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Nokia 9 PureView

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  • Aadrian

The phone is still very smooth and fast due to the near to stock Android. When apps need to be updated for example, it doesn't take long. Switching from one app to the other can be done fast as well. Very smooth experience. The screen is also very responsive. Sometimes a bit too responsive to my taste. Just a great phone.

  • Carol

TheFoneBear, 06 Oct 2021Despite hailing from Finland, this is/was my first Nokia ph... moreActually the CpU was about 9 months old as this device was released. At least 3 months after the CPU was relesed no company could buy it because of Samsung... mostly. Nokia 9 was developed a lot longer then that, so there you go. As for the camera, it is actually really good, as long as waiting does not bother you and well, low light photography is not something you do each and every time. Yeah, it is not the best of the best, but i like it's design and what hmd tried to do with it. Something uniqe niche and bold. Something maybe not for everyone but definetly for people that think different.

Despite hailing from Finland, this is/was my first Nokia phone and definitely the last one. Back in goldren era of Nokia, everyone around me was walking with Nokia and I was with Samsung/Sony just for different ring tones and aesthetics. Anyway, this phone in particular, while came with unique camera setup, feels nothing more than a scam and a hustle. Battery is appalling, cameras are dull as they tried to pull of something but horribly failed and old chipset compared to other devices at that time. We've heard unofficial annoncements that Nokia will release an upgrade of this device but it appears the show runner realized it is just not feasible in monetary and competition terms.

Don't get me wrong, this is a good phone if you're looking for something close to pure android and don't trust flavored/skinned Android with your banking apps..and that's all about it

  • Carol

Phone Owner, 28 Sep 2021You will not get Android 12, this phone goes up to 11, if n... moreOh, for a second there i tought you were talking about your xiaomi and just wanted to say, almost 2 years? That's impressive for a reversed engineered garbage.

  • Carol

baboo, 30 Sep 2021The awesome phone, the best phone ever, fantastic master - ... moreNow, there is where you're right🤟

The awesome phone, the best phone ever, fantastic master - Piece, Better than all huwei and xaomi craps

  • Phone Owner

Anonymous, 25 Sep 2021Outdated comment... you have difficult thinking of somethin... moreYou will not get Android 12, this phone goes up to 11, if nokia keeps their promise. 12 was never on the table.

But this phone is a piece of shit, I have it for less than two years, and it already started to reboot, freeze, etc... when battery is below 70%.

Anonymous, 25 Sep 2021Outdated comment... you have difficult thinking of somethin... more*** outdated phone ***

  • Anonymous

MATE 30 PRO, 24 Sep 2021Outdated phone ...Outdated comment... you have difficult thinking of something new....... I am enjoying my Nokia 9 with Google services without issues, just received another monthly update, will get android 12 and i certainly do not have to worry about my out of the box installed gms..... lmoa huawei fanboy troll

Outdated phone ...

  • Anonymous

This phone sucks in every way. I've had it 12months, I'm looking for a new phone.

  • Carol

thinkthenpost, 03 Sep 2021I have a Nokia 808 Pureview and Panasonic Lumix DMC-CM1, wh... moreNokia 9 is not laggy at all, quite the contrary, yeah the camera is slow to process, but hack only this year released cpu could process so much information.

  • Carol

void, 09 Sep 2021Been using one as a backup phone, and noticed the display i... moreOh shut it... this lame trolling is already pathetic

  • void

Been using one as a backup phone, and noticed the display is weirdly grainy? i thought it was a texture in apps but its the display.. cameras freeze alot too yup. Battery is not good, only started using and they work like a year and a half old heavily used 4000mAh battery. Also although a taste question i think the camera design is hideous haha. Its very good as maybe a work or backup phone though. will be very hard for daily use because of battery

I have a Nokia 808 Pureview and Panasonic Lumix DMC-CM1, which are both great devices.
The only real downside of the 808 at this point is the 3G only support. No 4G. I'm not a big app guy, so the lack of new symbian apps isn't a big deal to me. The Lumix is also a nice device and allows for lenses to be added. I think I will stick these these vs. buying a laggy Nokia 9

  • John

If I have given the chance to do an updated version of this phone, I'll keep that 18:9 QHD screen but make it a true 6.00" display, give a totally brand new 12MP 1/2.0" 1.6µ pixel camera sensor with OIS including replacing one of the three BW cameras for an RGB ultrawide sensor, replace the chipset with a much more potent Snapdragon 870 without any external 5G modem, a bigger battery to match its no-camera-bump back panel, a bigger 256GB internal storage with 8GB RAM, and a headphone jack. There's so much room for improvement potential of this out-of-this-world smartphone.

  • Arya

King Hessam , 09 Jun 2021Hi do anyone got the problem with camera? When the battrey ... moreMy phone has issues as well, as soon as battery is low (below 50 oder 40%). When opening the camera, then it's impossible to take a picture because the camera is frozen. I need to wait seconds and if I'm lucky, then I can take a picture...or the camera is frozen again. Same with Video. First it might look okay but if you watch the video, it may be frozen after some seconds and the rest of the video is just not captured...

Mike, 07 Feb 2021Hands down the worst phone I have ever owned... And I was a... moreThis phone somehow breaks the laws of physics and allows the user to get a glimpse of Hell.
Once in a lifetime opportunity, 10/10 would recommend

Also don't forget to carry a gallon of liquid helium and a 50,000mAh battery pack at all times if you want to daily drive this thing

On the website of nokiapoweruser there's a nice camera comparison with the new X20, 8.3 and 9 Pureview.

  • Anonymous

Trex , 13 Jun 2021They should have added a 48mp ultra wide lens 13mm, 12 mp 5... moreYou know that this phone is made in 2019, and almost all of the tech you just mentioned exist in 2019.