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Nokia 9 PureView

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  • Anonymous
  • 64i
  • 05 Aug 2022

when i open the camera app the camera on the back makes a quirky or kinda rattling sound is it normal? it makes photos no problem and when i close the camera app the sound is gone too

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    • Gunther
    • 8pJ
    • 05 Aug 2022

    What's the screen on time of this Nokia?

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      • Sin
      • N5a
      • 07 Jul 2022

      Carol, 02 Apr 20223 years old in my hands, and still working as always. Never... moreAm looking at this smartphone possible new smartphone for my mum

      everone in my house only really care about performance and software updates battery life we do prefer stock android
      also are only really budget smartphone buyers will rarely pay more then 100 pound for a smartphone

      we all are gamers but most of us don't game on there phones much
      A umdigi a9 pro with the 128 ufs storage 8gb ram hello p60 mediatek processor set the minimum standards for performance

      A nubia red magic 1 gaming phone was a fav of ares it was a beast but we got for grampa when he wanted new faster phone not something we can buy another one of :(

      For everone in my family i say performance would make or break a smartphone
      was wondering if the nokia 9 would be able to get a pass it can be find for 150 pound refubished will the battery be ok ? does the phone slow down at all with age ?

      The nokia 9 pureview does look like a good phone
      the snapdragon 845 & oled screen i think are great specs in some ways this phone looks real strong and good how is the cooling system does it overheat ?

      what is the phone like too own ? what you say are its strengths and weakness
      i don't trust teck payed reviewers there bit too bias and out of touch with the needs and wants of normal people

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        • Kevin C
        • 8G@
        • 26 Jun 2022

        Metaladis, 26 May 2022Does Nokia 9 PureView support USB OTG? I'd like to u... moreYes, support USB OTG, HDMI, Mouse, Keyboard, Audio interface, etc...

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          • DiscoBear
          • 0Bh
          • 25 Jun 2022

          Not satisfied with phone. Battery is almost dead - charging 3-4 times per day. Camera app freezes. Phone restart by itself several times. I will not buy Nokia phone again.

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            • CrisM
            • LCn
            • 22 Jun 2022

            Carol, 02 Apr 20223 years old in my hands, and still working as always. Never... moreHi, can you tell me your experience with the fingerprint, the camera if it is true that it freezes and how bad is the battery life? I saw many negative comments from 2019, but there are updates until 2022 for this cell phone, thanks!

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              • Metaladis
              • 0Vc
              • 26 May 2022

              Does Nokia 9 PureView support USB OTG?
              I'd like to use a type-c/usb-A adapter to transfer data to a usb flash, but I'm not sure if it is supported..

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                • Sin
                • 7xu
                • 20 May 2022

                EePee, 16 May 2022Nokia needs to make a sequel to this phone!i agree

                sadly Nokia 9.3 PureView Cancelled

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                  • EePee
                  • Fv1
                  • 16 May 2022

                  Nokia needs to make a sequel to this phone!

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                    • MangoBiche
                    • LEi
                    • 09 May 2022

                    Awesome frequency response on the audio performance! Totally flat from 20Hz to 20KHz then an immediate 5dB drop above the 20KHz mark! I can't remember having seen a professional microphone with as perfect a frequency sweep as that! Evidently, Nokia are in the wrong business, because if they're able to produce audio products as good as that, they should be in the sound recording industry alongside the greats like Revox and Shure.

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                      • Anonymous
                      • k16
                      • 02 May 2022

                      Been using this since 2020. And now Nokia says that there will be no more updates - even security updates.
                      Better to stick to google/pixel if you want android updates for a longer time.

                        I currently using this device and I'm satisfied it. The camera quality is outstanding with a crazy dynamic range. Only one thing I feel a bit uncomfortable is the battery

                          This was my first and is my last Nokia phone. HMD decided not to honor their word about Android II. The camera was already abysmal at best, and this announcement is an insult to the injury. The only good thing about this phone is pure android, and that's about it. To sum it all up; Nokia brand has been squandered hard.

                          Phones from this company are probably good as an inexpensive backup phones with no vendor bloatwares

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                            • Dead nokia fan
                            • YQ8
                            • 17 Apr 2022

                            Ron, 06 Apr 2022How's the experience with camera and battery? Is the ... moreYes, it's still laggy and it gets heated quickly too often

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                              • Dead nokia fan
                              • YQ8
                              • 17 Apr 2022

                              After 2 n half years, this deavice is dead 😪, such a poor engineering by Hmd, hope they would've never got Nokia name, neither would had they made half baked flagship nor a discountinoued assistance on it

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                                • Ron
                                • y6V
                                • 06 Apr 2022

                                Carol, 02 Apr 20223 years old in my hands, and still working as always. Never... moreHow's the experience with camera and battery?
                                Is the camera laggy in stills and when switching?

                                Is there any device overheating issues?

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                                  • Carol
                                  • n6x
                                  • 02 Apr 2022

                                  3 years old in my hands, and still working as always. Never had a device so long, well hmd might be to blame for not releasing new flagships. In a way i'm glad they did not, the freaq in me had no tempting device. Well, at least untlil now, when fairphone came out.

                                    Confirmed, I also got the march update.

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • SYq
                                      • 23 Mar 2022

                                      March security patch is rolling out

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                                        • notafanboy
                                        • tEf
                                        • 28 Feb 2022

                                        Pali, 27 Feb 2022You can try going for it and flash a custom rom on it, at l... moreYou can install custom rom in Xiaomi as well