp-ration between the two by your end ad lets see how that is going to tun out.

if your nsx can beat Nokia 9 pure in its own game i will put up a white flag and give up on my own Nokia 9.

waiting for your feedback.

  • tezza

John, 04 Apr 2020NO HEADJACK, i won't buy it the nokia 9 has head jack same connection as charger

Carol, 11 May 2020Well, Wrong again. 1. First things first, am a guy coming from ... moreI can't help for your name is so girly. Ok rectified. You are now a big Nokia fanboy. You do not even own the Vivo nex s and never used it and still you wrote an essay about just how bad it is compared to Nokia 9 just by looking at some specs. This by itself proves you are 100% Nokia baised and a big Nokia fanboy who is totally ignorant to phones from other makes. And by your words I am certain you have never used a Chinese flagship phone. It more solidifies my point that you are blind to Nokia devices and go on bashing anyone who speaks his own experiences about Nokia 9 and compares it with other devices he owned. In the end by own experiences after owning both devices stands the same, the nex s is the superior device of the two. You can live with your numbers and specs, I live in real world and have done my own real world comparison with two real phones. And it's not gonna change because a Nokia fanboy blindly likes his Nokia 9.

  • Carol

Alpha8, 11 May 2020I posted to share my expereinces as an owner of nokia 9 and vivo... moreWell, Wrong again.
1. First things first, am a guy coming from Poland, thanks for the tacky input, again.

2. It was enough for me to test some of them. Of course i won't use them on daily basis as it would be against my principles. IF you would have actually paying attention to what i have wrote, you would have notice i care more of principles and what a company is and does, then raw copy paste.

3. You call Nokias 9 screen worse, why, because is smaller? And you tell me i am Biased... Nokia 9 has almost double 588ppi against 388ppi vivo nex has. Yet is worse, gotta laugh at this joke.

4. And the biased never stops: "better performance" (i'd like to see that) please show me a video with this bouth devices put head to head, where vivo wins and i give you a cookie. I do not know what internal storage chip Vivo uses, but i have a hunch it is emmc if it had UFS like Nokia 9, it would have bragged about it. Only 2 GB more RAM by its 256GB version, does not say all the story, and let me guess, you have that version of it and is waaay better. Biased checked.

5.You shattered from the pocket high the device and vivo is stronger (Because you drop them everyday and it is normal to make a claim like this). Now i do not know why would anyone even mind this But let's say is true. And will happen with all devices, their is no better glass then other, especially that N9 Uses Gorilla 5 which is more brake resistive then the earlier releases. Saphire would be the only one more resistive then glass, so let's lay low with biased...again.

6. Yes, charging with 4,5w faster does make a whole lot of difference... nothing to write about. But something to write about would be the lack of NFC, wireless Charging and USB 3.1 in that Nex of yours. I got to admit, your Nex is Feature-rich just lacks the basics.

7. Awesome battery life with just 680 MaH bigger battery? Youp, a huge 40 Min difference (if lucky). I give up on everything for that, even on privacy.

8. Ah gaming, let's pretend you didn't say that, cause is worse then biased, it is allready called "i am selling a nex" . So, as i don'T want to buy, i put it on ignore.

9.This is the best one: Camera! really? One has to be blinded by "Biasism" to dare to say Vivo Nex can go against Nokia 9. But let's check youtube! Youp, Vivo nex pictures are as avarage as it gehts, color accuracy? meah. Not that great exposure and details let to be desired. Deph of field can't be mentioned, cause it does not exist.
I pretty much don't care about front camera, but you really wanna tell me Nex's 8 Mpx are better then 20 Mpx from the Nokia 9? Not that Mpx matter a whole lot, but let's be serious here, we are talking about Nokia technology ( with huge camera history behind) vs nobody worth mentioned.

With that being said, all-and-all your comment was from the beginning more biased then not. And well, when i read so much i have to write something, hence my first comment. But well, stay glad with your Vivo. As i have said, before wasting my time with this comment. "thanks for the input".

Carol, 10 May 2020You lost me at "way better display" that is already very exagera... moreI posted to share my expereinces as an owner of nokia 9 and vivo nex s. I am not here to convince anyone. Its up to you to belive in my comments or not. You do not even own a nex. I too like you can say you are not a Nokia 9 owner and all your comments are bull'''it. But I am not like you and I like to believe. There are people who see half glass empty and there are people who see half glass full. I am of the later type, a mind with positivity. I can understand your situation as I have been in your situtation. The truth is you have never expereinced any Chinese flagship and live in your dream bubble and think they all make pieces of crap. Later after going through few more posts here, I found you are ever so present going on pestering anyone you provides any negetive comments against Nokia 9. You are it seems in reality a Nokia fan girl. Thank you.

  • Carol

Alpha8, 10 May 2020I too thought like you, Chinese brands are cheap brands. Now I k... moreYou lost me at "way better display" that is already very exagerated bull'''it, i do not know if you owe this device, but after your comment, i highly very doubt... just cause you heard it's fingerprint reader does not do that good, does not mean you are sudden an owner. And am quite sure, you'are not. Sorry but with just a bunch of thrown words, i can't work. As for vivo, with it's no experience is "way" not what you say. But thanks for the input anyway.

Carol, 08 Feb 2020You have some good points, but i do not think HMD should lower t... moreI too thought like you, Chinese brands are cheap brands. Now I know how wrong I was after my brother in law gifted a Vivo Nex S on my birthday. I was using the Nokia 9 as my daily driver then and thought to continue the same as I never trusted Chinese brands. A week later my primary phone became the nex and using it since with no issues.

1. Nex is the better phone than Nokia. It uses same snap 845 but more ram. Much more optimized software than Nokia.
2. Way better display and an indisplay fingerprint scanner that always work. Not the useless type on my Nokia 9 that was of no use and forced me to use pin lock.
2. Both runs android 10 but vivo implementation is super stable with not so many software glitches as my Nokia. Vivo implementation is so feature rich that now using Android one feel like a barebone os.
3. The vivo is morerobust and better built device of the two. I am a rough user and I had the usb port issue and shattered rear glass on Nokia 9 from pocket hieght. Not so with vivo and it had withstand many drops with minor dents. Nothing else.
4. The nex s was vivo flagship and every bit as premium as my Nokia. Actually it looks and feels more premium in hand than the Nokia 9.
5. Vivo have awesome battery life way better than Nokia.
6. Included vivo charger is much faster than slower Nokia charger.
7. I am deep into games, and an hour of pubg on Nokia 9 resulted in choppy frame rates where the snap 845 started throttling. Not so with Vivo nex. Stable and higher frame rates, less heat just a superior gaming device. A better device in both hardware and software.
8. Vivo nex have just two cameras at back but in auto mode shoots better pictures than my Nokia 9. However my Nokia is a more versatile shooter, by I prefer vivo nex auto mode.
9. Cool pop out selfie camera mechanism on nex and takes average quality selfies just like my Nokia 9.

All in all I have realized that Chinese flagships have come to a point where they easily beat flagship phones than Nokia at a lower price. Maybe still not as good as Apple or Samsung. I hope Nokia produces and steller Nokia 9 successor.

  • Bappicool

I heard that the mobile is pretty slow at the camera department. I hope nokia upgrades the same concept with a better sensor (sony imx700) and uses the upcomming exynos 1000 series processors.

  • Carol

Haribol, 26 Apr 2020Nokia is manufactured in ChinaNokia is manufactured in more countries...

  • Haribol

jack daniel, 12 Apr 2020i also use xperia compared to china smartphones is still good xp... moreNokia is manufactured in China

  • jack daniel

jurasik, 14 Mar 2020I really want to know why som epeople push Huawei so much. I use... morei also use xperia compared to china smartphones is still good xperia interface. i think Nokia is also the best too. please don't smartphone from china

  • Fl0

Kind a phone where I say I do not need more. I do not use half the feature. I should have stoped at Nokia 8. Very good Phone but a bit masculine.

  • John

NO HEADJACK, i won't buy it

jurasik, 14 Mar 2020I really want to know why som epeople push Huawei so much. I use... moreYo, It seems you will like Motorola One series too and also Pixel, What do you think about Mi A3?

  • iPhone Stupid

I've been using Nokia since I was 20 Not so bad recommended my only concern is that the camera is too much . Also it gives me trypophobia.

  • Cozmo

I just received march security update for my Nokia 9 pure view here at Saudi Arabia.
I hope you guys did too!

jurasik, 14 Mar 2020I really want to know why som epeople push Huawei so much. I use... moreTotally agree with you.

cest.Ma.Antoinette, 10 Mar 2020Hi, a question, which app do you recommend for camera?I use phones own camera app to take pictures.
For editing Snapseed or Photoshop Express/Lightroom.