Nokia Asha 306

Nokia Asha 306

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  • Neff

nokia asha 306 will be good,if has capacitive touch screen

  • Neff

do not buy this phone because the phone screen is not good


whats the matter with the music. i mean sond is not so good,,

  • Anonymous

Looking nice

  • Anonymous

hanzy, 04 Jul 2012can this phone support skype ?MAy Be

  • AnonD-37637

umair, 06 Jul 2012what about its touch i have used c203 not impresses me ...... so... moretouch is better than c2-03 but the colors are far away than c2-03

  • Ashu Saini

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  • bong a.

resistive no good

  • pitts

i like this device all its features is good to me so i wnt the musicplayer features,i want to know if has manual equalizer settings,bass booster ,stereo widenning and offcourse its loudspeaker 106 phon?pls. answer

  • John

What about it's camera feautures

  • Tara

AnonD-60566, 25 Jun 2012nokia doesn't even has a proper dualcore,me myself was a nokia u... moreBefore i used Samsung & chinese basic fones but now i'm using Nokia 110. It is an awesome fone. I plan to go for Nokia 306 too . I read this fone specs and i like its features ( screen size & wifi ect...). On the others hand i know that nokia fone is solid build esp. the apps of the latest model is amazing ! Pls Nokia release it soon.

  • Ankush

now this is a phone i was looking its design and touch sencitivity is not bad a phone having wifi and is not that expensive this is gonna be my next phone ill wait patiently

  • umai5r

ALI ZAIDI, 21 Jun 2012great touch mobile u have check this set ????

  • umair

what about its touch i have used c203 not impresses me ...... so ??????? tell about its touch quality ..

  • AnonD-61825

Yes, this has wifi

  • hanzy

can this phone support skype ?

  • umer

does it has wifi?

  • Wildan neathree

good spec!!!!!!!

  • danny boy

AnonD-37637, 29 Jun 2012please launch Asha 306 in Indonesia, pleaseee.... I'm teen and ... moreYcan walk out n find in roxy.

  • Poorva

I'm also waiting for this lovely handset from Domestic customer, it's Nokia's growth-ing handset.