Nokia Asha 300

Nokia Asha 300

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  • Phonegeek007

Yes, you can install google maps.

  • AnonD-71451

"USB: Yes, microUSB v2.0, USB On-the-go support"

Can someone please clarify this for me?

  • shan

i use it now , it is better ,as it has basic functions ! thats all i need , if you are samsung galaxy fan or xperia fan dont try to be a pretender here ! i always prefer nokia :D

  • Anonymous

do not buy this, it is complete garbage and a waste of money. there are touchscreen caliberation issues, lousy battery backup and the screen will go bust in about a week of normal usage. not at all recommended. please do yourself a favor and completely avoid this junk phone.

  • Rao

Can i install google map on asha 300

  • chanti

hai, asha 300 king of featured phone. But bad battery backup .

  • Anonymous

this is the best fone ... the battery backup is also good .. the camera is also good .. it is worth of the money but 1 thing is that it doesn't have wifi and flash ... otherwise it is a cool phone!!!

  • snk

it's good phone. But it's rate is high.

  • AnonD-70898

Qv , 10 Sep 2012Poor phone ,no wifi @vC8a.. while buying your requirement should be clear.. Asha 300 is not nokia's flagship mobile.. it has required features.. but not wifi.. i agree.. But rest works very well.. If you want phone with wifi you should select.. Lumia series or Asha 311.. (almost similar price)..
Asha 300 used by Brother since last 8 months (almost).. no complains.. very cool phone for his heavy usage..

  • Anonymous

Does this phone can use all around the world specially Japan?

  • Qv

Poor phone ,no wifi

  • Anonymous

AnonD-70527, 08 Sep 2012All those having battery life issue & network issues , just ... moreI am going to try what you suggested about switching from the duel setting for battery life,cant believe its run after two days apart from that I really like the phone.

  • Anonymous

Does this phone has pre-instal facebook, twitter and youtube apps?. I think most of the people who post comment here are probably manufacturers of other phones brand that's why they are bias. LUCKY

  • Parsu

AnonD-70527, 08 Sep 2012I have issues with the touch Screen , its works only when i scra... more@SamWind... i think you shuld give your phone to Nokia Service center.. they replace your display for free.. as this still new one.. There could be rarely few such phones.. Am using it since 9 months .. not even single issue.. Network i don't keep in Dual mode.. it ends up searching for 2g/3g connections.. so choose which is right for your connection.. over all good phone .. try Service center for sure..

  • rajesh

i have issue is the nokia asha 300 in not beter then samsung galaxy y because he provided in fecilities is wifi conectivity and other future. i think it is the best cell phone {samsung galaxy y}

  • Angela

hopisco, 09 Sep 2012u guys don't know hw to use phone dat is why u all are complaini... moreI know how to use this phone. And people who complain have genuine issues with a right to. Give it time an your touch screen may fail altogether. Though i hope it doesnt happen to your phone. Its extremley frustrating when you pay out an are gentle an screen fails, Even with gentle use. I hope there are a good batch of these out there without fault. 8 people i know with asha 300 had same issue after time.

  • Angela

I know how to use the phone. And you would complain if screen went altogether with gentle use. Wait till it happens to you.

  • hopisco

u guys don't know hw to use phone dat is why u all are complaining.mine is not giving me fault at all am enjoying it

  • Angela

AnonD-70527, 08 Sep 2012I have issues with the touch Screen , its works only when i scra... moreHi samwind thats how my phone went. Then in end touchscreen wouldnt work. Take it into a service centre for repair or exchange it.

  • AnonD-70527

I have issues with the touch Screen , its works only when i scratch hard on the screen ????? nothing compared to Samsung touch screens , any one has a solution to this