Nokia Asha 305

Nokia Asha 305

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  • Khalifa faruk Twd da

I realy like it pls release it kano nigeria on monday

  • AnonD-37637

July or August it will stay on market, so
"Stay Pure Until Married" hahah

  • osborn

this most be a very nice phone, i hope it gets to Nigeria soon. However, i hope the screen resolution (ray of bright light display) is controllable, having nokia 200 in mind.


minimum price maximum featur phone.

  • androidlover

no, no, no! nokia please!!!! your phones are brilliant! but please dont go back to the stone age era of phones! resistive touch screens are simply awful! but we thought u saw the light wen u started putting 1ghz processors and capacitive touch screens on ur phones?

  • jim

does it have wi-fi?

  • AnonD-60668

i am eagerly waiting for this mobile phone. plz make it available in jammu and kashmir.

  • zahoor sir

when will this mobile phone be available in jammu and kashmir

  • Rajendra

I am also so eagar to purchase this mobile plaese launch as early as..............

  • mann

is this phone supported wat's up apps, facebook and other third party apps. and sofware

  • Khan

When will be this nokia Asha 305 Arrive in Market ?
Right now i have not any mobile phone so plzzzzz Launce it very soon plzzzzzzzzzzzz ........

  • anbuloose

i am very eager to buy this mobile,... when it ll be launched...?it s look s too good and stylish and the specification also too nice and the price is also very low....

  • dan

when it wil be launched?

  • Zooey

i think it is a low-end version of nokia smart phones its cheaper but the quality is not that good like the camera,memory and the internet connection its only supported WAP.

  • pranu

Can we play 3d games

  • annu

Right now i am use nokia c-3 i am very satisfied fot this model and i want purchase also this new model asha 305

  • Prafuls

This is failure mobile.In 2012 Nokia you are offering such old specs mobile. Its screen colours is very low which is unacceptable.Internal memory is low & doesn't have capacitive touchscreen.It isn't dual active.Samsung Star II Duos looks better than this.

  • Rinku

Excellent dual mobile at right price point. dual SIM with easy swap( you can switch sim without swith off) at 4500 price point. smart look; at last NOKIA wake up with low end touch device.... i am waiting.........

  • Anonymous

56K color doesn't sound good at this price point.......

  • vijay

oh resistive touch i have no resistence power