Nokia Asha 305

Nokia Asha 305

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  • Vimal Tiwari

hai i vimal tiwari last five year thining buy a mobile.but i have not enough last Six Month when i see a model of NOkia asha 305 i very happy & decide the purchase of nokia asha 305 the i deposit the 400 per month in my present time i have totol Rupees 2400/- now next Month i baut nokia 305 THanks
NOkia asha.

& ALl holders so REad the Comment. i talk to every boy Life just like a struggle never will be disturbed.god help to every person

Vimal Tiwari

  • Mani

Asha305 is a waste mobile for this price it hangs many times. Automatically restart etc.
It doesn't support all other java application like whattsapp,googlemap,angrybird games etc,
its not support mp4,live tv,
streaming video,etc tottally the money is waste. I thought celkon give more features in cheapest price for 4000.
Celkon A95 its price is 4000 in sulaksha mobile shop
android os 2.3.6(gingerbread)
3.16 mp camera,3g,speed,wlan,
wifi hotspot,Agps,128mp internal memory,mp4 support,dualsim,youtube,
document viewer,java support,antivirus,etc so friends first think then buy.

  • Ravi

Its a stupid phone it hangs many times while using the internet applications.its automatically doesn't support all java softwere like google map,whattsapp,java games,angrybirds,live tv applications doesn't support mp4 ,streaming video etc totally very waste mobile for this price 4700. I dont like this phone .

  • Anonymous

The main problem of this phone is hanging,resistive touch,tortoise speed in internet,supports only low quality gaming.Even though it comeswith an offer of 40 ea games,those games ain't even good,due to its lowram which is only about 34 mb ram and a low internal memory of 10 mb,it makes the phone's processing slow enough to make you wanna throw your phone and break it with ahammer.Video streaming is the worst to ever experience on this phone since there is no speed and with the unavailability of 3g,it makesit impossible for a smooth experience on even after its updated version.Downloading is very slow in this phone and wifi is also unavailable,even though this phone runs on s40 series,i assume that this phone might be the weakest device in the platform of symbian s40 series phones.The nokiaasha 305 is even inferior to even the earlier s40 phones such as nokia x2-00,x2-01,x2-02,x2-05,c2-01,c3,6680,6900,and maybe c2-02 and c2-03.There are still more s40 phoneswhich beat the nokia asha 305 on various grounds in its price range.There are still tons of disadvantages and incompatibility ofthis phone in many areas.However these are some of the common problems which you would wanna know before making further decisions of throwing your money in this disappointing and surely regrettable phone.My suggestion is that you shoud go for other phones such as android phones with better features and advantages which are available nowadays even in these type of low range price.All i can say isthat i have been using this asha 305 only for about 3-4 months and i am facing such difficulty,i can't imagine the condition of my phone as it gets older.Thank u....hope my opinion about this phone was useful ,if it is,please rate it below!!!!


Dear Sir,
I would appreciate if u could improve its software updates and issue nice apps which r useful for the customers bussiness purpose, also upgrade u-tube software and offer a good antivirus software for it so that u would receive fewer complaints from customers. thanks & regards.

  • Anonymous

it is totally a waste of money.guys dont even think of buying this 3rd class set......

  • Vijay

I purchase Nokia Asha 305 about 5 months before, when I purchase it, it was faulty, means having speaker problem ( Low volume ), Dealer understand this problem and exchange the same with new one, but there is a network problem in this set also. I can't talk clearly to any other, and having usb cable problem also. When I connect to this set with PC via USB Cable, its turn off. Many of the contacts which is saved in SIM, its can't display and in the contacts display, the font of the number is very little which require to read with eye glass. There is no option to display number in big size font.

  • vel

Anonymous, 26 Mar 2013Videos r not play in full screen. The highquality mp4 videos r ... morevideoringtone

  • Vinay

I am going to buy nokia mobile tell me which is the best phone ever less than ₹ 10000

  • Ayon

friend, 28 Mar 2013Nokia asha 305 is a good phone . This phone supports 240*320 mp4... moreUpdate ur set...then it will be support youtube

  • Demon 666

friend, 28 Mar 2013Nokia asha 305 is a good phone . This phone supports 240*320 mp4... moreNokia Asha 305 is not a good Handset...
Coz Ths Handset is Not Compactable For Live Streaming...
And Also It Is a Non Multitasking Handset...

  • ankit

abc, 24 Mar 2013 I am already use asha 305 phone but it does not support to you... moreyou should have to update your cell by the latest version and then check your personal configuration then say yes to streaming.

  • friend

Nokia asha 305 is a good phone . This phone supports 240*320 mp4,avi,3gp videos .you want fast browsing download uc browser is fastar .but this phone not support youtube videos .dont worry download youtube downloader in ovi store .this phone support lg ku500 games .download games at gameloft0

  • goldyn

not a good one.. dead slow.. cant use any app properly.. even internet is real slow.. overall waste of money...

  • aarun

i gifted tis phone to ma mom...and from that day she started cursing me...
i have not seen such a crap handset..which doest nothave atleasta youtube downloader.....and always its internet does not work....i dont understand y nokia makes such craps........
i; planning to given that crap to the garbage boy who picks garbage.....

  • rake

Vishy, 23 Mar 2013I am also use 305 model but it does not support mp4nokia asha is a vaste mobile dont buy this mobile vaste of money

  • Anonymous

can asha 305 supports dictionary .... if s can anybody say wat is the procedure

  • tr

when i was deleting the messages, i got a call, am unable to lift the the call, it was not accepeted.can you tell me how can i handle when i am deleting the messages.

  • Anonymous

Videos r not play in full screen.
The highquality mp4 videos r not supported.
Mp3 cutter apps r not supported.
Plz tell me.. Is this support or not 3g network internet....?

  • crazee

here is the solution of streaming videos

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